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Duty Log - CO & XO - Capt Coo & Cmdr Williams

Posted on 241711.14 @ 12:25am by Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=*=Captain's Ready Room=*=

Captain Coo had been looking over reports since they had entered the nebula, truly fascinating results. He was sure someone could write an entire dissertation on the number of hours they had been in, let alone all the way to their destination. He switched reports when he heard his door chime. "Come"

Coop stepped in "You asked to see me sir?"

"Ah Commander Williams, have a seat," he said gesturing to a chair in front of his desk. "How are things around the ship?"

Coop sat down in the chair offered "Tactical/Security, Science and Counseling all have Chief positions. I pulled strings and got them all promoted to Lieutenant prior to our departure from the last starbase. I haven't been able to track down our Acting CMO no one seems to know where she is..." Coop handed him a PADD, "Otherwise, the Enterprise is at optimal operating standards. Still a little green, but shaping up to be a symbol of excellence."

"Fantastic. I will take a trip down and check in with Science before we get too much closer our destination," Rozen paused and looked up to Coop. "What do you mean 'no one has seen the aCMO?'"

"Exactly as I said, Sir." Coop said "She was on board prior to departure. Combadge search and bio scanning have come up empty. Everyone else is present and accounted for. I can have Lt Rymer conduct a more thorough search, however he's busy getting his department in order."

"So, CMO come up missing since we entered the Nebula? Could there be a correlation?" Rozen said with a concerned tone.

"All due respect sir...I think you're reading too much into it...I'm pretty sure there's another more rational reason..." Coop didn't want to mention desertion...first mission for a new crew tends to breed a little concern especially once you're on a ship with as storied a history as the Enterprise.

Sense a tone of ease, he trusted his XO. "If it doesn't worry the XO, I wont read into it," replied Rozen. "Anything else to bring me up to speed on?"

"I would say we're getting a lot of data from the nebula...something tells me you're already sifting through it..." He grinned.

"An officer who avoids telling me what I already know, I appreciate that," he shot back with a grin. "So," Rozen's tone shifted. "How are you settling in Commander?"

"As well as I can, Sir...I'm still surprised I'm here. The Enterprise is a dream post. Anyone would kill for a slot on this ship let alone the XOs seat...I saw a lot of angry Commanders when I approached the ship at dock..."

"I felt the same way," admitted Rozen. "'Who would give a Science Officer the bridge?'" he chuckled aloud. "That being said I am glad of the work our crew has done thus far, and what they will have to do in the future."

"Sir, you've been in a combat situation,correct?" Had Rozen not brought up the fact that he was a science officer, Coop would not have brought it up. It concerned him that the Captain possibly wasn't combat ready.

"Commander Williams, I have seen combat extensively through my career," he paused, his tone non confrontational. "When I was station on Starbase 204-B, I was attached to various marine outfits, on and off. My injury in the line of duty was on a mission of science. You don't really see the limp anymore, and that's been achieved with years of physical therapy and a conscious effort on my part," he said patting the side of his leg. "You can review my service jacket if you would like?"

Coop held up a hand in concession "All due respect, Sir. I take my job as XO very seriously. As a former marine myself I pride myself on being part of a multifaceted command team. Being combat ready is a very important part of my responsibilities. If you were offended by my question, I offer an apology."

"No offense given, no offense taken Cooper," replied Rozen. Rozen pivoted and shifted gears again. "What is our time to destination of the signal?"

"Please sir, mother calls me Cooper..." Coop chuckled "It's going to take a couple hours for us to get there. We're being cautious navigating the nebula."

"Understood," replied Coo. "Well I suggest you get some rest, we should be there first thing in the morning. I am sure we are both going to be quite busy the next few days."

Coop looked confused, "You sure you don't want me on the bridge, sir?"

"Ill take the watch," replied Coo rising up out his chair. "Don't worry about it. As I said, we have busy times ahead."

Coop stood "If you insist sir." It was his command after all. "I shall see you in the morning Captain. Let me know if you need anything."

Rozen followed his XO out of his office and Rozen took the Captains Chair on the bridge. He wasn't sure what they were headed into, but he was sure it was going to be the first real test of their crew.

Captain Rozen Coo
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise-F

Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise-F


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