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241407.19 || Dr Rogers & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath || "Carpe diem."

Posted on 241407.19 @ 12:03pm by Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

=/\= Senior Officers Quarters =/\=

Now Doctor Rogers knew she would be shipped out the next morning she returned to her quarters. Her duties for the day were over and she knew Thelin had been working odd hours lately, so she didn't want to disturb him in case he was sleeping. The young doctor sighed at the prospects of this being her last night alive or at least in a comfortable bed. She stared to the floor as she let her hair down and bounce in their loose ginger curls. She also unbuttoned her jacket, taking it off as she wandered through the hallway finally arriving at her quarters. Her face looked shocked at what she saw on entry to her quarters.

Laid out in the living room, a single table, lit by a pair of candles, a pair of plates with a meal prepared and waiting, the white tablecloth glowing in the light, shadows playing patterns on the walls and an Andorian, sat waiting by the door with glass in his hand, offering it to the stunned young redhead.

Scarlet smiled softly as she walked in, "Whats all this? I thought you'd be either asleep or working. Plus I'm terrible at goodbyes"

"This, my dear Scarlet, is not a goodbye," the Andorian replied as he offered the glass again, the smile still crossing his face, "You will be coming back and that means that this is... a see you later."

Scarlet looked to the floor a moment before looking up to Thelin, taking the glass, "Thank you."

Thelin stepped forward and kissed her gently on the lips, pulling a bottle of wine out from behind his back and filling the glass halfway before gesturing towards the table, "We might as well enjoy ourselves."

"Of course," Scarlet still blushed at Their intimacy even though they had kissed, and much more, on several occasions. "I thought you would e working strange hours still, so I didn't want to disturb you whilst I wallowed in self pity."

"I switched shifts so that we could spend the time together, I wanted to be sure that you knew I'd be waiting for you when you came back," the Andorian replied with a slight smile as he moved towards the table and pulled one of the chairs out.

The young woman sat down smiling, "I would have understood if you hadn't have been here. It's a pleasant surprise that you are here though," she began, "We've been together intimately for only a few weeks, but friends since the start of the voyage, I would hope you'd at least be here for me as a friend if and when I get back."

"So you accept that you will be coming back?" Thelin joked as he sat down across from her and half-filled his glass too, placing the bottle down on the table between them.

"I've still got a gut feeling this mission won't go well," she sighed, "But I have never been on an away mission that has gone well."

"Well, this one should, we've been asked to prepare the Enterprise for all possibilities, so it seems we're coming in with you." the Andorian replied with a smile.

"Oh thank goodness," Scarlet sighed in relief, "I'm glad the captain changed his mind." She sipped some of her wine, "If this does go well, I'll grab some real alcohol on the way back."

"My thoughts exactly," Thelin replied, "It does make more sense, its less dangerous to have a ship like this at your back, at least we'll be close by if things do go wrong."

"I'm thankful to know that you personally won't be far away," she blushed slightly.

The smile on his face was the reply and his antennae narrowed and pointed forward slightly, he lifted the two covers of the plates, revealing a steak dinner for the two of them.

A smile crossed Scarlet's lips, "First date food," she said, "I didn't put you down as a nostalgic, or romanticist kind of person. Are all Andorians like this, or are you just a special kind?"

"I wouldn't know," Thelin replied with a light chuckle as he gestured for her to begin, "I've not met all Andorians yet."

She smirked, "Me either." With that she began to eat.

=/\= An hour later, after dinner =/\=

Placing down his glass, Thelin picked up the bottle and refilled it before tipping the lip towards Scarlet, "Refill?"

"I suppose," a smile passed her lips once more. Her smile had barely left her face all night.

After emptying the bottle into her glass Thelin tapped a button on a padd he slipped out of his jacket, the room went dark and was replaced by an empty ballroom, slow and soothing music was playing in the background, he grinned and stood, offering his hand to the young woman.

"Oh, I can't dance," Scarlet blushed shaking her head.

"Just follow my lead," Thelin replied with a smile as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet, taking her by the waist with his other arm.

Scarlet nervously and a little clumsily followed his lead, "I have two left feet."

A chuckle passed Thelin's lips as he guided Scarlet gently with his feet, holding her close he used his cybernetic arm to help direct the movement of the young redhead.

"I think there's a reason I'm not a dancer," she giggled looking to their feet.

"Quite possibly," Thelin laughed as she trod on his feet again.

"Im sorry," she laughed and let go of his hands.

"It's fine," the Andorian replied with another light chuckle as he swept her up in his arms and kissed her softly on the lips, "I just thought it would be something surprising," he added after breaking the kiss.

Scarlet blushed hard and softly said, "It was a surprise you were here to begin with."

"And I'll be here when you get back," Thelin replied as he held her close.

"If I get back," she muttered, "I'm glad though that you like me enough to be here for me though."

"You will come back, even if I have to come and get you myself," the Andorian replied, kissing her softly on the forehead and brushing a strand of hair from her face, "You will be coming back."

"I'm glad you're so sure," she grinned, "one of us needs to stay positive."

"Computer, end program," Thelin called out, causing the ballroom to fade back into the confines of Scarlet's quarters, the holoemitters used for the Emergency Holograms coming in handy for something other than emergencies, "Like I said, I will come for you if I have to."

The young doctor hugged Thelin, resting her head near his heart, "Thank you."

"No need to thank me," Thelin replied as he ran his fingers through his hair, "I love you, I'd do it a thousand times over."

The words rang in Scarlet's ears and she looked up immediately stunned, "What did you say?"

"I said I love you." the Andorian replied, a slight smile on his face.

Her cheeks burned read and her heart pounded. Scarlet looked like a dear in headlights, not knowing how to respond. Although she had had a few relationships in the past, she had never believed her partners when they had said I love you, but Thelin was different. Scarlet felt the same, but the words 'I love you' were filled with pain from memories of things all going wrong after the words were uttered: betrayal mostly.

"It's ok if you can't say it back," Thelin said softly as he kissed Scarlet on the forehead, "I know it might be difficult, but I know you feel the same," he added.

"I love you too," Scarlet finally let the words slip as she smiled sweetly.

The Andorian lifted her chin with a finger and kissed the young woman softly on the lips, pulling her closer and holding her tight.

Scarlet kissed him back a little more passionately than the Andorian would have expected and grinned, "since you're here, I have a surprise for you."

"Oh really? I like surprises," Thelin replied when the kiss was broken.

Scarlet stripped slowly to reveal some Earth, vintage, black lace lingerie, "A going away gift," she smiled, "We should spend every night like it could be our last, but this one in particular. Carpe diem, right?"

(Eng Log.)

Doctor Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer


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