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Joint Log | CO & XO | Capt. Carpenter & Cmdr. th'Zarath | "Arrival"

Posted on 241403.31 @ 7:12am by Captain Eric Carpenter & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.
Location: Kiva System, Alpha Quadrant

The great ship dropped out of slipstream into the Kiva system, the first uncharted system on their route. No survey vessel, unmanned probe or anything from the Federation or 'United Earth' had come out this far. They truly were where no one has gone before.

Eric came out of his ready-room, and th'Zarath arrived onto the bridge at the same time, presumably from his office, when they were both notified that the ship had arrived in the system.

"Report." Eric said, moving to his seat in the center of the bridge.

"Sir, we've reached the Kiva system." Kieran reported from helm.

"Kiva System, completely uncharted by us or by any race we have a standing relationship with," Thelin stated as he moved to his seat beside the command chair, "Recommend we launch a probe and survey before we enter the system."

"Proceed." Eric said, nodding.

"Ensign, load and fire a class seven remote culture probe, place it into orbit as close to the habitable zone of the system as you can," the Andorian called out as he turned to face the reptilian Tactical Officer.

"Yes sir, probe away." Rhys replied, the viewscreen switching to show the probe as it launched.

They waited for the probe's information, which didn't take very long. "Reading a binary star system, with eight planetary bodies, only one of which is class M - and I'm reading a warp capable civilization on the fifth planet. Very early stages of warp, probably about on par with Earth's efforts just prior to Archer's warp five engine."

"Then they have likely detected our probe, at the time I believe Earth had quite capable detection abilities throughout their solar system," Thelin commented, looking over at the Captain with a slight smile, "Perhaps we should introduce ourselves."

"Well, that's what we came out here to do, Commander." Eric smiled. "Better inform Mister Odan."

The Andorian nodded before tapping his comm badge, "Lieutenant Odan to the bridge," he stated before standing and moving towards one of the science stations, "It would seem that there is some minor fluctuation in the orbits of the other planets, preventing them from entering the habitable zone for long periods of time."

"Is that deliberate?" Eric asked. "Why would they want to alter the orbits of the other celestial bodies in their solar system?"

"It's hard to tell without further investigation, if they're capable of low warp, I doubt they are capable of moving planets," Thelin replied as he bought up the probe telemetry, "It is entirely possible that there are unknown gravimetric forces at play, some that we have yet to encounter in other binary systems."

"Well, it'll certainly keep our Science division entertained." Eric mused. "Better inform our CSci, and make sure Ops prioritizes power to the sensor arrays. Might as well study the phenomenon whilst we're here."

"I'll be sure to make a visit down to the science labs and let Lieutenant Larel know that we'll be encountering the phenomena," the Andorian replied with a nod, "Anything else you'd like me to get organised?"

"Once we've established contact, we'll send down an away-team. I imagine you're going to insist on leading it, and I'm not going to fight you for it. Assemble your away team, Commander." Eric instructed.

"Of course sir," the Andorian replied with a nod as he stood from the station and moved towards the turbolift, "I'll be with our science staff, let me know when we make contact."

"Have fun, Commander." Eric smiled, glad that his XO was going down to the science labs, and not him.

= End Log =

Captain Eric Carpenter
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise


Commander Thelin th'Zarath
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise


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