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Backlog | "Nil desperandum" Part I | CSec/Tac | Arrain Maec tr'Verelan

Posted on 241501.27 @ 4:32am by Arrain Maec tr'Verelan

[Latasalaem, Ch’Havran, Verelan Estate]

Shrieks echoed out through the tress just before a cloud of galled dalwhin rose above the high branches and swirled viciously flapping their wings around before scattering. Nearby, beneath the shade of a drawn tarp stood a tall figure whose hawkish figure seemed chiseled in bronze. This statue of a man gazed silently towards the tree line where echoes of striking thunder rang out. Several servants stood nearby where their eyes followed the commotion with visible exasperation.
Although none dared to mention or openly take notice of the burning redness and glint of extra moisture statues eyes it was easily discernible even at a slight distance. The Galae’EnRiov- even with all his might, was weeping.
Tr’Vaayu, the head servant of the household, stood at Argelian’s side flustered by the scene. How could such a thing have happened? His heart felt like weighted sandbags as he looked at the lord and bowed his head deeply.
“Forgive me lord Verelan but he will not stop. None of the servants can get him to come inside. Do you wish us…” he paused and turned away from the Galae’EnRiov feeling the sting of his shameful thoughts “to call the physician? Perhaps a sedative-”
“No!” The words left the Galae’EnRiov’s mouth with such furious command that tr’Vaaya flinched heavily and stumbled backwards. Bowing his head in succession he fell to his knees and prostrated “forgive me I did not mean insult.”
Argelian finally broke his gaze and turned to face the servant. The lines of age and battle worn into those hard angled features making even a sympathetic expression harsher then intended “Arrenhe will be here shortly. Perhaps she can reason with…” His lips quivered as the commotion seemed to increase ten-fold. “Perhaps.” He murmured “go prepare some tea tr’Vaayu. Have the servants go about their duties. We will focus on Maec.”
Rising to his feet tr’Vaayu bowed. Poor child. He shook his head and hurried away to the other servants and corralled them back towards the estate.
When the servants neared the estate they found a tall lithe figure standing at the garden entrance. Her long raven hair fluttered against the dark charcoal of her Senatorial tunic. The silver crest of the Imperial Mogai lay against her chest glinting against the harshness of Eisn. The servants all bowed deeply at the Senator who waved them away as glided pass them on her way towards the Galae’EnRiov.

“How long now?” Arrenhe reached her brother’s side and place a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.
“Two days now.” Her brother’s voice wavered in an unusually husky tone. Hoarseness acquired from days of unrelenting rage. She couldn’t fault him that anger. Not when his bond-mate and the mother of his children was so savagely squelched of life. Even she wanted to be angry- to find the culprits and tear every inch of flesh from their body until all that remained were their bones. Just thinking about it brought a chatter to her grinding teeth. But that wasn’t the dilemma now.
“I will see what I can do.” She pulled her hand away and gracefully moved towards the tree line while her elegant robes fluttered wildly against the breeze.

Tears. A river of tear flowed down Maec’s cheeks as he slammed the shimmering vrelnec into the trunk of the tree. His hands were wet. Streams of emerald seeped from between his fingers and bubbled away with each strike as the blistered and torn flesh beneath cried out with pain. He wanted it though. He needed the pain. He needed the anguish. He deserved it. They were his only escape. Anytime he stopped he could see her lifeless eyes staring back at him. Why didn’t he do anything? Why didn’t he try to stop that man? Why? Why? Why? The pain of his thoughts was greater than any physical pain that could be brought against him. The pain that scorched his heart was greater than the burning in his hands or the aching that coursed electrically through his muscles at each strike.
Through the river of tears a blinding glare suddenly flashed. He spun to find a long blade flying towards him and instinctively lifted the Vrelnec to parry. The Kaleh glided against the emerald stained sword and stabbed into the tree. Maec looked at the instigator and immediately recognized the lithe figure, long raven hair, and sharp sapphire eyes that sparkled intensely. His aunt. The former Rei’Krannsu turned Senator had just attacked him. He would have normally felt surprise, fear, but now he just felt anger. How dare she? He flicked the hilt of the Vrelnec causing it to slap against the Kaleh dislodging it from the wood and swung furiously at her. She leapt back into a crouch as the Vrelnec glided a few millimeters above the last flowing strands of her recoiling hair. She looked at him and a wicked smirk appeared on her face startling Maec. He had never seen such a feral expression from his aunt before. He took a cautious step back but his aunt leapt forward like a large cat pouncing on its prey. Her Kaleh shimmering brilliantly as it arced towards his body. He instinctively filched lifting the Vrelnec up in defense and caught the blade. A raucous clap echoed through the forest as the blade on blade impact sent him stumbling backwards into the tree. He felt his breath fail him as he ricocheted off the hardwood and collapsed onto his knees dropping the Vrelnec in front of him. Hovering just above him he found his aunt aiming the pointed tip of her Kaleh just below his chin while wearing a faint smile.
“It’s not fair to attack the trees young Maec. They can’t defend themselves.” Her amused tone caused him to seethe. How could she be so flippant?
“Then…” he gnashed his teeth angrily as his eyes focused on the glinting blade resting amid the ground-brush in front of him “you wish to take its place?” He slowly searched out the ground with his fingers until his hand touched the cold steel of the Vrelnec’s hilt and pulled the blade up pressing it against the Kaleh at his throat.
She chuckled pulling her Kaleh back “do you think you are any type of opponent for me Maec? I have been wielding this blade for five times your existence.” Lifting the blade high into the air until it’s tip seemed to touch the burning sun she brought it down swiftly curving it away just above his head. Above him a loud crack rang out as the tree suddenly twisted and slid downward at an angle against its severed trunk. Its tall skyward branches flailed wildly as it fell sideways violently slamming into a nearby tree until resting at an unsteady angle.
The smile. How could she smile? How could she laugh? The rage flowed like water through a bursting dam and he charged forward aiming the tip of his Vrelnec at her with murderous intent. With the suddenness of a gust of wind the Vrelnec was severed from its base in one swift imperceptible motion and flew shimmering its way into the trunk of a nearby tree. Shivering with the primal and ancient emotions of his people that had caused the Vulcans flee towards logic Maec fell to knees as the tears began to flow again. He looked up at his aunt while cradling the broken sword against his chest.
“I couldn’t do anything. I just watched…him…kill…her…”

“You could not have done anything.” Arrenhe knelt down wrapping her arms around her nephew and pulled him against her robes while he sobbed “you would have shared her fate.” What useless words. She frowned and rested her chin against the back of his head feeling her heart unlace as his tears bled into her garments.
Finally after some time the sobbing stopped and Arrenhe pressed her hands against his shoulders to hold him up as he cleaned his eyes “what happened is not your fault Maec and mindlessly slaughtering this forest will not make you stronger.”
“It is my fault. I was…afraid.”
“Fear is natural. Do you think that I am fearless?” She smiled, softly, and reached out dabbing away a stray tear with back of her finger “strength is the ability to work through fear. If you truly wish to be stronger then I will train you.”
He looked at her “you will?”
Gently pulling the Kaleh from its jewel crested scabbard she set the blade in front him “this blade will represent my promise to make you stronger so that fear will never again overcome you. However, only if you agree to stop this meaningless conduct. Your father is concerned.”
Taking the blade into his palms Maec looked at his aunt and nodded his head solemnly.

[To be continued]


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