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Duty Log - Engineer & ASC Tactical - LtJG Mallow & LtJG Rymer - Prankster

Posted on 241708.20 @ 11:03pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Alex Rymer

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Timeline: Back in drydock

.:| Main Engineering |:.

The Enterprise from a complete technical perspective was good to go. Just about all the engineers from the station had left, and all leftover tasks were minor and handed over to the ship's engineering department. With not much to do, but keep an eye on things, Hober had started rummaging through the tools lockers in one of the storage antechambers of Main Engineering.

Mallow had found locker with a few devices of identical nature, each unit a band of interlinked blocks, connected with a single strap. He held one up for a closer inspection, “I have no idea what this is.” He took it over to a nearby console and rang in the identification code. His eyes widened at the result, “Holy chula pieces!” Hober had found multitronic engrammatic interpreters.

"Chula what?" A voice came from the door. Rymer had come to Engineering looking for a little assistance, as one of the security consoles in the main office had been cursing at him for the last hour. While it was amusing at first, it was becoming difficult to get any work done.

"Chula nothing." The engineer stammered slamming the technical head band down onto the console, and swiveled on his heels to face the new comer, the headband hidden behind Mallow. Hober scanned the man up and down, noticing the sunburnt yellow, but did not recognize him from engineering, "Ops or sec? And What do you want."

Rymer blinked, double checking the man's rank. "Is that how you have been greeting all your new crewmates? Pretty rude, Lieutenant."

"It's a big ship," Hober said eyeing the an identical count and colour of pips on the opposing man's collar to his. "You didn't answer my question, which department, and how can the engineering department be of service today?"

"SecTac. Lieutenant Rymer." The yellow shirted officer replied, choosing to only answer the first part of the question. It was the investigator in him, attempting to get more information.

They really need to come up with some more colours, Hober thought; one colour for three separate departments was ludicrous. "Lieutenant Mallow," Hober offered in return, sticking his hand out.

Rymer shook the offered hand. "To answer the second part of your question, I came down to see if one of you wrench monkeys had time to fix a console in the security office that only seems to want to function in curse words."

"Ah, I would love nothing better than to fix a console that was bashed in by a rock throwing, console smashing, security ape," he said. Realizing Rymer was no threat, as he probably didn't even know what a multitronic engrammatic interpreter was, turned around and picked up the electronic headband and walked over to the storage locker to put it back, "Did you put a fix request into ops?"

"An hour ago. The Chief replied that they were busy and to wait. I don't know about you, but I can't work when my console screams at me." Rymer said.

After tucking the intriguing headband back into its locker, filing its existence away for later, he bounced back to the terminal and tapped through a few screens, he found what he was looking for, "Yeah, you're not lying, the work order is here." Mallow walked over the doorway which led from the antechamber into the bigger room housing the warp core, and peered in, he noted the atmosphere seemed almost blissful. He turned to face the Lieutenant, "It's your lucky day, I'm not busy monitoring anything, so lets go fix your chirping computer."

Five minutes later the two arrived at the security office. One of the young Ensigns was inside, snickering as the computer told him to remove his head from his own rectum in less flowery terms. He flushed beet red and bolted from the room as soon as he saw two Lieutenants walk in.

Rymer sighed. "Children. That's the offending console." He pointed. The computer replied with two words, one of which started with the letter "F".

Hober raised a single eyebrow at the cursed console, "Are you sure someone is not just screwing with you?" He walked around to the previously occupied desk and set his kit on top, beside the console panel that jutted at a forty five degree angle from the surface of the work station.

"It is very possible that someone is screwing with me, but I don't have the technical expertise to unhack the terminal. If someone did do this as a prank, I do have the expertise to hunt them down and annihilate them." Rymer said, watching the engineer work.

Hober left the kit unopened, as he planted his fingerprints on the console is rapid motions. He smirked at his early findings, "Looks like you got pranked. Pretty rudimentary too, however that's why we didn't get alerted with a tampering alarm in engineering." Hober beckoned Rymer over to look at the console, "see this," he pointed to a subroutine printing out onto the screen, "its superficially running in the background, disguised as an anonymous process."

"Can you tell who planted the code?" Rymer asked, looking over Hober's shoulder.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," the engineer repeating the tone as he tapped a few items, "the name is Arr---iiii---geyy----stuy." Hober tilted his head like a puppy trying to read the name before him, "I can't pronounce it."

"I know who that is." Rymer shook his head and sighed. "He wants to play games? Fine... game on."

"Who?" A smile crept onto Mallow's face, "based on your skills, or lack of, I could lend you a hand."

"A young Ensign who is going to get his ass kicked." Rymer replied.

"What's your plan?"

"Revenge is a dish best served cold, Lieutenant. An opportunity will present itself... soon." The security officer cracked a smile.

Hober shrugged at Rymer's vagueness, he obviously had no idea what he was going to do, and was making it up as he went. He tapped the console, and killed the subroutine, "Your console will stop swearing at you now."

"Thanks, Lieutenant. I owe you a drink." Rymer said, logging back into the console as it was released.

"I'll take you up on that." Hober gave him a half assed finger gun as he exited the office.


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LtJg Rymer


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