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Posted on 241711.10 @ 2:57pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Various Locations

// Quarters //

Maria woke up slightly hung over. "Damn wine." Maira sighed as she patted over to the showers hoping that the warm water would get her out of this funk. While she showered the replicator was making her a breakfast and coffee lots and lots of coffee. Dressed she sat down and took an actual relaxing breakfast checking over reports and any new articles from science journals.

Moving her coffee into a travel mug she grabbed her bag and left her quarters heading for the ready room. Like al journey's on a ship it was fast especially with the help of the turbo lift. Arriving she hoped to see ensign Kharg would be outside the ready room if not it was no worries.

Ayissa was indeed outside the ready room, looking almost irritatingly bright and bushy-tailed, despite easily having gone drink for drink the evening before. "Good morning!" She chirped upon seeing Maria exit the lift. She could not wave, her hands fully laden with a few padds and a crystalline box that possessed some kind of model within.

"Do you think we are truly ready to present this?" The ensign continued, arching one of her dark brows slightly.

"......yes. Plus at this point it's all theories and to prove it doesn't take us away from our mission nor does it put crew or ship in danger." Maria said taking a large gulp of her coffee. "I also believe whole heartedly that we are on the right path."

"I would certainly hope so." Kharg grinned. "Otherwise I might have to seriously consider how worth my salt I actually am. Even if it is not exactly what I am proposing, I do believe that there is something to this. Shall we enter?"

Maria nodded as she hit the chime and waited for the all too common invite.

// Ready Room //

Rozen had been sitting down with commander Williams to go over any more information they could find about the SS Sequoia, they heard a chime and Rozen called out "Come."

"Captain," Maria said nodding to the captain. "Thank you for seeing us so early but.......but we think we might have some more answers or at least more plausible theories for what's going on."

Bowing her head in silent greeting, Ayissa was more than happy to let Maria take point on the initiation of conversation. Taking a seat across the table from the commanding pair. Organizing her various padds and the nebula model, she donned a neutral smile, waiting for the go ahead to spiel her piece.

"Of course," Rozen stood up and gestured to the love seat and two arm chairs in the corner of his office. "Have a seat please," he took his primary PaDD off his desk and headed to have a seat on the couch. "Whats the prognosis?"

“Several possibilities and theories. Which is gonna be the case until we can start getting some definitive data.” Maria said wanting to make sure the captain understood all they could provide were theories base off the new data they were getting as the Enterprise inched closer and closer to the signal origin.

“So I am gonna let the ensign here show you her theory which we both agree is the most likely then I’ll give you a few that are more less likely but still probable at this time.” Maria than nodded to Ayissa to start.

Clearing her throat slightly, Kharg reached out to hold her model nebula to where it was easily seen by all present. "My current working theory is that this nebula is either an active debris cloud, or the remnants of such, surrounding a wormhole. This model here is of something similar, discovered nearly seventy years ago. While it was unable to be studied in depth at the time, what was able to be recorded was that this nebular structure had once been the debris cloud of a black hole. That black hole burned itself out, and mostly collapsed in on itself; though not completely. Left in its place was a small, very unstable wormhole."

"In the era of its discovery, and that the crew was a private company, there was little ability to investigate beyond what I have already told you. Not willing to sacrifice either lives or equipment on something that seemed little more than an oddity with limited potential at that point."

Setting the cube down between Coo and Williams, the ensign picked up one of her padds, tapping to connect it to the projector interface, pulling up a myriad of charts and lists. "While we are not willing to completely discount other possibilities at this current point, my postulation is that we may be facing a similar situation, now. The dispersal of genetic markers in such a wide range, with no real discernible pattern leads me to believe that it is far more likely that they are simply...ah, remnants, than the original thought that they were actually part of the signal itself. Hitching a ride, if you will."

"There is still much that requires further analysis to even begin to prove this theory. For instance, was there a battle that caused such a dispersal? Or is it possible that two or three, possibly even more, ships just happened to stumble across this potential wormhole, or were one or more of the species we have discovered using it and something happened? Regardless, it does still leave us with three species that should not be in this sector of space, especially if we are basing a rough timeline off the presence of Sequoia." Ayissa finally concluded, for the moment, opening the floor for input.

Maria sat there listening and watching the captain gauging his reactions. “Like the ensign said this is all theory but right now it’s the most likable theory.”

"Having been presented the information it sound likely enough," replied Rozen after a moment of thought mulling things over in his head.

