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SD241407.03 || Joint Personal Log || Dr Rogers & Lt th'Zarath || "Resting... sure..."

Posted on 241407.03 @ 6:02am by Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

=/\= Main Engineering, USS Enterprise =/\=

Scarlet had just finished with the meeting and went to go find Thelin. As she walked to the Engineering deck she asked one of the Ensigns there if he knew where Thelin was. She smiled at the answer and went searching in the general direction she had been pointed.

Thelin was hung beneath one of the walkways, working on a junction that was difficult to access from above and below, it had blown in their escape from the UFP and was preventing them from firing up the navigational sensors, he'd heard Scarlet as she entered and rolled onto his side so he could see down to where she approached.

Scarlet looked up, and smiled awkwardly, "When do you get off your shift?"

"I'm not too sure, I've got a few more repairs to oversee first, the chief was one of the casualties in our flight." the Andorian replied as he pulled himself free and lowered himself down with his prosthetic arm.

Once he was stood in front of her, Scarlet wrapped her arms around his waist and held him tight wit her head on his chest.

"What's wrong?" Thelin asked as he wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"I think I may have done something incredibly stupid," she whispered.

"Most of us have said that at one point in time," the Andorian chuckled lightly.

"No I mean really stupid," she looked up to his eyes. She looked around to make sure that no-one was around, as she still felt her relationship was very controversial, and she still didn't know what her relationship was. Once she knew the coast was clear she kissed him passionately.

The kiss filled Thelin with a burning fire and he held her tight, as they broke apart he looked into her eyes, "What's wrong?"

"I had to tell the captain, and I got desperate so I volunteer myself for an away mission, but we don't know these people, we might not make it back, this mission hasn't exactly got the approval of being safe, but because I opened up my mouth and demanded it, I have to go," she babbled on quickly getting a little more emotional as she went on, "I hate away missions, I never should have mentioned it. I'm scared."

Thelin pulled her head back to his shoulder and held her tight again, attempting to reassure her, he kissed her softly on the temple and smiled, "Try not to worry too much, I'm sure the Captain will assign capable officers to your team, you'll be in good hands."

"He has," she sniffled, "But that doesn't seem to help."

"Scarlet, trust me when I say you will be fine, you will come back because you'd never leave me alone here," the Andorian replied as he cradled her slightly, "You will come back to me."

"I honestly don't know," she sighed a little, "I have next to no faith in this mission."

"If the ship needs it then you will make it," he replied with a smile.

"I'm glad I have you," she smiled slightly, looking back up to him.

"You'll always have me," the Andorian replied as he kissed her again

The doctor smiled as she kissed him back, "I hope so."

"When do you leave?" Thelin asked.

"Should be there soon," she said bluntly, "Not long, I think I get one sleep and that's it." She saw someone walk in in a door behind Thelin and she took a step back from him.

"Well, if you want some company I'm free," Thelin replied with a slight chuckle as he took a step back too.

"I would like that," she smiled and looked to the entrant.

"Hey, Doc, I didn't know you did house calls," The Lieutenant stated.

"She's just making sure I'm not overusing my cybernetics, don't want too much strain on it so soon," the Andorian replied as he turned slightly, "Can I help you Lieutenant?"

"Na," he smiled, "I just heard the beautiful doc was in our neck of the woods. Wanted to make sure no-one was hurt."

Scarlet blushed a little and looked at Thelin. She was unsure how his lie made her feel.

"I think I might be in a little trouble," Thelin replied with another chuckle as he rolled up a sleeve, "She wasn't too impressed to see me flip myself down using it."

"That's true," she smiled awkwardly, "If you don't mind I need him to rest up for today?"

"Well, I guess he's the boss for the moment, the former Assistant Chief is laid up in your sickbay," the Lieutenant replied with a vague nod, "If you want me to finish up here Thelin, you can go and obey the good Doctor," he added quickly.

A quick look to Scarlet and Thelin nodded, "I think that may be a good idea, I don't want her to be ordering me off duty."

"Which I will, unless you start relaxing, I'm ordering you to at least rest up for today in quarters," she looked to Thelin and turned around to walk back the way she had come.

Slipping a padd out from his jacket, Thelin handed it to the Lieutenant and shrugged slightly, giving him a slight smile too, "I have my orders, you're covering until tomorrow by the looks of it."

Scarlet kept her head down as she walked through the the quiet corridor.

Scuttling off after the young doctor, Thelin caught up with her and matched her step, keeping up the charade of professional behavior until they were out of earshot and sight of engineering.

"So, you going to relax then?" she began, walking in the general direction of her own quarters.

"I had relaxing in mind," the Andorian began as he followed her, "You never said who's quarters I had to relax in," he added with a light chuckle.

She smiled softly still looking to the floor as she walked, "What are we?" she asked.

"I think the Human term is... dating?" Thelin replied as he skipped to the other side of the corridor so he could place his flesh and blood hand into hers, entwining their fingers and giving it a little squeeze, "On Andoria we would call it mated, but our cultures have different experiences of pair bonding."

She smirked a little, "That means something different on earth. I meant," she looked up to him as she walked, "Where can we see this going, I mean people are going to find out at some point."

"Honestly?" the Andorian asked as they walked.

"Sorry, if I'm being too forward, it's just I don't know about you, but I'm getting treated a little differently by my staff just for being friends with you in all of this," she shrugged.

"I don't care if people find out," he replied quickly, the smile on his face broadening slightly, "Whatever we decide we are... we've done nothing to be ashamed about."

"That's true," she smiled and kissed him quickly on the cheek with a bounce in her step.

Thelin stopped them both and stepped in front of her, wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her close to him, he kissed her first on the forehead and then again softly on the lips.

She smiled as they kissed and once this kiss was broken said with a cheeky smile, "so tell me more about andorian relationships."

"There's not much else to say to be honest," Thelin replied as he released her a little bit, still holding onto her hand he began to walk again, "They're not much different from Human relationships from what I know, I know my parents relationship was still considered a little bit taboo, since my mother was Aenar and my father Andorian, think of it as... the issues of race in Earth history."

"Half cast is a little cute," she chuckled and they arrived at her quarters, "come on, you need to rest up."

"As you command Doctor," the Andorian replied with a laugh as they stepped in through the door, his arms immediately found her waist again and he kissed her, this time with much more passion than either had shown in public.

Scarlet pushed away, "I was being serious about you resting up."

Thelin pouted slightly and nodded, he couldn't hold it in and gave a light chuckle as he turned towards the bedroom, removing his rank pips and commbadge and placing them on the coffee table as he passed, his jacket and undershirt followed and were placed onto the back of a chair, he stepped into the doorway and looked back at the redhead over his shoulder, "Joining me Scarlet?" he asked quickly.

"Of course," she smiled, following in suit, folding her uniform and placing it on the chair too.

(End Log...)

Doctor Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Enterprise


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