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Getting to know you

Posted on 241409.20 @ 8:52pm by Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas

==Lt Cmdr Salima Liaquat's quarters, SB Zetari, GQ==

The woman groaned with deep pleasure as she finished and slumped onto the younger man below her body. He was her junior in both ways, in years and position, but she didn't care. The junior lieutenant gasped as she looked up from his chest where her head had been. "Wow, that was amazing!" He exclaimed. The woman smiled and pushed herself up with her hands, which rested by his sides. She toyed with the idea of being enthusiastic, but he had been a 5 on a scale of 10 at best.
"I'm glad you liked it, maybe we could do it again sometime." She tried to play that down, as she felt sure she could do better, although he was good as a fallback and seemed eager that she could rely on him to be there for her needs at short notice.

Gently removing herself from him and placed one slender leg on the floor and swung the other over to meet it. Taking the silk robe from the nearby chair, she wrapped herself in it. The man in the bed turned on his side and covered his body too, but remained happy with a smile on his face. Salima knew that there had been precious few men who could truly satisfy her and one in particular whom she knew she would almost never see again.

Jason Lucas, could hardly believe that he was in the bed of the hottest woman in the department, but examining his current surroundings, there could be no doubt. Mentally he pinched himself and admired her as she moved to the replicator to order something. Secretly, he hoped for some whipped cream to appear in the replicator, but was instantly disappointed to find the she returned with coffee and juice. "My shift starts in an hour, and I need to..", she hesitated, " to shower and change" she smiled, showing residual warmth from their heated exchange between the sheets.

Coming back to reality, he tried to remain positive and play things cool. "Yeah, sure, I wouldn't want to make you late". He got up and remembered he was wearing nothing but his dog tags. Looking around for his pants, he smiled a little, "I'll take coffee, and my pants, please". Salima, couldn't help but chuckle somewhat, "sure, I'll get them". She moved to the bed and set the coffee down, before picking his pants up and tossing them to him casually.

LTJG Jason Lucas
SB Zetari
Lt Cmdr Salima Liaquat
ASciO / Head of Biophysics
SB Zetari (apb Lucas)


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