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JL - CSec & aCEn - Lt Lucas & Lt Th'Zarath - "Setting differences aside"

Posted on 241408.10 @ 4:01pm by Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Suicidal Running Title
Timeline: backlog


Hearing about the accident had only added to Alyssa's irritation when it came to the doctor. Still though, she knew someone needed to alert Thelin and even though she likely should have sent someone else to tell him, she figured it might be at least someone better coming from her.

First stop was Scarlet's quarters, possibly because she had the feeling this stop would be were she would find him. After all, she knew that the Lieutenant had been spending a lot of time here. Ringing the chime first she gave anyone that might be in their the chance to answer first.

Rising from the desk off to the side of the living area, Thelin moved towards the door slowly, "Enter," he called out as he stood before the coffee table and crossed his arms in front of himself.

Stepping into the quarters, not surprised to find Thelin there, she leveled her gaze on him. "Lieutenant." She said as she quickly ran though the best way to handle this now. "There has been an accident concerning the Doctor."

"An Accident?!?" Thelin replied as he launched himself towards the shelves and retrieved his effects, his jacket was the next to follow and he flicked it on with practiced ease, "What happened?"

"As far as I know she was shot while on the Station." Aly said watching him, she side stepped from the doorway with ease.

"And who was meant to be protecting her," the Andorian replied as he zipped the jacket up and practically threw his comm-badge at his chest, his stride was long and fast and he was out of the door within a matter of seconds and storming down the corridor towards sickbay.

Great, ask a question and then take off. Turning, her steps quick as she paced after him. "Hard to protect someone who decides to sneak off without you." Aly said with a bit of anger in her voice.

"How is she?" the Andorian demanded as he flew into the turbolift and turned sharply to face the door, his antennae flat against the top of his head.

"I don't know, I don't know all the details. As soon as I was told I came to find you. Figured you would want to be there with her." As much as Alyssa didn't exactly trust the two of them, she knew enough about people to understand some feelings just had to be put to the side.

"Thank you," Thelin replied quickly, his temper calming slightly and being replaced by concern.

"Welcome" Lucas said softly as she rode the turbo lift with him. Her mind drifting a bit now as she replayed the whole situation.

As soon as the doors parted, the Andorian was off and sprinting down the corridor towards sickbay, he nearly overshot the door and was forced to put the brakes on quickly, he disappeared from sight and into sickbay.

Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Enterprise


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