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[JDL] Capt Aegnor, Cmdr C. Dunross M.D. | "Super Shiny"

Posted on 242303.08 @ 9:17pm by Captain Luthias Aegnor & Commander Claire Dunross M.D.

Mission: Nova Lux
Location: Captain's Ready Room, Bridge

Claire had some time to kill after leaving Aires and waiting to be onboarded onto the Enterprise. There was a new Captain and from what she understood from the constantly updating roster, a lot of new personnel were coming on board. "At least I won't be the only new kid." She smiled to herself. As a Doctor, she had so many questions about her new commanding officer, but hardly any of them were appropriate for a first meeting. As soon as she was officially in the systems of the ship it would be an important medical record to pour over though. She wasn't sure if she had ever met a half-Vulcan, half-Trill.

Absently nibbling at some well-constructed turkey and cucumber wrap and she scanned over the roster, she had almost missed a name, her eyes initially dismissing it as her own. "Ohh... hello cousin..." She bit her bottom lip, chewing it absently, scanning the biography of one Aine Dunross. Her picture was absolutely stunning, but given what Claire knew of her genetics and having met and befriended her brother, it was hardly a surprise to see such a stunning woman. Colt and Claire had never had a problem with each other, it seemed to be something her parent's generation had never worked out, but there could be some bad blood there that Claire needed to be prepared for.

A message interrupted her thoughts on her PADD and she pulled up the notice from Enterprise that she was cleared for boarding and that the Captain had an open timeslot on his roster for officially reporting in.

Tossing her half-eaten food in the recycler, she was eager to get settled into her new assignment. Aires had already left spacedock hours ago, and part of her heart may linger there for a while, but she was ready to get enchanted with a new crew and ship. Catching her reflection in a viewport window, Claire ran her hand through her auburn hair that was loosely draped over her back and each shoulder, falling to her armpit level. She was wearing just a plain Starfleet uniform, though in the medical bay, she preferred the white lab coat as a type of shield to her uniform, much preferring the Doctor role to any officer duties she may have. Claire preferred to be addressed as Doctor, Commander was much too Starfleety for her preference.

The ship itself was as new and sparkly as she expected it to be as she made her way to the bridge and quickly to the Captain's ready room, she hit the chime with a smile, eager to find out more about the personality on the other side of the door and with almost no apprehension or nerves she may have had the last time she did this many years ago with another Captain on the Aires.

On the other side of that door, however, rested a man who had finally allowed himself to sink into the mindless drivel of a decent book and a small glass of balso tonic. The calm before the storm, so to speak. Even before the chime was pressed, the Captain's pointed ears strained towards the door, alerting him to something even if his brain didn't quick catch on to the warning until the damnedable thing sang its song and distracted him from the line he was on. His eyes narrowed momentarily until he finally conceded the point, flicked the PADD into one of his desk drawers, and downed the last of his tonic. "Enter." Aegnor called. It felt like the twentieth time that day, and he'd long since lost count of how many times he'd used the phrases 'enter', 'come in', 'proceed', and every other synonym he could think of along the way.

At least his elementary teachers would be proud of his marvelous use of the thesaurus - and in Federation Standard no less. Brownie points would have been given out in spades.

The thought brought the thinnest whisper of a smile to his features until he straightened himself out and waited for whoever it was on the other side to make their presence known.

Claire entered the ready room, and her eyes quickly scrolled over the tall, spotty, beautifully pointed-eared man at the desk in front of her. Her mouth twitched at the corner, and the Doctor had to remember where she was and who she was reporting to. She had the confidence of her profession to be so casual as to say, "Captain Aegnor, it's a pleasure to meet you." She wondered how many of these he did a day. She was a big enough girl to take a dressing down if he preferred a more formal address, but Claire was careful to toe the militaristic line of her commission, "Doctor Claire Dunross, your new CMO."

Her hand extended, palm down and relaxed noting his height as he sat at his desk, thinking his file picture really didn't do him justice.

