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JP | CSci & SciO & EngO | | Lt Lionza & LtJg Mallow & Ens Kharg | "Prep"

Posted on 241711.26 @ 1:24am by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Lieutenant Hober Mallow

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Various Locations

Back in the labs Maria needed a minuet in her office now that they were in the eye of the nebula it truly felt like she was drowning. Even that wasn't the right proper way of describing what she was feeling or how she was feeling. All she knew was that she needed to solve this mystery and well if she didn't who knew what might happen all she knew was that wouldn't be good.

Scarcely waiting for the chime to sound the alert to her presence, Kharg popped her head through the door to Lionza's office as soon as she could possibly fit through it. "I've got all our current information backed up and the most pertinent bits transferred over to take with us. Tricorders are being loaded onto the shuttle, as well as the emergency environment suits."

"Good. Alright thank you. Give me a few more minuets and I'll be right out. Please help lieutenant Mallow setup for his presentation of the equipment he'll providing us." Maira said keeping all five fingers on her desk hoping it would hide her shakes from Ayissa.

If the ensign did take note of her superior's state, there was no recognition of it aside from perhaps the briefest flick of her emerald gaze towards the woman's splayed fingers. Giving a short nod, Ayissa extricated herself as quickly as she had entered, making a prompt exit towards engineering.

After the door was closed Maria hit a couple of buttons securing her office at least making sure no one could just walk in on her. Taking a seat her hands shaking beads of sweat collecting on her forehead. {How long has it been since my last use. A week 2 weeks more.} Maria thought looking at the drawer that held her happiness, {was that the right term.} Maria thought closing her eyes and taking several deep breaths.

Standing she grabbed her hand terminal and walked out of her office and down to engineering. "Lieutenant Mallow. What are we brining along with us?"

Mallow pointed to three black cases that had straps to either sit on a shoulder or back, "Breadcumbs."

He opened a case and ran his hands along one of the three rows of black pucks. "These are subspace frequency amplifiers, though smaller than the standard variety. You can place these every 1000 meters, or less if you prefer, and they will ensure a strong link between the head of the link and your current position."

He lifted a stick adjacent to the case and pulled on its end. Three small feet popped out, he placed it on the ground and it started blinking with three whisper-chirps. "This is the head unit, you plomp this down wherever you beam into and start your trail from there."

"We are not beaming in. Too risky. We'll land the runabout. But we'll place that at the LZ (landing zone)." Maria said sounding more like military tactician than a scientist but with her now the department head she needed to know these terms and to also understanding that tactics are important even on a scientific mission.

"Beam, land, however you get there, there's your tools. Any questions?" Mallow asked the scientists.

"You have heard the XO he wants to make sure we can beam out when things get messy. Where are we with that?" Maria asked knowing that they were working on identifying the radiation that would cause issues with beaming things inside the nebula.

"Working on it." Mallow said flatly.

Leaning over the device Mallow had set down for display, Ayissa examined it closely. Venturing to prod at the little tripod, she gave a small grin as she found it surprisingly sturdy. Not that she expected anything less, from all she had seen the Engineers pull off thus far. "This is wonderful." the Ensign murmured, casting a brief glance towards Hober. "I'll see if I can find a small protection field or visual disruptor so we can hopefully keep anyone else from spotting or stealing it. Just in case."

Hober smiled, and focused on the appreciation he sensed from Ayissa, "That's a good idea, camouflage the thing, I'm sure Lieutenant Rymer has something in his treasure chest of goodies."

"......alright once everything is done get it down to shuttle bay 3 the USS Hera (runabout) is being prepped." Maria said looking at Mallow before turning Ayissa and nodding her head for her to follow her.

"Yes, yes." Mallow said loosing patience with the other department chief. He wondered what happened to the decently pleasant coy woman he bumped into on the shipyards.

"Good luck and be careful Ayissa," Hober said looking past Maria to Kharg.

"You too, Hober." Ayissa replied earnestly, holding the Engineer's gaze for a brief moment before scampering slightly to fall in line behind her superior officer.

Once they were outside of engineering she handed her a PaDD. "Here's the data we have on the planet and the atmosphere. It's breathable but it appears there are some particles that I am unsure we want entering our systems. So we'll be using these." Maria said holding up a hypospray it's a forcefield that'll adhere to your face it'll dissipate after 12 hours but it'll keep all particles from entering your nose or mouth."

"Seems a bit overkill." Ayissa mused, taking the hypospray and eying it over. "I'll add these next to the envirosuits."

"That's beauty of these we won't need the envirosuits." Maria said with a smile. "With the forcefield modified to only allow oxygen particles in it'll keep all other particles out. But we do need to make sure each science kit has at lease 4 of them in it just incase we can get back to the runabout."

Though she did not voice any misgivings, Kharg's expression bespoke her mild skepticism. All the same, she nodded in affirmation. "I will ensure their placement. And go see that everything else is in order, Lieutenant."

"Thank you, Ensign. I'll stop by after informing lieutenant zh'Neilvvh she'll be joining us as well." Maria said giving the ensign a final nod before heading off to Tiva.

"Alright." Ayissa acknowledged, turning to head down to the runabout. Flicking her eyes towards the entrance to Engineering as she passed, huffing out a long sigh. Uncertain of whether the knot that twisted uncomfortably in the pit of her stomach was excitement or fear for what lay ahead, it made her feel heavy with reticence either way.


Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
Chief Engineer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise


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