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JP | CSci & SciO & SciO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & LtJg zh'Neilvvh & Ens Kharg | "A Hour Walkabout"

Posted on 241801.03 @ 9:31pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Planetside

The trip was indeed rough between the weather patterns on the planet along with what the storms in the nebula were doing to the atmosphere of the planet. Luckily for the crew M'wivr was an excellent pilot especially in these conditions and after a few bumps the runabout finally landed. Tapping a few buttons M'wivr shutoff the engines. "Alright we have landed." M'wivr said turning around in her chair.

"Alright. Myself and ensign Kharg well get the portable decontamination unit setup." Maria said looking around the group. "The decontamination unit is gonna be set at the end of the ramp meaning every time we want to enter the runabout we go through decontamination protocols." Maria added looking around at the gathered group.

"Right." Fero stood, gesturing at the Human Security officer. "Gallia, you will remain here with the runabout and our pilot. Establish a perimeter around the landing zone, make sure there are no surprises. Tvang, you're with me and the scientists."

Earning dutiful nods in response to the orders, the Bajoran tested her belt ensuring that her phaser was in proper place, her uniform in order. "Let us ensure that there is nothing awaiting us immediately, Lieutenant." she spoke to Lionza, fetching up one of the hyposprays and tossing it to the Klingon. "Masks on, then."

"Remember they only last for 12 hours," Maria said as she started getting what they needed for the decontamination chamber. Luckily the way any kind mobile unit was easy to setup. "Once you feel its safe out there let us know and we'll get the mobile chamber up."

Watching the pair depart, Ayissa rose to gather her own things. Checking and double checking that she had everything she could foresee being of use in this unknown world. After reassuring herself that everything was in order, she began arranging their little gift from Engineering. She had been able to find a camouflaging shield, and had endured its attachment before they had even departed. Such a useful tool; she would hate to see it ruined. Especially since that would also likely mean their being stranded in the middle of nowhere and all.

Securing the bag that held their little 'breadcrumbs' to her hip, the Ensign moved towards the ramp, where Maria was just finishing up. "I am not sure as to be excited or not, yet." Was mused, in a weak attempt at light conversation with her superior.

Maria was feeling the same but that anxiety that she was feeling on the Enterprise was like tenfold right now. "Just remember we are here to find the source of the signal."

"All clear," came Fero's call, accompanied by a slap of her hand against the metallic hull. "Within immediate range, anyway. You ready?"

With her mask on she started bringing down the boxes that would be mobile decontamination unit. After about 20-25 minutes the unit was all setup.

By the time Maria was finished with what bits Ayissa had been unable to assist with, their beacon had been arranged, and hidden, a little ways from where the runabout had landed. Just within the edge of some scraggly, sad looking brush, with the hopes that it would help serve as furthering the illusion there was nothing there. Kharg was keenly aware of the Security officer's eyes on her for the whole duration, though tried to soothe the anxious prickles they caused by reminding herself that it was only because they were doing their job.

A small part of her mind was already cataloging the scenery, such as it was. This had once been a viable planet. There was enough mostly dead flora to bespeak as much. How it had possibly ended up here, in the unsteady wake of the that was something she did not know. If there was enough time, it could probably be at least given a workable theory. Though something told her such postulation was unlikely to happen. Pulling out her tricorder, the Ensign began taking preliminary scans, mostly of the soil and atmosphere within the direct vicinity.

"Alright. We need to get these subspace frequency amplifiers placed." Maria said looking around, "ensign Kharg do you remember the specifications for the layout for them?"

"Yep!" Kharg replied with perhaps a little too much cheer, forced to bring her mind back into the present. Stowing her tricorder, it was swiftly replaced by a padd from one of her many satchels. "Have the diagram right here." She replied, handing it to Tvang. "If you wouldn't mind helping."

Giving a small nod, the Klingon studied the layout for a brief moment, before moving to assist with the installation.

M'wivr came walking down the ramp with a case. "I am gonna be setting these up around the permitter. It'll alert usia something crosses them. Seeing as it'll be myself and one of the security escorts staying with the runabout."

"Do it." Maria said her hand in her shoulder bag pulling out her hand terminal which for her also acted as her tricorder. "Alright once the alert beacons all setup along with the subspace frequency amplifiers are main goal is locate the signal or at least the origin point of it." Maria said looking around as Tiva walked down the ramp. "Myself, lieutenant zh'Neilvvh, ensign Kharg and two of our security escorts will tackle that." Maria said looking around the group.

After a short time of bustling around, the initial setup was completed; the security officers proving to be quite adept at assisting when given a clear task to accomplish. Ayissa stood for a moment, peering out at the unknown, then up to the dimly lit sky, a pensive frown curving her lips. "We have eight hours left in this cycle." Was mused as a mild reminder, emerald gaze sweeping to where Lionza stood a short distance away.

{Eight hours.} Maria thought it wouldn't be enough time to a lot of exploring. "Okay we'll do a hour walk-out and walk back. We are also coming up to the ending of our breather limit as well."

"Then let's get moving." Fero input, nodding to Tvang and Kharg. "While we can get something accomplished."

Smirking slightly, Ayissa nodded, shouldering the pack that held their markers. "I have to say I agree."

With that the group headed futon their hour-long walk to see what they could see and get a better understanding of the land.


Lieutenant Maria Lionza
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USS Enterprise

Ensign Ayissa Kharg
Science Officer
USS Enterprise

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