"Ah," The Captain nodded, casually accepting the woman's hand for a brief shake. Her panache certainly hadn't gone unnoticed, nor had the way it rung different from every other encounter he'd had thus far with the crew. Zuvo had tried his patience, trying to steer him in a direction that was contrary to every fiber of his being as a Skipper, "I'd been wondering which Dunross would be the first to arrive. Seems I wasn't kept waiting long."

Releasing the Doctor's hand, Aegnor gestured to the seats in front of his desk. The invitation for her to have a seat went without needing to be voiced, but remained clear all the same. The formalities, at least for now, had been dropped. If one didn't know better, it would have appeared as if the Doctor seemingly disarmed the usually introverted and speculative man. In truth, she'd managed to pique his curiosity and that alone granted her favor in his court. Dunross was a name quite hallowed within the history of the Federation in all of its many facets. Some even speculated that at least one bearer of the name had been tied to the fabled Section 31. History was something of a great interest to Aegnor, and now a bit of it stood before him. In some ways, it was like catching sight of some sort of mythical creature. Not to say that he was 'star struck', but rather... Curious.

"I think we both know that your record is exemplary, Doctor. Vindicator. Aires. Those aren't ships that allow for anything but absolute excellence from their senior officers," His fingers steepled as he spoke and his general good mood shone through in his words and the cadence of his voice. Had he known of the thoughts running through her head, that may have changed. Aegnor had never seen himself in any such desirable light - few had... At least that he'd noticed. And while the woman across from him was indeed as beautiful as she appeared intelligent, his focus was homed in tightly on where it needed to be; her abilities as an officer. "So I ask myself... What did someone with so much promise do to deserve to be sent to the Enterprise." A small, humor filled smile lit the features of his face. It promised more than just a good mood. It promised he was relaxed, comfortable, and free enough to poke, prod, and even play a bit. A welcomed change of pace indeed.

Claire sat back in the proffered chair, arms at her sides, not too comfortable, but her body lacked any stiffness or formality. The smile he displayed put her fully at ease with him. She was always told her charm could convince a polar bear to give up its fur in a blizzard, a social skill that came naturally for her and probably procured through osmosis from her father. She silently had to remind herself to keep her charm in check, the man across from her was her new Captain after all, but Claire was pleased to receive the smile and he seemed open to her casual nature. She hadn't been terribly worried about it, but it was a gamble and the hand had played out well in her favor.

Addressing his first comment about the other Command Dunross she'd seen on the roster, Claire took just a few moments to formulate what she was going to say that would both be truthful and hopefully not lead to any further inquiries. Claire had more cousins than she could keep track of. The family was probably more well-known for their genetic abundance than any other accomplishments they had. "I haven't had the pleasure to meet the Commander yet, but her brother and I served together on the Vindicator for a time."

She smiled at the structure of his question and reflected on why she had asked for this assignment in the first place. She had grown as a person, as a Doctor especially in leaps and bounds at her last assignment, moving through the ranks before taking over as their Chief Medical Officer. For Claire, it had been very comfortable, sure there were adventures to be had, but in recent years, the Aires had been too many routine things, one after the other. The ship was well kept, her medical bay had the latest updates, and one of the finest crew. Why that wasn't enough for her, she could never really voice, but it had become all too routine. If she had any idea what trouble she would like to get into outside of Starfleet, she probably would have resigned instead. Her real passion in life though always focused on healing others and Claire knew that doing so in Starfleet was probably the best use of her talents.

"I requested ," She emphasized a correction softly and with a disarming smile, "To come to the Enterprise because I see it as a wonderful new challenge to my leadership abilities." Claire added with a little chuckle, "And if I'm going, to be honest, Captain, the Aires has been a bit boring lately. One diplomatic mission after the other. I've observed in Starfleet that the older and more respected a Captain becomes, this seems to be their fate."

She had a slight tilt to her head, watching his steepled fingers, observing their length and silent strength. His height may be opposing to some, but the strong lines of his build were deceptively thin and Claire had no doubt they disguised his strength well. She wondered where the scar on his ear was from and why it had been allowed to heal in the manner it had, questions for another time she stored away. "If you don't mind me asking," She said as a formality, trying to express some reverence for his position, but having no intention of waiting for his permission, "Why Captain, are you here on the Enterprise?"

