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Setting off

Posted on 242008.04 @ 8:53am by Captain Cooper Williams & Commander Zachary DeVries

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Main Bridge


Zach was sat in the Captains chair reviewing the ship status reports on a padd, around him was a calm bustle of people going about their
jobs preparing the ship for launch.

He heard the turbolift doors open and spotted the Captain exiting on to the bridge, Zach stood and turned towards the Captain "Captain on deck" He called out

Around crew stopped what they were doing and all turned to face the Captain.

Coop nodded to the crew, "As you were. Status Commander?"

Zach relaxed and moved to his own chair "All systems are within normal paramaters I noticed a slight fluctuation in the starboard deflector grid relays, its still within acceptable limits but I have submitted a maintenance check request to engineering just to be safe" he replied as he tapped the button on the padd which submitted the report to engineering.

Coop nodded, "Very good. Touch base with Mallow in 24 hours. Have the supplies and personnel for Starbase 74 been loaded? I don't want to keep Admiral Kellan waiting any longer than we have to."

Zach nodded "Yes sir all supplies are aboard and we are ready for departure, Station Operations are awaiting final clearance" He glanced around the bridge for a moment still amazed as the size of the bridge

Coop sat in his chair and looked around "Alright, lets inform Ops we're ready to go. Time to get this milk run done."

Ops turned to face Coop, "Sir, permission granted to depart."

Coop nodded "Helm, take us out of dock. Once clear, set course for Starbase 74."

"Aye Sir."

Coop tapped the shipwide, "All hands, this Captain Williams. While this is still a supply run, I am asking all departments to run diagnostics on all equipment. I don't expect problems, but I'd rather the Enterprise be at the ready for anything that may come our way. Send all final reports to Commander DeVries. Williams out."

Captain Cooper Williams

Commander Zachary DeVries
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise


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