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241408.xx ¦¦ JL Doctor Scarlet Rogers & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath || Desperation Through Separation

Posted on 241408.10 @ 5:25pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

Scarlet had slumped herself onto the floor, resting her back against the forcefield of the cell that contained her. Her hand went to her back a moment as it ached from the shot still. Sighing she brought her legs in and rested her head against her knees, wrapping her arms around her legs. This was all too much and tears left her eyes, once again in such a short time span, running down her cheeks and falling onto her trousers. She was thankful Tierney had helped her get changed into some comfy clothes. Scarlet's mind wandered as tears cascaded. What had she done to deserve the humiliation of being in the brig, accused of treason?

Stooping down, Thelin placed his hand against the forcefield and sighed slightly, he'd managed to enter the brig without drawing Scarlet's attention and found himself feeling a pang of guilt, somehow he felt that she was in this predicament because of him.

Scarlet sniffled still not aware Thelin was there. He was hurt by the whole situation in general and she just wanted the comfort of her own quarters. She missed being in the safe arms of Thelin also.

"I'm so sorry Scarlet," the Andorian stated as he pressed his forehead against the force field, the bond they shared was just strong enough to sense her despair at the situation.

Scarlet turned her head to see him out the corner of her eye and then shut her eyes softly putting her head against the forcefield where his was, "Don't be."

"But its my fault that you're in here," the Andorian replied with another sigh as he hammered his mechanical fist against the field, causing it to flare slightly, "Why else would they accuse you of being the same thing they accused me of."

"Because I've screwed up myself in making a few enemies on this ship," Scarlet finally turned around, slowly, and still on her knees, with tears running down her cheek, resting her forehead against the forcefield.

"That shouldn't matter, you've done nothing to deserve this." Thelin replied with another hammered fist on the field.

Scarlet sat back from the forcefield a little as it scared her whenever it flared because of Thelin, "Do not blame this on yourself. Karma has a way of catching up with people, and it just so happened to catch up with me around the same time I got hurt."

"I'm not going to rest until you've been released, it's atrocious that they are keeping you here like a piece of UFP scum," the Andorian replied quickly.

"Thelin," Scarlet sighed, putting her hand softly on the forcefield as if stroking Thelin's cheek, "I'm innocent. I don't care about the falsely accused charges at this present time, I just want to get out of here and rest without the humiliation of being in here with security cameras watching me change and who knows. I want to eat more nutritious food. I want to get better. Most importantly, I actually want to be held by you and told that everything is going to be ok." Scarlet trailed off in tears.

"We'll get you out of here as soon as possible," Thelin responded, a tear forming in the corner of his eye, a tear of sadness at what was happening to her so soon after being shot and a tear of anger at those who would imprison an innocent woman with no evidence of a crime, "I'm going to demand evidence of a crime being committed."

"Leave it," Scarlet forced a soft smile, "A lot of people are on it, but the Captain is keeping me here and not on house arrest for a reason, I think intimidation. I want you here. Don't you have the codes to at least drop the shield for two seconds to hug me?"

"Not any more," the Andorian replied as he sat with his legs crossed on the floor of the brig, "I lost them when they demoted me."

Scarlet looked to the floor as more tears fell and she put her hands on the floor, bowing down in surrender.

"Like I said, I'll demand the evidence that has led to this, it's outrageous that you're being kept here with no due process, despite what is going on, they claim to still be Starfleet, which means we have rules and procedures!" he replied as he slammed a fist into the floor and caused a sizable dent.

Scarlet sat back up, "I swear, when all of this is over, I won't be leaving your side much."

"I have to admit, that does sound like a good thing," Thelin replied with a little bit of thought, "But the fact that you are even in this situation is unbelievable, if this were any other place, they'd have the Captain and that damned security chief in here instead of you."

The young doctor focussed on trying to calm her lover and ignored the starfleet politics, "I love you."

The Andorian placed his right hand against the force field and spread his fingers slightly, "I love you too." he replied softly.

She smiled genuinely in reply and put her hand where his was. Her hands were a lot smaller than his, and daintier and after taking a new mental note of it, she looked to Thelin's eyes, "I won't be here long. Just hold on for me, okay?"

"When they let you out, we'll revisit London again," the Andorian replied softly.


Dr Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer
USS Enterprise


Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise


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