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'Relaunch' of the USS Enterprise

Posted on 241708.06 @ 5:09pm by Captain Rozen Coo PhD

Greetings to the best crew in the fleet!

Just wanted to keep all of you in the loop as to the comings and going of this fine ship. There are a few things that I would like to bring up.

1. Change of Command- As you all know by now, the ship was handed over to myself (CO- Rozen Coo) and the lovely Deryc Miller (XO- Cooper Williams). Personally, I have worked for a long while to be given the chance of commanding the Enterprise (again) and the stars finally aligned to allow it to happen. I say thank you to all who have helped make this possible, and give the Enterprise a fighting chance again!

2. The crew- I want to thank each and every one of you for making this possible. Without players this isn't a game, without you we are nothing! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

3. Simming Weeks- Our Sim weeks will run Monday starting at 12:00a PST, ending Sunday at 11:59p EST. This starts, effective tomorrow, Monday Aug 7th at 12:00a.

4. Log Count- Each week we will all be responsible for at least ONE quality Duty Log. (A quality single log consists of a word count of at least 500, a quality joint log consists of a word count of at least 1000, however please don't aim for the minimum.) Personal Logs will not be counted, unless a Duty Log has been submitted. Please, if you get log happy, please post an equal number of Duty to Personal Logs. Personally, I would prefer 2 Duty Logs to 1 Personal Log. Duty Logs will always be preferred to Personal Logs. Personal Logs may effect you, maybe another player or two, but Duty Logs effect all of us and help weave a more cohesive story. Thank you!

5. Log Titles- Please, for making it easier for the Command Staff to compile the Sim report, format your logs as follows:


When all logs follow this format, it makes it more uniform and uniformity is always appreciated.

6. Plot Log- The Plot Log is coming soon. It will be us departing Earth, headed for the Gamma Quad. We will be starting a Briefing Log shortly to get us all on the same page and ready to start getting to work.

7. Email Lists- Currently we do not have access to build the email lists we have had historically. I will compile one on my personal email and ensure I send any news or important items via that method. Until we get that sorted out, please check the website for posted logs.

Again, on the behalf of the Command Staff, thank you for all that you do!

If you ever have questions feel free to get a hold of me via Discord, or email (

Thank you,

Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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