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JDL | Lt JG Forgrave & Lt JG Mallow | ACMO & Engineer | Patient Number 2 please

Posted on 241708.20 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Jennell Forgrave MD

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Sickbay

.:// Sickbay //:.

After finishing the physical with Ensign Lionza, Jennell had headed back to the desk, to take the next patients PADD. Next up was Lieutenant Junior Grade Hober Mallow, an Engineer. This one ought to be interesting, as Engineers were one of the more injured parties on board ships. She was expecting the engineer at 1030, and it was now 1020.

Hober stood in the hallway opposite the entrance to Sickbay glaring at the doors, eyes narrow, arms crossed. The agitated Engineer had completed a physical on the Luisa on his transfer out, leading Hober to believe he was out of the woods, but here he was. Keeping one arm cross, he picked at the paint on his forehead with the other, until part of his clan's marking started to peel. Mallow flicked the flake that stuck to his finger into the corridor. With a feeling of futile protest he walked through the Sickbay doors.

Jennell was standing at the reception desk, checking her schedule when the next person walked in. "Ah, i'm going to guess you're Lieutenant Mallow? I'm Doctor Forgrave, and i'll be taking you through your Physical today. Follow me please." She said, leading the way to one of the treatment areas.

Hober obediently followed the doctor, not so much as casting a look around. He kept his eyes glued to her back. "I already did this a few weeks ago before my transfer, why am I here again."

"Unfortunately we've been ordered to complete another physical of all crew onboard the Enterprise. They didn't give me a reason, otherwise i'd let you know. Sorry." She said. "Have a seat." She said, gesturing towards the biobed. "Any new issues that have started up recently?" She asked, smiling.

Hober shifted his weight between his feet, and let out a long drawn out breath, before putting both hands on the flat of the bed and jumped up planting his rear on it. He began picking at his forehead again, dropping a spec or two of blue onto his lap, "No issues."

"Good. I'm just going to do a quick scan, to check for any issues." She noticed the scratching. "Itchy?" She asked, with an inquisitive look.

"Oh," he looked down at his hands, "no not really, habit I guess." He looked around the room, noting nothing out of the ordinary, "So, just standard fare today right doc?"

Jennell had just finished the scan and was looking it over. "Yep, you're all good Lieutenant, nothing to worry about. Although if you are finding the scratching becomes an issue come back down and we'll look to see if we can get you something to help." Jennell replied, smiling widely. "Thank you for coming down, it makes my job a lot easier."

Hober blinked, "That it? That was quick. The scan on the Luisa took like 20 minutes."

"Nope, that's it, all done. We have some better tech onboard which could possibly be why our scan was quicker." Jennell said, smiling again.

"So I can leave now?" Hober said miming the action of jumping of the bed and walking out with two fingers.

Jennell nodded again. "Yes you're free to go. Enjoy the rest of your day!" Jennell replied, shaking her head slightly. She hadn't know people would want to get away from her so quickly.

Mallow hopped off the bed and made his way towards the exit, "Thank you."


Lieutenant JG Jennell Forgrave, MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow


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