Aegnor nodded in acknowledgment of her words regarding the 'other' Dunross that was set to join them. In all honesty, their relationship - or lack thereof - was little to none of his business. So long as there wasn't some sort of rift that would lead them down some strangely unprofessional role that threatened to compromise their performance, or the safety of the crew, he simply couldn't have cared much at all. Two ships passing in the night suited him just fine - though he doubted the 'relationship' would remain that way given the fact they were both senior officers and this was, after all, the Enterprise.

What did give him reason to continue to lease attention to her came as a reason for her request to join the motley crew of the disillusioned - and largely disgraced - Enterprise. "Some Captains, meet that fate and eventually wind up becoming fat, sassy Admirals as quickly as they can." He countered, shifting his weight in his seat and allowing his lanky body to rest easily in the cushioned seat, his arms covering the expanse of the rests, "Some of us have little desire to succumb to the weakness of old age and mothballed skills sets." The smile was more a smirk now, still mirthful and amused more than sardonic or weighed down by ire.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you aren't one who is going to enjoy growing comfortably old with one position filled with the same old song and dance routine day after day." A wrist lifted one of his hands from an arm rest, and a single finger rose as he used it to emphasize his point. "And maybe that's why I accepted the offer to put this ship back together again. I like a challenge."

Claire nodded with a soft smile as they seemed to have very similar reasons for being on Enterprise. She couldn't imagine him as a fat, sassy admiral, especially from his movements. Unable to push her deep studies in biomechanics aside, her eyes continued to watch him, appreciating the way his long limbs flowed with his frame. He had a grace about him that she rarely saw. Her own head was normally turned by a man with a bit more muscle on his frame, but Luthias Aegnor was delightful to glance over. "I'm here for that challenge. I hope the rest of the senior crew is just as eager to do the same."

Speakly truthfully, she said, "It's time to make the name Enterprise shine again." Claire smiled, knowing she was going to enjoy getting to know her Commanding Officer. She needed to stop watching him and his body movement so much. Her neatly polished, neutral-colored nails found a spec of fuzz on her uniform pants suddenly interesting. He checked a lot of boxes that made her feel good about taking this assignment. He was easy to look at, not an asshole, didn't seem too serious, and seemed to be here for the same reason as she. Claire Dunross turned her green eyes back to him and said, "This has been a much more pleasant meeting than I had anticipated, Sir."

"I should hope they are." Aegnor agreed with that sentiment wholeheartedly, "It's going to take a rather astute group to make this place what it needs to be, what it can be..." He paused, idly tapping a fingertip to his lower lip as he once again found himself in motion, looking for and retrieving a PADD from his desk. That same finger quickly found better use, skirting itself along the gadget, firing it up and fishing through it for the information he was looking for while she found something other than him to focus on. He'd later check back in and reflect on that knowledge, likely mull it over for a moment in an attempt to assuage what it was that she'd found so fascinating, and likely store it away that the combination of his spots and ears - maybe the scar that split his eyebrow - had been intriguing enough to a Doctor who had never had a chance to place their hands on someone of his heritage... After all... There weren't very many, at least that he was aware of.

The PADD then found itself turned around and slid across the cold, cool desk in her direction, "That is has been," He once again nodded, "I look forward to future meetings. It seems we have some common ground and aspirations. Interesting..." He hummed in thought before waving the notion off, dismissing it, "Odd how that works considering your line of work and mine are two very different things with two very different goals."

She shrugged, looking over the Padd briefly before nodding in appreciation. She expected this to come from a yeoman or some other position. "We are here to keep order, to train up those around us, make the place better than it was given to us." Claire smirked as she stood up to depart, "My job just usually involves a bit more blood. Thank you Captain." Claire took her leave of his office, and her entire body exhaled as she crossed the threshold of his door, not realizing how pent-up she had been until she stood up to leave. "Bloody hell." She muttered to herself, catching a few junior officers on the bridge smirk and giving her a side-eye glance.


Captain Luthias Aegnor
Commanding Officer

Commander Claire Dunross
Chief Medical Officer
USS Enterprise-G


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