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SD 241804.XX: Arrival

Posted on 241805.05 @ 10:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara & Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

=/\= Captain's Ready Room=/\=

Standing before the door to the Captain’s Ready Room, Terrik A’nahara paused to take a deep breath and look over the bridge. She stared at the Ops station, and couldn’t help the slight smile that came to her lips. Her passion was engineering, but Ops was a close second, as it allowed her to combine her engineering skills with her analytical prowess. It would be a new challenge to her, but one she couldn’t wait to undertake.

Looking back to the door leading to the Ready Room, A’na gave her tunic a tug and rang the chime. It was time to report to her new Commanding Officer.

Coop looked up from his resupply reports "Enter."

On hearing the Captain, Terrik stepped into the Ready Room and came to stand in front of the Captain's desk. She offered him the PADD that contained her transfer orders, along with her personnel file, "Captain, I am Lieutenant Commander Terrik A'nahara, and according to the transfer orders on the PADD, I'm to be the new Chief Operations Officer for the Enterprise."

Coop took the PADD and looked it over, "Welcome aboard Commander. It will be good to have a solid operations officer again. I don't have to impress upon you the prestige of the Enterprise. Trust me...I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my transfer orders." Coop smiled "At any rate, we're docked for resupply and recrew. How are you settling in?"

The Bajoran laughed softly, "I only just arrived, sir, so I've not even had a chance to see my quarters. I was assigned to the USS Artemis, and we'd recently docked for repairs when the transfer orders came in. How long are you expecting us to remain docked?"

"Most likely a few more days. We had an incident that affected 15% of our crew. So we're replacing the affected crew and taking on supplies."

A'na nodded, "A few days should give me enough time to get familiar with the Enterprise. I'll coordinate with those Engineering crew that are aboard to ensure what supplies we might need from an engineering or ops stand point will be aboard when it comes time to leave port. Is there anything specific you'd have me do, sir?"

Coop smiled, "Relax. I've given shore leave to the senior staff as well. Go have fun. Relax a while. I'm sure your still recovering from the Artemis' last mission."

The Engineer, now Chief Ops Officer smiled, “I will make a point of relaxing, sir. Thank you.”

End Log
Lt. Cmdr Terrik A’nahara


Captain Cooper Williams


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