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Joint Log || CMO & CSci || "New Faces"

Posted on 241805.05 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Location: Sickbay

Andraste was, honestly, a little starstruck.

She was standing in the middle of sickbay, looking over a padd of initial reports, and trying to remind herself that this really was the USS Enterprise and she really was the Chief Medical Officer. This wasn't just sickbay, but her sickbay. This crew was now under her care...and it was a weight of responsibility that she wasn't going to take lightly.

Looking up from the reading, she stole another look around, before hearing the doors open. She instantly put on her "pleasant professional" smile and looked to whoever was walking in...

Maria walked into sickbay looking pale, sweaty and having problems breathing. "He help hel......." She barely managed to get out before collapsing.

Andra's eyes widened. She certainly hadn't expected someone to come in and just drop like that! "Nurse!" she called, since she didn't know her staff's names. One of them came running out and together, they got the woman up on the table. Since Andra had yet to read through all crew files, she looked at the nurse. "Who is this? I've been on the ship thirty minutes."

"It's Lieutenant Lionza, sir," he replied as they stretched her on the bed and Andra pulled out her tricorder and medical scanner. "The ship's Chief Science Officer."

"I see," Andra said, staring at the results as she ran the device from head to toe over the science officer.

Maria's eyes rolled around under neath her eyelids. "T the bo bod....." Was barely muttered over a whisper.

As the results scrolled across the screen of the tricorder, Andra took it in and thought quickly. "I am picking up on a very minor bacterial infection," she announced. "Its exact structure is unfamiliar to our database, but it is close enough to the rothirithan bacteria cluster. Prepare a dose of antibiotic solution number four."

Andra frowned. "That's not what caused her to pass out, however. She's also dehydrated, so we need fluids." She closed the tricorder and accessed the biobed functions, setting it to deliver saline solution directly into the chief of science's body while the nurse prepared the hypo. He put it in her hand a moment later and she pressed it to the woman's neck. "Give her a few moments and she should come around," she said.

After a few minuets Maira started to stir. Groan her left arm lifted and reseted on her forehead. ".....wha.....what happened?" She croaked.

"Don't move too much just yet, lieutenant," Andra said soothingly. "You came into sickbay and lost consciousness. You were suffering from a minor bacterial infection and dehydration, but the former has been treated and the latter is being treated now. You'll be just fine."

Maria was confused. "C can I see the bacteria structure?" Maria asked assuming that she had picked up the bacteria from the planet which was impossible with all the steps they took to keep from taking anything with them.

The request was, at first, a surprise. (This was not a common request from her patients, after all.) But then she remembered that this was the chief of science, and then it made more sense. "Of course," she agreed readily. She turned to the nurse. "Would you fetch me a padd?" He nodded, returning with it a moment later. She took it, tapped a few buttons, and downloaded the information. Andra handed it to the other woman.

"This is incredible," Maria said looking over the data. "This bacteria is so small and that's how it survived the multiple decontaminations." Maria muttered. "I want all data sent to my office down in science. Do we believe this caused my dehydration as well?" Maria asked working on sitting up but as she did a massive wave of pain came over her starting at her head and running all the way down her spine.

"Please don't try to get up yet, Lieutenant," Andra said, kindly but firmly. "You'll need to remain here to rest a little bit and let your body rehydrate properly. I will send all the information, as well as doing some studies here. I also suspect that the bacteria may have initially mimiced the body's natural bacteria, to the point the decontamination protocols didn't isolate it. It's certainly possible, even likely, that it was the cause of the dehydration. Unless you've been skipping drinks of water for several days."

Laying back down deciding that fighting the doctor was gonna end badly. "What other tests have you ran?" Maria said realizing what could be seen in any kind of blood test would reveal certain substances in her system.

"It was a standard deep medical scan set," Andra replied. "We'll take some samples for further analysis to make sure there's nothing further to worry about. I can give you a record of the scan set results, if you like."

"Please." Maria asked as she did a quick mental check. The scans should show no illicit substance in her system seeing has it had been upwards of 2 month since she has used.

Andraste wasn't used to patients being so curious to see the precise results and it made her curious, but she reminded herself that the CSO was a scientist, after all. And they were her medical records, so she had a right to them if she desired it. Andra looked at her own padd and tapped in a few commands, downloading the results into the padd she had just given the lieutenant. "There you are," she said, forcing a pleasant smile.

Taking the PADD she looked over the results luckily she saw what she was hoping to see. "Thank you," Maria said feeling better. "Am I okay to leave now?"

"Not quite yet, Lieutenant," Andra replied. "The rehydration will take about another twenty minutes to be complete and then we'll want to do one more check to make sure you're fully well again before you're cleared to go."

Resting her head back and closing her eyes and letting out a sigh as more test were gonna be needed. "Fair enough and thank you doctor."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn, CMO & Lieutenant Maria Lionza, CSci


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