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SD241804.10 | Personal Log | "The Sun and the Moon"

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Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Starbase One

Andraste Vaughn sat in the Café Blue on Starbase One, sat at one of the "outdoor tables" that allowed one to soak up the atmosphere of the area while drinking their coffee or tea. In Andra's case, it was a cup of simple black tea, flavored with a variety of Earth berries and sweetened with a type of honey.

The Starfleet lieutenant was dressed in her civilian wear, leaning back in her seat with her legs crossed and one sandal danging off her bare, tan-colored toes. Her dark eyes, however, were far less idle than her feet. She had a padd on the white, wrought iron replica table and she was reading through one of the latest medical journals. Her attention was particularly gripped by an article about the newly discovered A4B2 Protein in the Sal'kirran desert runner. This protein had potential medicinal properties.

Two days ago, the doctor had arrived on Starbase One, ready and waiting for her new posting. She had hardly been able to believe it when she was assigned to the Enterprise. The Enterprise, imagine! She knew she had established herself in her education and career with distinction, but she had never anticipated it to that level. There was no one in Starfleet who didn't know of the ship's history and reputation, and to say that you were assigned to her was a feather in one's cap, so to speak.

Or at least, it would be once the ship was here and she was actually serving upon her.

Reaching the end of her article, as well as her tea, she decided to return to her guest quarters here on base. She recycled her cup and held her padd to her chest as she worked her way through the corridors. It was fortunate that many bases looked like others, since it helped keep one from getting lost too easily. It had only happened once since her transport had brought her here, and she planned to keep it that way.

As soon as she walked through the door, she heard the console chime with an incoming message that she hurried to answer.

"Bel!" she greeted her husband with a broad, warm smile. The two spoke every day that they were able to--Starfleet missions having plenty of times when that wasn't possible--and they hadn't yet today, so his call was no surprise. It had only been a few days since she left him, but she already missed him. "How're things?"

"Things are good," he said with a matching smile on his dark face, his dark eyes shining with emotion. "Chandra and I just wanted to tell you the news."

Andra's brows knit with curiosity, although she didn't lose her smile. She knew the news had to be something good, since he obviously was in a good mood. "What news?" she asked. "Well, come on, man, out with it!"

He laughed warmly and the sound sent a warm shiver rushing up and down her spine. Looking off screen, he moved aside to let a second person into the view. Chandra Rees was practically glowing, her pale eyes such a beautiful contrast to her dark tan skin. "He was just waiting for me," she said. "The baby started moving today!" She grinned so wide that Andra worried her mouth might stretch right off her face, even if she scientifically knew it impossible.

"How exciting!" she exclaimed, but her joy was bittersweet. They were there, and she was here. But she didn't regret her career, and she knew they were home waiting for her. She touched the screen. "I wish I could be there to feel it."

"You were here for the important part," Chandra pointed out cheekily.

"Chandra!" Andraste chastised her lovingly, and without any real chastisement.

Belenus put his arm around their wife. "She's been mouthy since reaching her second trimester. You can't trust that she's going to keep any of her thoughts to herself anymore."

Chandra did not look at all apologetic.

Andra swallowed hard against the emotions, the longing, rising in her chest. "I hope I'll be able to get back for the birth," she said. "After all, I have to make sure that Belenus doesn't slip in any silly names onto the birth record." (He looked mock-offended.) Another message chime popped up and she sighed. "I have to go, but I'll call again soon. You take care of our lady, Belenus. I'll hear about it if you're not holding up your end of the bargain."

"I'm wounded!" he exclaimed, without real rancor.

She smiled and held her hand up to the screen again. "My sun," she said to him. "My moon," she said to her. "I love you."

"We love you too," Chandra said warmly. "Stay safe out there, so you can come home to us."


=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn
CMO, USS Enterprise-F


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