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A new opportunity?

Posted on 241409.28 @ 8:15am by Lieutenant JG Jason Lucas

== Office of Adm J Lucas ==

Jason, paused at the door to his father's office, on the 11th floor. Since his arrival at the station, Jason's attitude his his father's presence has fluctuated between mild annoyance and happiness that his dad was never far away - truly both a blessing and curse.

"Son!" Exclaimed the old man, his face instantly turning from one of frustration at his current problems to one of delight to see his only offspring. "Take a seat!" he urged his boy before he could respond to his father. Duly, the young man dressed in the teal of the science department took a seat before his father's desk,
"What's up dad?" he asked, not entirely sure why his father had called him to the meeting.

Excitedly the older Lucas, tried to to contain himself, "Well, I know you've been on Zetari now for a couple of years, but I think we can both agree that your progress hasn't been as fast as you'd like." He looked at the one solid and one hollow pips on his son's collar that identified him as Ltjg. "Owing to some distractions and other things going on around here."
Jason knew that he was referring to his various relationships with member of the female members of crew and other civilians, including one of the girls at the Casino. Jason couldn't really think of anything to say that would help him, so he let his father continue, as he clearly wanted to get something out in the open.

"I've always done my best for you, and I know it has been hard since your mother died when you were only young. I understand that you've naturally sought out female attention, but I think we can agree when it gets in the way of work, then it's time to say enough is enough." The old man paused in case Jason wanted to contribute. After a few seconds of silence from his son, he continued. "So, with this in mind, I have an exiting proposal for you", as he finished his sentence he tapped the console on his desk and rotated it into Jason's view.

As quickly as he could Jason tried to comprehend what he was looking at, before his father continued, which he knew would be a matter of seconds. "This is the USS Enterprise, she is the newest in the line of experimental designs, and I've managed to get you posting on her"

Jason, looked as the bearded admiral spoke. Had he of been any other admiral, Jason knew he would have no hesitation in towing the line and telling the senior officer how pleased he was and what an honour it would be, but this wasn't any other flag officer, this was HIS father.

"you're sending me away??" Asked Jason, taking the offer as a judgement on the way he had been living his life.
The older man held his hands up, palms toward Jason. "I'm not sending you away, I'm offering you the chance to serve on the Enterprise!" Jason looked back at him, as if expecting more from his father. The old man continued, " What? You need more than that? Come on son, this is a step up. I know you'll miss me, but it is a great career move, you can't turn this down".

Jason looked over the desk and considered his present situation. Objectively, he had to admit that his father was correct, but he also really liked Zetari and all the connections he had mad, in particular so the of the ladies in his life.

"Can I think about it?" Asked Jason

"Sure, you can, but the ship is preparing to leave moorings within a week or two. This will be a shakedown voyage and I'd recommend you get on board before that. You have the chance to be one of the original crew of a new class of ship, that happens to be the USS Enterprise! Don't think too long"
With his 'pitch' over, Jeremiah relaxed and sat back in his large leather chair. "So, what's new with you anyway?"
Jason wondered if he was already aware of the most recent development in his love life or if indeed his father already knew about that too

==End Log===
Ltjg Jason Lucas
SB Zetari
Possibly soon to be USS Enterprise?
Adm Jeremiah Lucas
Gamma fleet operations
SB Zetari (apb Chris)


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