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JL | Lt Lionza & Ens Kharg | CSci & SciO | "Dinner Plans"

Posted on 241711.04 @ 5:22pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Science Labs

Taking a seat behind her desk deciding to keep the office it was just easier to stay where she was. The staff knew where to find her the black box was sitting on her desk taunting her. Next to the black box was her silver box housing her dangerous little secret. Opening the silver box she looked at the fluorescent color of the liquid looking back in the box she had about 12 phials left. "Shit." She muttered picking up the hypo and inserting the phial in her hand.

"Damn't!" Getting angry as her hand shook as she was trying to insert the phial into the hypo. Once the phial was in she took a deep breath before opening her eyelid of her right eye and pressing the hypo against it and releasing the drug. Gently setting the hypo down and allowing her head to fall backwards and rest on the chair's headrest.

Her breathing slowed along with her heart rate as the drug flowed through her veins and starting to effect her neural system. Opening her eyes she slowly or was it quickly she couldn't tell not with the drugs freshly in her system. Slipping the silver box back into her secure drawer pressing her palm against the biometric reader it locked it.

Once the box was secured she slowly opened the black box and looked at the one gold pip. The one by itself was comfortable. Put the two together was extremely uncomfortable and frankly terrifying. Problem was the reason she left home was avoid these kinds of responsibilities and yet some how they still found her. Taking a deep breath she finally reached forwarded and placed a single finger tip on the pip tapping it gently.

Even with the drugs effecting her neural inhibitors giving her that false sense of hope; which knew from the first time she took her first hit of Jakk, that feeling panic was still there. Taking the finger off of the pip she slammed the box shut and slipped into her pocket. The door slid open and without checking before walking out she slammed into someone hard. "God damn't....." Maria said holding her side as she hit the ground.

Deftly juggling the padd that had just been knocked from her hands in the collision, Ayissa managed to keep it from dropping onto Maria, potentially adding insult to injury. "Ah!" She proclaimed, both in surprise and recognition that this was the person she had been wanting to see anyhow.

Leaning down, she offered her free hand, pulling the other scientist up with a strength that was beyond what one would expect out of the hybrid's slender appearance. "Forgive me. I was reading these new results, I did not see you."

Maria took a second to regain composure before answering. "No worries." She said simply. "Did you find something?"

"It is more about what I am not finding, honestly." Kharg huffed out in exasperation. "There are so many different biological signs coming in, right now. We have definitely been able to separate them into three distinct types, as we noted earlier. But there has yet to he any sign of what, exactly, is causing all of these particles. Given that we are seeing each genetic type individually, I am given to speculation that we are indeed dealing with separate species and not genetic hybridation. However, why? Why are they all together? And why they are being broadcast like a beacon. Those are what I cannot postulate an answer for."

Rubbing her forehead Maria took a second to think. "Follow me." Maria said leading the hybrid to the biology lab. "Do you also remember that the Suliban were let's say invested in altering their DNA with the best alien DNA they could find. They were the Alpha quadrant Borg in essence. What if this signal was to lure species in the Gamma quadrant for an ambush to collect their DNA?"

" possible I suppose." Ayissa admitted, though her tone remained skeptical. "If you will indulge my train of thought, knowing that there is no empirical evidence to validate it at this point in time?"

"No please share. As always your insight is extremely valuable." Maria said with a small smile enjoying collaborating with the ensign

"From what I have observed thus far, I believe this nebula to be one of three possible things. First, and perhaps the most valid, given what we already have, is that it is indeed a trap. Whether set by the Suliban, the Xindi, or some as unknown entity. But the division of the genetic markers in the signal make me question this. Why would they be trying to attract their own kind? More so, why would they be potentially seeking to draw in what can only be a random grab bag of possible prospects by advertising their presence in such an unsuccinct manner? Second, and perhaps almost as likely... This is a graveyard. None of the markers we have found should be here. And they appear, for all intents and purposes, to just be floating about in the nebular miasma in no real shape or function. It is possible that this either is, or was, some form of wormhole. Perhaps three separate ships managed to stumble into it, and we're destroyed in the process. It would at least offer some explanation for what we currently have."

Pausing to draw in a deep breath, Kharg glanced down briefly at the padd in her hand. "The third option is still that we are dealing with and entirely different, created species. Though I do find this difficult to believe. DNA doesn't just split apart willy-nilly. If that were true, so many other results of crossbreeding, myself included, would not be able to exist. Our bodies would try to tear themselves apart."

"A wormhole? Interesting theory." Maria said tapping a few buttons and pulling up all the data along with data with how wormholes were created or at least the theories on how they were. ".....okay I can agree with that. Which means that somewhere in there is the epicenter of the wormhole. The next question is where is the signal coming from? Just outside the epicenter, in it or on the other side of the wormhole. And the last question if this is a wormhole how stable is it?"

"An educated guess would be that the signal would be near the center. Provided that it is indeed a wormhole of some fashion, and that it is still active. It could be dormant, or it could also be completely defunct. Which could possibly explain the nebula; the cloud of debris that it held in it's gravity becoming more dispersed. If it is not currently active, however, the signal could be emanating from practically anywhere within the nebular structure." Ayissa expounded. "I would not find it likely that the signal originates outside, or on the other side, of it. Chances are too great that it would be warped beyond even our recognition at the point it would reach us. And the genetic material riding along with it would certainly have decayed much more significantly through such a journey."

Rubbing her eyes Maria nodded. Her teachings always taught her to think way outside of the box hence her theories. It also helped with going big and then narrowing down from their. "Let's hold-off until morning to give our theories to the command team. Care to join me for dinner?"

"I..." Pausing, and realizing she had eaten nothing since that morning, Kharg gave a small shrug and a smile, tucking the padd beneath her arm. "I suppose I should probably eat. Not as if this data is exactly going anywhere in the meantime."

Maria smiled tapping a few buttons and saving the data. "There are somethings I would like to discuss. Do you mind if we do dinner in my quarters?" Maria said now that she was in officers quarters. Figuring that it was a nice way of breaking in her new quarters.

"Sure," Ayissa agreed. " Meet you there in like fifteen? I have a model I wish to grab that might be vaguely pertinent to further our postulation."

"Alright. Sounds good." And with that they both headed out.

"I'll bring some Blood wine, too!" The Ensign grinned cheekily before hastening towards the turbolift, leaving no room for dissuasion of her offer.


Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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