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Joint Duty Log -CO & Bio & SciO - Capt Coo & Ens Lionza & Ens Kharg - "Things are about to get interesting..."

Posted on 241709.10 @ 9:09pm by Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

Having truthfully taken a bit more time than was absolutely needed, Kharg and Lionza finally found themselves outside of the Captain's ready room. Ayissa had not been in an immense hurry, giving time to ensure both that the personal force field device was indeed as effective as Maria had proclaimed and to give enough time that any malingering contagions had time to be extinguished within said field. So far indeed, it appeared to function within perfectly acceptable parameters. Certainly a cold was not the worst of viruses; should this plan not be completely effective. Still, she was not interested in being patient zero, and having the entirety of an unhappy ship blaming it on herself.

Pressing the chime, the Ensign stepped ever so slightly to the side, fidgeting with her padd for the wait. Pulling up the most recent of her discoveries, as well as the previous work that had led her down the path, she arranged it chronologically, trying to ensure the easiest method of absorption. Of course, a fellow Scientist as he was, she doubted the Captain would have had any initial issue. Who knew who else might end up looking at it, though.

Captain Rozen Coo sat at his desk sipping a cup of tea. He had been pouring over status reports are the ship was preparing to enter the nebula in 36 hours. He heard a chime at his door and called out, "Come." He shifted a few things on his desk and stood, ready to welcome his visitor.

Bustling in as soon as the call came, Ayissa gave the Captain a soft smile and a small nod. Conscientiously parking herself quickly into one of the corners further from his desk, she found it a satisfactory enough position. "Good afternoon, Captain. I apologize for such short notice...or rather, no notice in this case. However, I think we have some interesting theories to present in relation to our current mission that you would care to hear."

"Of course," replied Rozen pointing to the chairs in front of his desk. "I am all ears," he said taking a seat. He opened his top desk drawer and drew out a legal pad and fountain pen to take notes.

"Yes. After the incredible work that by ensign Kharg . She determined that 48% of the unknown DNA was connected to an insectoid species." Maria said pulling out her hand terminal and pulling up the biological markers, "as we know there's not a lot of insectoid species or at least ones we know about. But the one we do know about are the Xindi, ensign Kharg would you like to carry this across the line?"

Making to clear her throat, Ayissa instead was enveloped for a moment by a coughing fit. Finally managing to regain her voice, and blow her nose, the attempt at a smile was made. "Originally, I was just searching for any similarities in known DNA profiles against the unknown segment that we are currently working with. At first, I was only able to find two, not entirely convincing matches. However, Ensign Lionza mentioned the Xindi. I was able to find a small handful of information from various previous missions and encounters. Enough that I was able to extrapolate a biological profile to run a similar comparison, resulting in the forty-eight percent match Miss Lionza just mentioned."

"It is hardly anything that bears weight under critical examination. There are a great deal of variables remaining that we cannot calculate for. Without a clearer picture, or a cleaner physical sample, I cannot progress further than the current level of speculation. However, I believe that it is enough that we may at least have some hazy idea of what to expect. Though, as it came up shortly before we arrived here; even such a potential lead as it may be, it truly just raises even more questions. If there is actual relation to the Xindi, what ever are they doing way out here? Not even bringing the Human biological markers into the equation."

Rozen raised an eyebrow, "There is indications of human biological markers in this mess? Xindi and human markers?"

Blinking, Ayissa ground to a halt at the Captain's commentary. In all her eagerness to share her findings, it had not occurred that he was unawares as to the original problem. Casting a sidelong glance towards Lionza, the scientist silently gave the floor back to her companion.

"The Human biological markers are separate from this unknown one." Maira said as something just hit her. "How old is the sample?"

"The signal?" Rozens fingers danced over his terminal as he pulled up the information. "First detected by Outpost 1138, 4 weeks ago?"

"We need a fresher sample. How long until we get to this outpost?" Maria said realizing this was all speculation.

"We passed Outpost 1138 4 days ago. We are only 36 hours from the Nebula that contains the signal. If you wanted a 'fresh' signal, you could just about roll down the window and throw out a tin cup with a string on it and pick up the signal."

"I think," Ayissa interjected finally, snuffling slightly through a stuffy nose. "That at this point, even if we are able to further dissect and analyze the signal itself, it will not bear us any more significant answers. However, every little bit may at least be able to prepare us for what lies ahead. It could, of course, still be something we have not even begun to expect. But that we know to anticipate something, is at least a better platform to launch from than going in completely blind."

"Ayissa let's go take a look at what our little amplifier has picked up while we have been traveling." Maria said worried that she didn't even realized they passed the outpost and were this close to the nebula.

"Gonna need some coffee." Kharg mused wryly, dabbing at her raw nose. Glancing to the Captain, she could not resist a small smirk curving her lips. "And maybe a tin can."

"Get at it, the both of you," replied Rozen. "We are 36 hours away from the Nebula, things are about to start getting interesting."


Captain Rozen Coo PhD
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F

Ensign Maria Lionza
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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