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In the Void, Plot Log

Posted on 241911.20 @ 12:13am by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

::Sorry for the ridiculous delay...blame my crazy as me offspring!::

=/\= USS Magellan, Beta Quadrant outside of Federation Space=/\=

"Captain's Log, Day 15: The beauty in this corner of the quadrant is amazing! We've only been out of Versailles for two weeks and seen nothing but Supernovas, a few gas giants and something that might look like a planet orbiting a moon...the information will be going back to Versailles on the next data packet which is due out in...two days...til then Lieutenant Yavik and her science team are pouring over the data and may have a preliminary report to include. Until then it's business as usual."

Captain Harold Davits closed his terminal, and took another sip of his coffee. This was the type of assignment he enjoyed. Exploring the fringes and really getting out there and seeing what the galaxy had to offer. So far, however, the galaxy was disappointingly holding back. The Magellan was traveling to a system their charts suggested may have a habitable system. His reverie was abruptly interrupted by the ship slamming him full force into his desk. Checking to make sure nothing was broken, he looked out his view port to see they had dropped out of warp.

"Captain Davits to the bridge."

He was halfway to the door when the call came through so he didn't respond, but quickened his pace out of his ready room and onto the bridge. "Report!"

His helmsman looked back "Sir, I can't explain it. But we were pulled out of warp."

Harold frowned, "By what?"

"Unknown. Sensors are picking up nothing.", His XO Commander Jennifer Radley spoke up this time, "No gravametric distortions of any kind. We're still lightyears from the system we were heading to so there are no planetary bodies close enough to rip a ship from warp."

He took his seat "Can we go back to warp?"

The helmsman shook his head, "No Sir. Limited impulse power only"


"Half-Impulse at best Sir. Would take us months to arrive at our destination."

Harold looked out at the viewscreen then tapped his companel, "Davits to Engineering, Status on the warp core?"

"Sir," came the voice of the Chief Engineer, "You're not going to believe this, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the drive. We're operating at 100%."

"Can we go back to..." Harold was unable to finish as a bright flash enveloped the bridge...then nothing...

=/\= To Be Continued =/\=


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