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Joint BACK log - CO & ACEO - aCapt Rhodes & Lt thZarath

Posted on 241408.03 @ 10:05pm by Acting Captain Mark Rhodes & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title
Timeline: Before Arrival on Bimi Station

=/\= Ready Room, USS Enterprise =/\=

Striding across the bridge, the Andorian made for a destination he had been two multiple times in the past, his antennae twitched as he detected a bit of hostility from one or two of the bridge officers, the hearsay and rumours were not below them.

Moving to the door, Thelin reached up and tapped the chime, standing to attention and waiting for the reply.

"Come" called out Mark as he switched between PaDDs of information talking about trade exchange rates.

The Andorian stepped through the door and gave a curt nod to the new CO, "Can I speak with you sir?"

"Ah yes Lieutenant?" asked Mark. "What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to let you know that myself and Doctor Rogers have begun a close personal relationship, due to some of the hostility towards myself as of late, I just wanted to let you know before we take it public, there may be some measure of displeasure at this." Thelin replied as he came to a halt at the chair opposite the Captain and placed his hands on it's back.

"Understood," said Mark placing his PaDD down and closing his hands on his desk. "Have a seat. I can understand that there will be some troubling times ahead. People are still very shaken up about this whole change of command. Myself included and I have been trying to sort all of this out. But to be honest, Doctor Rogers is troubling me. She has made open threats to myself, from what I hear our Chief of Intelligence and I can only imagine others. She was quick to throw out deeming me unfit medically. You were in a command career path, you know how troubling jumping to that extreme of the threat can be."

"She does not deal well with change," Thelin replied with a slight nod as he recalled parts of the young redheads file from her previous posting, "You may find that she has a slightly... different opinion on how a CO should act, her previous Captain is a highly decorated warrior, quite different for a Vulcan, it also states that he's being watched by Starfleet Intelligence as a possible rogue element, linked with the Vanguard terrorist organisation, this alone would lead to the possibility of her being... demanding with her expectations of a CO."

"Indeed," said Mark frowning a bit. "I will not be painting my face and leading us into battle any time soon."

"You won't need to," the Andorian replied, a light chuckle passing his lips as he imagined the spectacle on the bridge, "I think she just expects you to be as strong and decisive as her former CO, she hasn't had the time to get to know you properly yet, which possibly scares her a little bit, you're an unknown factor."

"Well all I can do is try my best," admitted Mark. "Ill try my best to keep us all out of trouble. And when I fail I will need a strong senior staff behind me to keep everything together." He could be honest with this man. He had once been in line to take this ship and knew what it all meant.

"I know what you mean," Thelin replied with a slight smile, "You'll find things easier with a little time."

"I hope so," said Mark. "Well thank you for talking to me about your situation Lieutenant. I will make a notation. But to be honest I shouldn't see any problem with it as of right now. If it becomes a problem, we will have a problem. Understand?"

"It won't be a problem from our end, but there may still be some on the ship who do not trust me and may raise concerns," the Andorian replied, his antennae narrowing slightly.

"They will have to answer to me," said Mark flatly. "If it becomes a problem we will deal with it accordingly."

"For my part, I intend on making sure it does not affect our performance." the Andorian replied as he turned towards the door, looking back slightly, "Speaking of which, I have work to be getting on with, the ship isn't going to look after itself."

"Understood. Thank you Mr. th'Zarath. Keep this bucket of bolts flying," said Mark standing.

"I'll try my best sir," Thelin replied as he stepped through the door and back out onto the bridge.

Mark sat back down and started working on something else after making notation in his log about the relationship.


Acting Captain Mark Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F

Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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