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CO's Log Capt Williams

Posted on 241805.21 @ 8:23am by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Trader Woes


Coop was getting himself settled in the Captain's quarters. He was still busy wrapping his head around the fact that this was his command. He'd commanded other ships and stations in the fleet, but this was the Enterprise. He thought of the names that had commanded before him and he shuddered...Pike, Kirk, Harriman, Garrett, Picard and so on...those names were legend. He was so in thought he didn't hear the door chime the first time and barely caught the second, "Oh, come in!"

The doors opened and his uncle and current Starfleet Chief of Staff walked in. "Good afternoon, Captain." He said as the doors closed. Once they shut he smiled, "How are you settling into the Captain's Chair Coop?" He gave his nephew a big hug.

Coop hugged his uncle back "I'm still surprised, but doing well...This isn't the Atlantia or Trillista.."

"I know...You need to command the Enterprise your way. Look to your predecessors as your example. Don't get caught up in how they commanded. There were right ways and wrong ways."

Coop nodded "I're right." then he paused "You're not just here for a social visit Uncle Max..."

"You're as sharp as your the way she is proud of you for getting command of the Enterprise. She said she'll come see you the next time Enty's at earth. But you're right...What do you know about the trading summit at Kelder 3?"

"Not much outside of the fact that the Andorians are the Chair of the summit."

Max handed Coop a PADD "The summit is a three way trade agreement to allow trade routes through Keldorian space. It's also a step forward in Keldor's application to join the Federation. There is concern that outside influences are trying to derail the talks to destabilize the relations between us and the Keldorians. I'm sending Enterprise in to ensure security and find out who is trying to destabilize the talks."

Coop looked over the PADD "The summit is in 3 days. I should be fully resupplied and crewed in 36 hours." Coop tapped a crew recall command into his wall console. "I'll get underway as soon as the last of the supplies are on board."

Max nodded. "I don't have to remind you how important this is, Coop." Max said as he walked to the door "If this low level of a meeting can be disrupted, it stands to questions if higher level talks can be affected the same way." Max turned as the doors swished open, "Good Luck Captain."

Coop tapped his combadge, "Williams to Senior Staff. Meeting in the observation lounge in 1 hour."


Captain Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise F


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