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[PL] Capt. Aegnor | "Bring Back The Sun"

Posted on 242302.28 @ 12:10am by Captain Luthias Aegnor

Mission: Nova Lux

Enterprise was a name emblazoned on the hull of legends. Stories were told around campfires by children and men alike on most every planet in most every system - including those in the farthest reaches of space. While life had spent in more or less watching Starfleet from afar, until just recently if one was gazing into the annals of history, there was no denying that Enterprise was a key player with a high role in the gambit... Even if it had been the very reason for so much carnage and brutality. The actions of one rogue skipper couldn't, and wouldn't, besmirch the name of the heroic vessel, much the same way the actions of a rogue agent couldn't, and wouldn't, besmirch the name of the Federation.


Odd looks and whispers weren't exactly something that could be avoided. While Vulcan and Trill had long walked the corridors of the great ship - and not just any Vulcan or just any Trill - there were concerns and worries abound. Luthias could feel it. His sensitive, curved ears could hear it. He could understand it. In short, he wasn't immune to speculation and conjecture, but chose to ignore it as he made his way across his bridge to the his ready room, keyed in his identification, and slipped through the doors into the peace and quiet on the other side.

The collar of his duty tunic 'snicked' as he undid the top clasp, allowing himself more breathing room as he traversed the path leading to his desk. In his heart of hearts he knew it wasn't xenophobia that kept the crew passing looks his way. He knew it was simply worry given the odd-ball combination of blood that slipped through his veins. After all, a rather dandy looking El-Aurian had just taken the entire Federation for a ride - why should they trust a Trill-Vulcan 'mud blood' just off the bat?

Would he?

... Probably not.

Sliding into his seat, the man allowed himself to release a single long, slow sigh. It was going to be a long... Long path to victory. But he would succeed.


Captain Luthias I. Aegnor
Commanding Officer


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