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ACo's Log Cmdr Williams "Home"

Posted on 241804.09 @ 11:00am by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

~~Ready Room~~
Coop was going over reports from the department heads. It had been a long two weeks but they were finally warping back to Earth.

"Bridge to Commander Williams, we're entering the Sol System."

Coop sighed and pressed a button on the desk. "Has Command readied our request at Starbase One?"

"Aye, Sir. Starfleet Medical and Sciences Divisions are ready for their respective handoffs."

"Excellent. Bring us out of warp and prepare to dock. Alert all departments."

"Aye, Sir. Bridge out."

Coop sighed as he finished his report and sent it to Starfleet Command. I'm sure hearing about Captain Coo and his current situation would be cause for concern. But his report was thorough and he left nothing out. He sighed and closed down the terminal. As he got up to leave, his combadge chirped, "Bridge to Commander Williams, Priority one message from Fleet Command. It's Admiral Carlisle."

Coop sighed and sat back down "Patch him through." Coop reactivated his terminal as his uncle and current Starfleet Chief of Staff appeared on the screen. "Admiral, what can I do for you?"

Max smiled "Just a quick heads up that there is a surprise waiting for you at One when you dock."

Coop furrowed his brow, "All due respect Uncle, can you cut to the chase? It's been long trip..."

"Science is going over the data you sent us regarding the coma that Captain Coo and the others of the Enterprise crew are in. It's going to require extensive research. Command agreed to allow you to stay in the Captain's chair indefinitely. Congratulations Captain."

Coop wasn't sure he just heard right "Command saw fit to leave me in com...Captain?"

"You don't really think we'd leave a Commander in charge of the Fleet Flagship did you?"

"Truthfully, I didn't think I'd be commanding the Enterprise...let alone get that fourth pip back..."

"Well based on that report it sounds like you did everything right. Also, the crew respects you. You're a natural leader and the right fit.

Coop chuckled "I'm not one to question Command. I guess I should be ready for big changes."

"I'd highly recommend it! I'll see you when you arrive. Carlisle out."

Captain Cooper Williams
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise - F


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