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XO's Log Cmdr Williams "Slight Change in Plans"

Posted on 241802.14 @ 2:28pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

~~Briefing Room~~

Coop was briefing his team on procedures they'd be using during the away mission

"Sickbay to Commander Williams."

Coop looked up from his notes and tapped his badge "Go ahead."

"Sir, this is Doctor Harlow. You're needed in sickbay immediately."

"On my way Doctor" It concerned him that the acting medical chief called for him. "We transport as soon at Lieutenant Mallow has everything ready. Gear up and I'll meet you all in Transporter room 2." Instructions given he exited the room and headed for sickbay.

Coop moved quickly into sickbay, "Doctor I'm in the middle of coordinating an away team."

The older man walked towards the XO "I understand, Commander. It's about the Captain."

Coop followed him to an isolation chamber "What happened?"

"He collapsed on the bridge. It's not clear what caused this. Did you notice anything different about him the last time you saw him?"

Coop shook his head "He was normal and healthy. I wouldn't be going over to the Sequoia if I thought anything was wrong."

The gruff old doctor cleared his throat "Something is wrong and you aren't going over to the Sequoia."

Coop knew exactly what that meant. "I'll be on the bridge doctor. Inform me of all progress." Coop turned and headed out the door to the nearest turbolift. "Lieutenants Mallow and Rymer meet me in the Captain's ready room Immediately. Williams out." He entered the lift and turned sharply "Bridge"


Coop came out to the bridge "All Stations report!" Coop listened to all the reports as he looked out into the nebula and at the sequoia "Lieutenant Nance, you have the bridge. I will be in the Captain's ready room."


Commander Cooper Williams
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise-F


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