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XO/CSec/CEng Log "Well that's just great..."

Posted on 241802.27 @ 11:54am by Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Alex Rymer

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

~~Ready Room~~

Coop walked into the ready room and sighed...this was not a good situation they were in. Unknown space and the Captain was incapacitated. It meant he would not be leading any away teams. He had to hope that Rymer was ready to do so himself. '

With all the preparations in place for the Engineering expedition to the old derelict ship ready, Hober found himself at the ready room's door hitting the chime, eager to report and be underway with his team.

Coop looked up, "Enter" He watched the doors as Hober walked in "Ah, Lieutenant Mallow. How are preparations for the Sequoia going?"

"Ready to go, I have a team of 6 I'd like to bring."

"Excellent. We will discuss everything once Lt Rymer gets here."

The words were hardly out of his mouth when the chime rang again.


Rymer entered, looking rushed. "We still don't know what happened to the Captain?" He asked.

Coop shook his head "Any and all tests are being run. Until then I'm assuming command. That means you have to take my place in charge of the Away Mission to the Sequoia." He looked back to Hober, "Can we beam aboard the Sequoia, Mr Mallow?"

Hober gave Rymer a nod in acknowledgement of his arrival, wondering if he still harbored any contempt over the 'explodey' incident in the engineering lab.

"I want Lieutenant Rymer to lead the Sequoia team. I need you to join him. Chances are after 200 plus years, the data is going to be hard to retrieve. I want our best Engineer over there to ensure we get every drop of data we can. Sensor logs, crew logs, manifest everything. I don't want the team over there any longer than necessary." He looked at Rymer, "Get what you can over there and get back. Hober make sure before you leave that there is no transporter interference. I want full locks on everyone in case we have to beam you out."

Mallow rolled the problem of transporter interference around in his head, but put it into the back of his mind realizing they were leaving, like now.

"We'll make sure they're safe while they data mine." Rymer assured the XO.

Mallow kept a short nod going indicating he was ready.

Cmdr Cooper Williams
Executive Officer

Lt. Alex Ryker
Chief Tactical\Security Officer

Lt. Hober Mallow
Chief of Engineering
USS Enterprise-F


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