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XO's Log Commander Cooper Williams "We're Heeere!"

Posted on 241709.21 @ 10:41am by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus


Coop sighed as watched the stars shoot by...his conversation with Kendra hadn't exactly gone as he planned. With her getting command of the Resolute, life was going to be hard on their relationship. Being recently married to her they both knew what being in Starfleet meant. He was so lost in though he didn't hear the helmsman

"Commander, we're approaching the nebula."

Coop looked up "Excuse me? Oh. Take us out of warp."

"Aye, sir"

"All Senior Bridge officers to the bridge." He stood. "Take us to within five hundred thousand kilometers. Give me a scan of the nebula"

The Ops officer turned "Sir, I'm having trouble getting anything from the sensors."

"Is the nebula effecting sensors from this distance?"

"It's unclear, Commander."

"Helm, close us to within three hundred thousand kilometers and hold there." When the distance had been closed Coop walked over to Ops. "Put the nebula on screen and try the sensors again."

The ensign at ops shook his head, "Still nothing, sir."

Coop nodded as he stared at the screen "Man....this thing looks like the worst Rorschach I've ever seen." He watched the unforgiving swirling clouds of gas in front of him. He knew this was going to be one of the more interesting missions in his career. "Keep trying on the sensors. Tactical, bring us to Yellow alert and stand by." He had a bad feeling about this...

Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise - F


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