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Joint Duty Log - Eng & Civ - LtJg Mallow & Pim - "Please make it a Fast and Easy Fix"

Posted on 241708.10 @ 9:20pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow
Edited on on 241708.11 @ 6:50pm

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Various Locations

.:// Lounge //:.

Pim was an odd choice for the lounge manager she wasn't a people person hell she barely was able to finish a polite social interaction. The one thing that has kept her from loosing jobs is her ability to know what people wanted to drink before even they did and her exotic drinks and odd combinations of ingredients. Her other talent was hiring support like Ramsey who has been with her since well the beginning.

" sure this is the best move for us?" Ramsey asked setting up several bottles onto the shelves behind the bar. Pim was sitting on the other side working on inventory before looking up at Ramsey. Besides being the second best mixologist she was also an expert splicer.

"You know why we had to leave." Pim said sliding off her stool and walking over to one of the tables. "Damn't......" Pim grunted seeing that the ordering program and menus weren't popping up on the tabletops. This allowed drink/food orders to arrive to the bar allowing for faster delivery times.

Picking up a a solid clear rectangular device which resembles the dimensions of a smartphone from the early 21st century however is made entirely of a glass silicate or a transparent hard glossy plastic/polycarbonate material she sent a repair requisition down to engineering. Hoping they would get here quick and get done fast they had somethings they wanted to do.

.: // Deck Six //:.

Hober Mallow lay flat on his back, his torso inside a wall, legs spilling into the corridor. The bulkhead's flat cover leaning against the opposite wall, various tools strewn about it. Ellena Jammer was in a squat beside Hober's legs, waiting for directions from the other engineer. They were on deck six, holodeck two directly above them, one of its primary power couplings in Hober's face. They were attempting to repair two of the power couplings linkages, it was a minor error, but an annoying one which required some on site calibration.

"Interlink sequencer," Hober said sticking his hand out from the panel.

"Do you want me to do the second one?" Jammer asked. She touched each tool as if cataloging them, found the one that was asked for, and put it into the waiting hand.

"No. It's fine, I'm already in here anyw---" a chirpy voice he recognized as crewman Tertiani abruptly cut in, "Engineering to Jammer and Mallow."

Ellena tapped her badge softly, "Jammer here, go ahead."

"An urgent request from the crew lounge has come in, its only a deck down from you two. Could one of you please respond to it?"

"You can go do that and I'l---" Mallow was cut off again, this time by Ellena, "Engineering, Lieutenant Marshmallow will assist the lounge."

"Acknowledged, Engineering out." Ellena craned her neck to look into the crawlspace and met Hober's furious glare from underneath, his mouth agape.

"I'm already down here! Why would I go!" the engineer argued. He had already flipped onto his stomach and started pushing himself out from the crawlspace, knowing his argument was futile. He wasn't about to play comm-tag with Engineering about who was going to the call. He stood up and arched his back.

Ellena scooted across the hall and assumed Hober's previous position once he was out of the way. "Because we both know I need to redo your work and do the second link," she beamed, "Oh and, I'll take that." She pointed to the interlink sequencer he still held.

Mallow slapped the tool into her hand, picked up an un-open engineering kit and stomped down the hall towards the turbolift without another word.

.:// Lounge //:.

The salty engineer entered the lounge and looked around expectantly for someone that looked like they were waiting for help.

"About time." Pim said walking up to the man. "As you can see the tables aren't working." Pim said handing the man the original work order. "This is how these should be working and well as you can see they are not working."

Hober took the tablet and and gave it scan while walking towards the nearest table. He placed his engineering kit on the table and put the work order on top. "Table seems to be working just fine," he said pushing on the top of it, "look it holds weight."

"No you," Pim stopped and glared at the man, "read the order again. Each table along with the bar have touch screens allowing patrons to put in food and drink orders along with browsing the menu. But as you can see none of the touch screens are working."

"Yes, yes, I can read your table specs." Hober said raising a hand in a dismissive gesture, as if to swat Pim's words out of the air. He picked up the pad again and took a look at the ordered specs and compared them to the as-built specs. "They certainly did some work in here while in drydock... looks like they made room for a redundant EPS conduit."

The engineer crossed the room and stopped in front of a bulk head, he counted three panels to the right, pointing at each one. "Alright look, because they're all out, it's safe to assume the problem is with the central processing unit, affecting all of them and--" he huffed as he slid a panel off the wall, "--and voila, its disconnected from the power relay. It never got plugged back in after getting moved."

"So how long to get it working. We don't open until this is fixed." Pim said.

Mallow took a moment to inspect the disconnected end of the power supply converter which dialed the ships massive power input down for the relatively tiny processing unit to operate on. It was a clean disconnect, which meant an easy fix. "I won't be long," he said reaching behind him for an engineering kit that wasn't over his shoulder, he looked back to Pim pointing to the kit on the table, "Could you toss me that?"

Ramsey walked over to the table grab the kit and handed it to the Starfleet officer.

Hober nodded, "Thanks". Switching it open, he took out --coincidentally-- another interlink sequencer and started buzzing away at the unit. A few minutes later he turned turned around, "Give it a go?"

Pim walked over to a table nodding to Ramsey to test the bar out. After a few tests and checking of things Pim was satisfied that everything was working. "Thank you for coming so quickly and resolving this quickly. She doesn't show or say it often but thank you."

Hober snapped his kit shut after putting the wall panel back, "Anything else, or we good?"

"We are good." Ramsey said watching Pim head back into the storage area shaking her head. "Again thank you for the quick fix."

The encounter was already off Hober's mind as he was thinking about getting back to the holodeck fix with Ellena.


Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise

Pim (NPC apb StaySexy)
Lounge Manager
USS Enterprise

Ramsey (NPC apb StaySexy)
USS Enterprise


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