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CEO meet XO

Posted on 241911.18 @ 2:17pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Commander Zachary DeVries

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=/\= Some corridor =/\=

Mallow stepped down the corridor towards the turbo lift, tossing a padd between his hands outstretched in front of him. He had prepared a brief report on the engineering department for the new executive officer and was on his way to deliver it. There were numerous things he would rather do but recognized that the freedom and control he enjoyed came with a cost, and frankly, it was not that expensive. Hober reached the end of the hallway and instructed the lift to take him to deck 2 and a short walk brought him in front of the XO's office. He pressed the chime.

Zach was sat behind his desk enjoying a coffee and reading through a status report, Having just met the new helm officer in the docking ring and dealing with a logistical issue caused by some idiot station officer.

"Enter" Zach called placing the padd on the desk and turning in his chair to face the door.

Mallow slid into the room before the doors were fully open and entered, he hesitated a few feet from the desk before deciding to close the distance.

"We haven't had a decent meet yet, so thought I would get ahead of things and come introduce myself properly, Lieutenant Hober Mallow, chief engineer." Mallow announced setting the padd he held in his hand onto the desk.

Zach nodded and motioned to the chair across from him "A pleasure Lieutenant please have a seat" He waited for the officer to be seated "You keep a tidy ship LT" he said involitarly reverting to the marine short name for Lieutenant without even noticing

"Thank you, just don't look too closely under the gravity plates on the lower decks, that's where we hide the mess" Mallow chuckled softly to himself, he pushed the padd on the desk towards Zach and continued, "I prepared a report on our status, if it's missing something you need let me know."

"I promise not to go poking around" Zach joked taking the offered padd and tapping the screen and quickly scanning the information displayed "So LT tell me a little about yourself?"

Mallow took the light-hearted remark as a sign that his department might be left to their own devices, dissauding some earlier fears of heavy interference. He leaned back into the chair, sliding down, finding a comfortable groove. He picked at the blue paint hastily applied earlier that morning, "Not much to tell, my home planet was getting boring. My people have made great technological strides, but not in areas that interest me. So I came through that useful wormhole."

A blue flake lazily floated into his lap. His hand snapped back to his lap, and his body rose in his chair achieving a straighter posture, as he remembered whose office he was currently visiting. He struggled with the concept of being too comfortable. "Some bumbling on Deep Space Nine led me to Earth, and now I am here."

Zach nodded and smiled "Well we are glad to have you, Now with regard to engineering in general according to the ships records the department has always performed well, as long as that continues I foresee a good working relationship." He paused for a moment and took a sip of coffee "I don't like to micromanage so largely i'll stay out of the running of the departments as thats your job, but understand if there is an issue I will make it known"

"I appreciate the trust and continued leeway." Mallow said feeling a weight of concern lifted and shelved the numerous arguments he had on the ready to fight for the independence he and his department had been enjoying.

He wandered onto a different topic, "If you don't mind sir, do you have any details that you can share about our previous science officer's transfer? Lieutenant Lonza?" Mallow had formed a friendship with the previous science chief, even though sometimes they were at odds.

Zach shook his head "I'm afraid I don't, that happened before i was assigned I will see if I can find out anything"

"Fair enough, thank you sir." Mallow said pressing his lips tight. He looked to the Commander for a sign of anything else or the anticipated dismissal. Even though he initiated the surprise meeting, it was the superior's officer power to choose when Mallow should vacate.

Zach leaned back in his chair and looked at the Engineer "Very well, Your dismissed, I'll stop by engineering at somepoint for a tour" He smiled before standing and offering the engineer his hand "Its been a pleasure meeting you Lieutenant"

Mallow reached for the hand and shook it with a smile, "Sounds great sir." The engineer made for the door.

== End log ==

Commander Zachary Devries
XO, Uss Enterprise

Lieutenant Hober Mallow
CEO, USS Enterprise


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