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JP | CSci & SciO & SciO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & LtJg zh'Neilvvh & Ens Kharg | "Onto Discovery"

Posted on 241712.02 @ 7:55pm by Ensign Ayissa Kharg & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Shuttle Bay 3

Maria was the first one to arrive with a large science kit along with her shoulder bag. Setting the kit down she adjusted her shoulder bag that was sitting over her wine red faux twinset PU leather double zipper hooded jacket. Bending down again she picked up her kit and walked over to the runabout walking up the ramp she secured her kit before walking back down and waiting for the others to arrive.

Having run herself ragged in preparation for the trip, it left Ayissa running late in getting herself ready. Pale face flushed with the slight exertion, the Ensign practically ran into the bay, striving to keep a heavy-looking bag securely over one shoulder, a metallic box under her other arm. Bee-lining towards the small craft, a small nod was given to Maria as she got close enough, slightly nervous smile curving lips.

"Ensign," Maria said looking at the Klingon hybrid. "You are not the last one." Maria added nodding her head. Right behind Ayissa was lieutenant Tiva zh'Neilvvh who was just carrying a shoulder bag and behind her were 3 security officers and their pilot. "Stow your gear and we'll get moving." Maria said walking back up the ramp and taking her seat.

"Of course." Kharg replied, not even fully stopping to receive the directions. Hefting herself and her supplies up the ramp, moving to put her things away as instructed. Peeking over her shoulder, she observed the rest of the erstwhile crew. As the security and pilot also approached the runabout, the scientist quickly ducked her head back down, ensuring that her bag was well secured.

"Lieutenant," greeted one of the Security officers, giving a small salute. A surprisingly small Bajoran woman, though she carried herself with the confidence of someone three times her size. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Fero. I will be your Security liaison for the mission." Gesturing towards the remaining two, a Human woman and Klingon male. "Ensigns Gallia and Tvang."

Maria nodded to the Bajoran. "Have you been briefed on the environmental protection equipment?" Maria asked also nodding to the pilot.

"Yes ma'am." Fero replied, gesturing at her colleagues to get their kit and themselves aboard. "We are as prepared as we can be. Ready to depart as soon as all members are on board."

Ensign M'wivr turned around in her seat looking at Maria. "Ma'am we are ready to depart whenever you are?"

"Alright." Maria said. "Go ahead and start your departure prep. Everyone please take a seat." Maria said deciding to go over the plan after they got off the ship mostly 'cause she was still formulating it in her head. The Caitian nodded as she started doing her checks and getting permission for the departure.

Settling in and fastening her harness, Kharg tried valiantly to quell the anxious glee that threatened to consume her. Catching a passing glance from the Ensign Tvang, the pair shared a fleeting nod. A greeting, or an acknowledgement of shared heritage of sorts. Somehow the miniscule familiarity was soothing; enough so that the Scientist managed to pull out a padd, beginning to tap away in her own method of self- preparation for what lay ahead.

After performing a quick check that all was as it should, Fero finally took her seat; the last one to do so. "All set." she issued as her own harness clicked into place. "Off we go!"

M'wivr tapped a few buttons and the runabout hovered above the bay deck before slowly maneuvering towards the bay doors. After a minuet or so the runabout made it pass the bay doors and repositioned itself towards the planet. "Alright we are looking at 30 to 45 minuets before we make it to the planet. The nebula radiation is gonna be giving us some trouble." The Caitian said.

"Use this and it should help with navigation." Maria said sending over a data packet. M'wivr quickly uploaded the data and nodded to the lieutenant.

"Alright. The mission is simple we need to locate the source of the signal. These," Maria said pulling out the hypospray, ".....these are gonna protect you from anything enter your system except for oxygen it must be used whenever we are outside the nebula on the planet." Maria said looking around and stopping to allow for questions.

"What about radiation or other environmental bombardment? Things that are going to cause problems outside of the respiratory systems?" Fero inquired, eyeing the hypo with a small measure if distrust. "Have these things been adequately tested?"

"They have. As for other environmental issues the atmosphere of the planet well shield us from the extra environmental bombardments." Maria said looking around the group, "......but we also don't know if there is any lifeforms down there hence security."

Giving a small grunt of affirmative acknowledgement, Fero settled back into her seat. Despite any lack of further questions, the Bajoran did not seem all the way convinced.

Ayissa glanced to the phaser in her belt at the mention of potentially unknown, hostile encounters. Of course she was not a greenhorn in the use of such; but neither had she expected to have to have much use for one. Deciding to pipe up, the Ensign inserted herself into the conversation. "I would say that the likelihood we encounter something is quite likely. Though, whether or not it will be other humanoid in form is far less known."

"Do we know the weather conditions of the planet?" M'wivr asked.

"Nothing that is outside of comfortable survivability range, but on the colder side, during the day. We don't want to be caught outside at night, however. Since there is no actual sun for this planet, the designation of night and day are relative as it is. But when it's orbit moves away from the center of the nebula, it gets very dark and incredibly frigid." Ayissa answered, having drilled the exact timing of the planet's movement into her mind as quickly as she had been able to calculate it. "There are magnetic storms on a semi-frequent, but set interval, basis as the planet passes through debris clouds. But they should not be much of a hindrance as long as we keep them in mind."

M'wivr noddd not perfect conditions for landing but better then she had thought. "Alright it's gonna be a bumpy ride down." M'wiv said looking back at the helm console.

Tiva looked around the group knowing why she was here but was not a big fan of being outside of the lab. She excelled at research and not field research. Maria looked around the group as the pilot did her best avoiding storms and the other dangers in the nebula.

"Faulty equipment and freezing to death, possible unknown hostiles. Sounds like a brisk training exercise, eh?" Mused Fero, earning a small chuckle from her fellow Security officers.

Kharg took a moment to look around at the small crew, feeling the shudder of faint turbulence in the paneling of the runabout beneath her feet. On a mission of discovery, indeed.


Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

LTJG zh'Neilvvh
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

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