“Now these ones are not as likable but still possible.” Maria said tapping a few buttons and brining up her data. “The first is sticking with the Sulliban or should I say going back to. We know that the Sulliban possessed technology that was far more advanced then what the Sequoia had and also know that the Sulliban also enjoyed manipulating DNA especially theirs. What if the nebula was always here and they just used it as a trap to lure species here.”

Rozen paused and looking between his officers, "Than by that logic I would say we are the most recent mice in the trap..." Rozen pulled up information in his PaDD. "All things considered we are a days travel from the source of the signal. I know our scanners are jerry rigged to keep us seeing forward, would we be able to modify to start sweeping for any Sulliban signals, and for good measure any of the other species that could be capable of something like this? Being a day out, we are still flying relatively blind..."

"......ummm we can. I've been working with engineering on building a piece of tech that'll be apart of the defector dish. This is what's gonna allow us to get a better focus on anything in the nebula. It's been coined as the Lionza Machine" Maria added not sure why but what the hell.

"Keep all of your notes, I know a university or two back on Earth that will give you a PhD for this Lionza Machine," he said with a wink. "When we are finished here I will head down to Engineering and double check things with the chief."

Maira smirked at the thought of it getting that kind of attention. "Only if it works only if it works sir."

Coop interjected, "So this astral venus to gather genetic material? Or would you say it's more like a genetic wading pool?"

Rozen shifted in his chair. "We will need to prepare an away team once we get to where we are headed..."

"Sir? Is there a planet in this nebula?" Maria asked feeling like they weren't being told the whole story. "Sir, was there something left out of the briefing that we should know about?"

Coop looked over at the captain...even he was kept out of the loop, "Sir...there are many things we do...keeping secrets no matter condition is harmful to teamwork..."

Perking up slightly, after having gotten momentarily absorbed into scrolling back through her myriad information in hopes of perhaps finding something else to offer, Kharg brought her attention fully to the superior officers. One dark brow inched its way towards the ridges of her forehead, though she remained silent, waiting for the answer.

"We have reason to believe that there is in fact a planet at the center of all of this..." Rozen said somewhat vaguely.

Maria was now frustrated. Her department wasn't ready for a potential planet of being the source of the signal. "Sir! That's not good enough, We need to see everything that was given to you. My department isn't ready for the idea that the signal orientated from a planet."

"Well that does certainly change things..." Ayissa mused, already snatching up one of her padds to punch in this newly revealed data. "If that is the case, the likelihood of this being a trap set by the Suliban or other possibly malicious species jumps significantly."

"Yes it does. Hence the hiding of this intel is detrimental to the crew and mission." Maria growled.

Frowning pensively, the Ensign tucked her head back down, focusing her attention back to altering her information and taking note of the probabilities therein. The storm cloud she felt brewing was well above her pay grade. Quelling a twinge of internal disappointment that her own theory had been all but quashed in this new revelation, the emotion was quickly replaced by a dreadful curiosity about just what they would be finding, in the end.

"The last communication from the SS Sequoia all those years ago was that they had landed on a planet. It was an incredibly short and vague message, however as soon as we received the emergency beacon, we had an idea where they were," replied Rozen. "The goal of the Sequoia was a colony ship, however it was lost, and the message they landed came years after they were lost. Once the beacon was switched on, fleet had a new interest in exploring this cold case."

"My guess Sir, is that there is more that none of us know about this. The Admiralty has kept mission teams out of the loop before...There's something else that we are missing." Coop's concerned multiplied. "Starfleet's interest here has to be militarily based...was that all they told you Captain?"

"I can assure you we are now all on the same page," replied Rozen. Rozen understood the frustration of his crew, however, there were certain things he was ordered to keep under wraps.

"I will realign the data we have and set further search parameters to meet this new probability. Once we have modified the array, and I have compiled more accurate data, I will let you know, Sirs." Kharg inserted, beginning to gather the items she had brought with, trying not to appear as hasty as she may have felt.

"Very good," replied Rozen to the Ensign. "By all means, attend to your duties. I appreciate the effort, from the both of you," he looked between Maria and Ayissa.

No nod no acknowledgment of the compliment. Maria just followed Ayissa out her hands shaking slightly from frustration of not being given the whole picture. Still feeling like there was something being kept from them. Realizing that that something could be also being kept from the captain as well. “I’ll meet you in the lab. I just need to stop by my quarters first.” Maria said to Ayissa once they were out on the bridge.

"Of course." Ayissa responded, her tone significantly lackluster in comparison to the excitement she had possessed on entering the ready room. "I will see you there. I should return these things to my room as well."

The two junior officers left the office leaving Rozen and Cooper. "A lot of heart in those two," mused Rozen as he walked towards his desk. "Lets just hope their passion doesn't lead them astray..."


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