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JPL| SciO & Couns | LtJG Shakkar & Ens Kharg | "Get A Hobby"

Posted on 241709.22 @ 8:12am by Lieutenant Shakkar Jontar & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Counseling Offices

Having found the brief freedom granted by her own little disease containment field, and the lack of anything new to pursue in the strange signal as of yet, Ayissa wandered towards the Counseling offices. Not entirely certain whether it was the search of mere companionable company, or if perhaps there was something she may actually wish to discuss with the man whose job it was to listen to her. Figuring it would sort itself out in time, the Ensign stepped into the main office. It was devoid of life, save for the single receptionist behind the small counter. Flashing a brief smile, Kharg stayed a few paces father than was likely necessary; but she did not entirely trust the field she was encompassed in to be utterly effective. "Is Counselor Shakkar in?"

Receiving a nod and a vague gesture of direction in return, Ayissa moved to the indicated door, poking head in slowly. "Counselor?"

The counselor perked his head up from the padd he happened to be reading. He looked up to see Ayissa at his door. "Welcome! Come on in." he said.

"Nice digs." Was commented as Ayissa stepped into the room, glancing about. It looked like a far more peaceful station than most could claim, for sure. "Hope I'm not interrupting. But the receptionist didn't say you were busy, so..."

"Thanks." he said, welcoming his new guest. "No worries. Just reading a report." He motioned for Ayissa to take a seat.

Pulling one of the seats in front of his desk a little bit further back, the half-Klingon flopped into it gratefully. Knowing that the action was likely to invoke curiosity, she decided to explain before he could even ask. "As much as I would love to believe this little personal field actually keeps the germs at bay, I did not have time to satisfactorily test it. So I shall limit the risk of passing it along."

"No problem." the counselor said. "I totally agree. Whatever's comfortable."

"I'm not really sure if this is social or business, but you are both vaguely familiar and a counselor, so I assume it does not terribly matter one way or the other." Ayissa mused, crossing one leg over the other in continuation of getting comfortable. "I am rather frustrated at the inability to make further progress on my current endeavor. And being ill, I was confined to quarantine, up until my need to converse with the Captain found this handy little contraption. So at least I can meander about, now. Still, with the actual efficiency of the device somewhat in question, I dare not work on anything that I may contaminate. It leaves me rather....lost, I must admit."

"Kind of the feeling of being on the outside looking in?" Shakkar asked.

"A bit?" Ayissa frowned a little, wiggling her foot with a small amount of uncertain energy. "I very much dislike not... having immediate purpose."

"I understand." Shakkar replied. "Please continue."

"We never had much free time." The half-Klingon stated, giving a small shrug. "Even as children. My siblings and I were usually the only ones around. It's not that we did not play and entertain ourselves and all, just that we usually tended to stay busy. Certainly not a complaint, nor do I see anything wrong with my upbringing. It is simply that it leaves me at something of an impasse, to find myself in this particular situation. Perhaps I should look into taking up a hobby?"

"I know the feeling well. Back home on Bajor I was the same way. Parents were in the militia, on duty most of the time. Finding something to do helped me. Is there anything in particular that you like doing that would make a good hobby, Ayissa?"

"Most of my current projects are also what one would consider work. I do enjoy botany quite a bit, but there is only so many plants I can fit in my quarters," Ayissa chuckled, "And it will be close to capacity as it is, once the cuttings I brought with me take hold. As you know, I do practice martial arts; though more as a method to maintain physical health than any actual drive to pursue honing such skills."

"And drinking wine is not exactly a sort of thing one makes a hobby out of." She added, smirking slightly.

Shakkar couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. "You could." he began. "But the Captain probably wouldn't like that." he laughed.

" a normal hobby, even?" the scientist mused, leaning back a little further in her chair. "Chess? Knitting? All those things we used to laugh at the adults about when we were children?"

"Excellent point." the Bajoran replied. "A suggestion I might have is utilize the holodecks. Picking up on the botany aspect. Program a greenhouse that you can expand at will?"

"Hmm." Kharg hummed thoughtfully. "Well, it is a better idea than anything I've had so far. It might aid in my planning on how to assist Ensign Lionza with the hydroponics bay."

Slapping her hands down in the arms of the chair lightly, the half-Klingon flashed the Counselor a sparkling grin. "Well, I suppose I should stop eating up your reading time and go try that out, hm?"

The Bajoran returned the smile. "Glad I could help." he said.

"See you around! Soon as I get better, I'll expect another sparring match!" Ayissa chirped, heaving herself out of her seat and making for the door. "Enjoy the reading."

"See you around, and you're on!


Lieutenant jg Shakkar Jontar
Asst Chief Counselor
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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