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Plot Log - Senior Staff - "Whats to come?"

Posted on 241711.26 @ 12:57am by Captain Rozen Coo PhD & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Alex Rymer & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=*=Conference Room, Deck 1=*=

Captain Rozen Coo gave a few staff an hour to go over crucial information before calling them to the Conference Room. It was 0400, so he gave them a little extra time to look it over before their meeting. Rozen sat at the head of the table and waited for the crew to wake up, read and file in.

Maria was the first one to arrive. She was feeling slightly better the anger had subsided but the trust or the building of trust was now gone or at least needed too tart over. "Captain." She said politely setting her hand terminal and her coffee onto the conference table and her shoulder bag onto her chair. Once she was sitting she also pulled out a tablet that allowed her to do more then what she could do with her hand terminal.

Rozen nodded to his Chief Science Officer as she buried her nose in her data pads.

Arriving very shortly thereafter, Ayissa entered with her armful of padds that seemed something of a constant accessory to her personage. Despite the early hour, the Ensign looked as bright as ever, if perhaps a little more subdued than the last time she had been entering the presence of senior officers. Taking a seat next to Maria, she began quietly organizing her stack; more to appear busy than any real need to have certain things in order.

"Ensign." Maria said simply but a slightly warmer tone then it was directed to the captain.

"Lieutenant." Kharg answered with a nod of acknowledgement. Hands folding primly in her lap, no longer able to draw out the nervous fidgeting, emerald gaze turned towards the Captain with a wary sort of curiosity.

Coop walked in with a travel mug of coffee. He'd been going over reports and data before the meeting. The sleep he got was restful but he couldn't shake the feeling something was not right here..."Good Morning all." he said as he took his seat next to the Captain.

Hober entered the familiar room, and eyed a seat that at the far end of the table. He took it and smiled in acknowledgement to anyone that he met eyes with. Feeling less out of place being the Chief of Engineering instead of just representing the acting Chief, Hober was able to relax into his chair.

Coop looked over at Hober, "How are you settling in, Hober?"

"Yes Commander, very well." Hober said beaming.

Coop nodded "Excellent, let me know if there's anything you need."

"So..." started Rozen. "There were plenty of things along the way some of us knew, there are some things only few of us knew, and there are a small number of things that two of us knew," nodding to Coop. "I do extend an apology if egos were bruised, and I will be the first to admit everyone knowing everything always helps us all do our jobs better, but that is not always possible.

"As it stands right now, all of the information we have is in your hands," said Rozen holding up his own PaDD. "'Starfleet detected a mystery signal from inside of this nebula', 'It was mixed with a Starfleet style emergency beacon', 'The beacon comes from the SS Sequoia: a decades old colony ship that was presumed lost', 'We found a planet where the source of the signal originated', 'We found the SS Sequoia in orbit of this planet' and a few new discoveries along the way...

"Chief Engineer Mallow, what would it take to send a engineering crew onto that ship and see if we can recover any of the ships data? I am sure Lieutenant Rymer can supply a security detail," asked Rozen.

"That's some pretty old technology to brush up on, I think there is a technological history buff hiding somewhere in the department. Engineering can be prepared within the hour sir."

"A security detail will be standing by on your order, sir." Rymer chimed in. He had entered just before the meeting had started and took his place without a word.

"Chief Science Officer Lionza, I want you to organize an away team. Preliminary scans indicate there is some source of distortion and beaming down is not possible at this time, however we will send your team down in a Runabout. Outfit the craft with a mobile science lab before you set out. Lieutenant Rymer will see to sending a security detail with you as well," said Coo shifting his gaze.

Maria just nodded using her hand terminal to start hand-picking members. Beyond herself and Ayissa there were a few others that would be joining them. This mission was gonna require several specialists to get everything they needed. "Of course sir."

Taking it practically as a given, before any choice of Lionza's happened to reach her, Ensign Kharg immediately began sifting through her various padds, shifting around everything she would need for such a proposed away team. A thrill of excitement and dread pounded through the young scientist's veins. Though she hoped that in keeping herself occupied, the jitters were not so terribly apparent as she feared they might be.

"Both of you," looking between the Chiefs, "Assemble your teams and prepare for your assignments. As we know, pursuant to Section 12, Paragraph 4 of Starfleet General Orders, I am staying on board the Enterprise. I will help our Engineering Chief in any way I can. Commander Williams," he nodded towards Coop, "will accompany the away team on their mission."

"While Regulation 476.9 requires an away team to make contact every 24 hours at least, I am expecting no more than 6 hours of radio silence," said Rozen looking between the CSCI and XO. "Commander Williams and Lieutenant Lionza, if you could forward any mission relevant data to Yeoman Solverson before you depart that would be much appreciated."

"Lieutenant Mallow, we may want to whip up a few subspace frequency amplifiers that science team can leave like bread crumbs on their way down to the planet to help cut through possible interference," finished Rozen.

Mallow nodded in understanding, with mixed feelings towards the future frustration working with centuries old technology.

"This goes without saying," Coop said cautiously "Observe and report back...if it goes sideways emergency beam out back to the ship."

Maria looked at the XO fighting the urge to not laugh. "I wonldn't count on that. The radiation in this nebula I wouldn't;t recommend transporters let alone emergency transporters. Unless you want to scramble some DNA."

"We need to have someone working on counteracting the radiation. Make sure you and lieutenant Mallow assign personnel to it prior to departure. I will not have anyone left twisting in the wind if something goes wrong."

Maria's finger just drummed on the table as she listened. Figuring that this wasn't gonna be the last surprise of this mission.

"It sounds like we all know we have ahead of us," said Rozen looking between the assembled crew. "Lets get to it, dismissed."

Nodding quietly, Ensign Kharg began gathering up her things. Already mentally calculating what she would need to prepare, her attention was now long beyond the continued discussion. She was something of a token in this meeting as it was; a fact she was well enough aware of. If they actually required anything further, certainly she would be addressed directly.


Captain Rozen Coo, PhD
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise

Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Alex Rymer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant JG Hober Mallow
Chief Engineer
USS Enterprise


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