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241407.03 || Joint Personal Log || Dr Rogers & Lt th'Zarath, CMO & ACENG || "Connect the dots..."

Posted on 241407.03 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

=/\= Senior Officer's Quarters, USS Enterprise =/\=

Doctor Scarlet Rogers was frustrated, she hoped Thelin would still be in her quarters. On arriving she walked in quietly, just in case he was still sleeping. She took off her uniform jacket as the door shut behind her.

Thelin stepped out of the shower after waking up to find the bed empty beside him, he'd spent a good amount of time getting cleaned up and walked out into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Scarlet walked in and smiled, "You look good wet," she noted as she saw water glistening off his skin.

"No comment," the Andorian replied as he picked up his shorts from the replicator and slid them on, a large smile crossing his face he used the towel to dry his torso as he moved towards the young redhead, planting a gentle kiss on her lips, his antennae brushing against her forehead.

She smiled, "I've just had the most strange meeting with the captain and a team. I walked out."

"Strange how?" Thelin asked as he finished drying himself and placed the towel down on the bed.

Scarlet picked up the towel straight away and folded it, placing it over a chair to dry, so not to dampen the bed, "They've put together a team to go on that mission I was talking about stating that they need to be inconspicuous and not to involve many people, being that we don't know who to trust and yet we are calling on the Ferengi for help, who it was stated, by the person who suggested it, that they could just be bought out for a higher price. Yet we are trusting them." She breathed clearly frustrated, "So I walked out saying that I wash my hands in how we get this mission done."

"Interesting..." the Andorian replied with a slight frown, "If we're going to be paying the Ferengi for help, why are we not simply buying the items we need from them?"

"Because the new captain knows best," Scarlet sarcastically smiled, "He's an idiot. Why on earth did he not consider it, it's ridiculous. It sounds a lot safer to do it that way than merely going incognito to a place we do not know is safe and risk our limbs."

"I'm not surprised that I'm being kept on the ship for this one though, despite my experience as a diplomat on Ferenginar, I can't be trusted in a place where I could disappear," Thelin replied with a light chuckle, "Not that I would, I've got too much to lose."

"If you did run, I would hunt your sorry ass down," she muttered, recalled a few exes, "I know this is going to sound like a stupid request, but maybe you should talk to the captain. This mission is dangerous and if, like you suggested, a way out, then we should take it."

"It might sound a little better coming from you," the Andorian replied as he leant over and picked up his undershirt, sliding it over his head quickly, "Like I said, I'm not trusted too much around here."

"You'd probably be better heard than myself," Scarlet muttered, "Maybe I should contact my old Captain and see if he knows what to do."

"Do you trust him?" Thelin asked simply.

"He was my first," she paused for comedic effect, "My first captain. He showed me that every ship is a family. He saved my life and the crew's. He explained his decisions when I questioned them. I'd trust him to the end of the universe. He has given me no reason to not trust him."

The Andorian reached over for his pants and slid a padd from one of the pockets, unlocking it with his thumb print and handing it to the young redhead with a slight smile, "Despite how far we are from the core of the Federation, this should let you skip a transmission packet along the border listening posts, encrypt it with something you know he will recognise, I use it for keeping in touch with my family,"

"That's sweet," she smiled and kissed him softly, "Where are you going by the way?"

"Nowhere?" the Andorian replied with a light chuckle, "I'd just got out of the shower and it was getting a little chilly in just my shorts."

"Starting to think you live here," she chuckled. Scarlet started flicking through the PADD looking for Captain Vokar as she chuckled.

"Not such a bad idea," Thelin replied as he shifted himself to lie back on the bed, "Just set the message to see out the last known location of his ship, as long as the transponder is active, it should find him."

Scarlet did as he said and walked to the bed with the PADD, sitting down with her back on the bed head, "We are just dating, we're not in a relationship publicly, engaged, married or what ever else Andorians go through that is different to Humans."

"I was joking Scarlet," the Andorian replied with a light chuckle as he sat himself up next to her, "It is far too soon to consider, but I would not be against it in the future."

Scarlet put the PADD down and laughed kissing Thelin's cheek, "I'm aware. If we were, I'd tell you I have slight OCD and that you shouldn't put wet towels on the bed, as it makes the bed damp and cold."

"I'll remember that for next time," he replied as he wrapped an arm around her waist and hooked up the padd, "How're you getting on composing the message?"

"Done," She smiled, "He was a great captain, I hope he's ok in all of this." The doctor rested her head on Thelin's shoulder.

"How did this mysterious Captain go about gaining so much of your trust?" Thelin asked as he readjusted and pulled her closer.

"He beat me to a pulp," she said bluntly.

A confused look crossed the face of the Andorian as he looked over at the young redhead, "You'll have to explain... maybe it means something different to Humans?"

"Nope," she chuckled, "it is as it sounds. I lost it and he showed me the light after a fight, and he made me realise that a ship is just a huge, somewhat dysfunctional family. He was a good guy, he cared. Everybody has opinions and memories of their first captain."

"A fight? as in... you attacked the Captain?" the Andorian asked, still trying to get his head around the fact.

"He pushed me a little too far, reminding me of bad times that I went through at the academy and med school," she smiled.

"So instead of throwing you in the brig, he beat you senseless to teach you a lesson?" Thelin asked, as he fit the pieces together slowly.

"I suppose so," she grinned, "On the plus side, he helped me with my combat skills. I'm bad at that. I'm good at fixing people up from fights, just not fighting myself. I'm a terrible aim too, I'm bad with a phaser thingy."

"I'm sorry, but I'm still struggling to come to terms with a Starfleet Captain who beat his Chief Medical Officer into submission and she respects him for it," the Andorian replied with a confused chuckle as he kissed her on the temple, "But, if you trust him, then he must have done something right."

"He knew when to stop," she said bluntly, "I think, you would have just needed to know him and the situation. He was such a caring guy, he shaped a lot of people to be greater. He showed people their true abilities and aided in building on that. He knew that I over think things, he knew that sometimes when I thought about his actions, I was right, but I needed to understand why I was also wrong. He helped me realise that to most stories there are two sides. I prefer to have a boss with a back bone than to have one, like Rhodes, who seems to be a bit doormat-ish. I'm sure he'll prove himself soon though. He won't put up with what just happened again."

"He sounds a bit more like a Marine than a Fleet Officer," Thelin replied with another chuckle as he moved the padd and placed it on the bedside cabinet, "He sounds like an interesting man to serve with."

"He was mostly Vulcan," Scarlet looked to Thelin, "This is only my second ship, but I know that he made a path for me to walk in life."

"Well, he played some part in bringing you to me, so I have to thank him for that," the Andorian replied, another kiss finding its way to her forehead.

Scarlet smiled and kissed him on his lips and moved to straddle his lap, "The only scars I have are either from my own clumsiness or from an incident on the USS Pendragon. Not from my captain. I will say this though, I do like a man who can take control."

Thelin began to get lost in her beauty again, his kisses moved from her lips, down her jawline and down the white skin of her neck, his antennae tracking the kisses as he moved on, the Andorian began to kiss along her collarbone gently.

She blushed in response, "You're supposed to be relaxing, sir."

"You outrank me now, I should be calling you sir," Thelin replied between kisses as he moved across her upper chest, "If you want me to stop..."

(To Be Continued...)

Doctor Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Enterprise


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