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Joint Duty/Plot Log || Senior Staff Briefing

Posted on 241807.11 @ 2:07pm by Commander Jesse Shantel & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Lounge

Coop made his way to the observation lounge with the information in hand. After bringing himself up to speed on the summit, it made sense why the Enterprise was asked to be there. As the Flagship of the Federation, it sent a message that the Federation was indeed serious about this treaty going through.

~~Observation Lounge~~

Coop entered the lounge and went to the visual panel behind his chair. He called up the information on the Summit and why it was important to the Federation. After making sure the information was up to date, he sat in his chair and reviewed his notes.

Maria was closed her eyes just outside of the lounge as she felt the 'Jakk' to enter her system fully. Opening her eyes she walked into the lounger her PDD in her hand. "Captain," Maria said with a slight pick-up in her voice as she took her seat to his left.

Coop nodded to Maria as she walked in and took her seat.

Hober sauntered with a padd in hand for notes, he took a seat quietly, responding to any eyes he caught with a nod.

The Bajoran COPS officer walked in and looked around to see who the other senior officers were and took a seat. She set the PADD she'd been carrying in front of her as she waited for the CO to address the group.

Coop looked at who was here and cleared his throat. "Let's get started...I can brief anyone who's late on the way." He activated the holoscreen, "There is a trade summit being held on Keldor 3. The Keldorians are looking to do a trade treaty with other federation members; The Andorians and a few others who will have delegates at the summit. This is also a chance for the Keldorians to join the Federation. They've been interested in joining for a few years and this summit is the culmination of the work the Diplomatic Corps has put in. As the Federation flagship, we've been asked to take part helping with security and providing a delegate at the summit....Namely me." Coop cleared his throat and continued. "Lieutenant Lionza, I'm appointing you Second Officer. Do you understand your duties, Lieutenant?"

Maria nodded looking at the attendance of the summit, "hrmmm.......appears some of my people well be attending." Maria muttered curious of who was coming for the Aurian delegation.

Coop nodded. "If there are any social events, and I do believe there are a couple I will have you come along, Maria. As soon as I'm able, I will forward you the delegation list."

"Thank you," Maria said deciding that she would need to have a conversation about how she is being addressed in front of the crew especially getting her new position handed to her.

Before the briefing could go on any longer, the doors to the lounge opened and a tall blonde woman wearing a commander's rank walked in. She walked with confidence, looking around the room and then nodding to everyone. "I'm sorry I'm late," Kat said with an easy smile. "Commander Shantel, ship's new executive officer." She looked at the captain, who she'd already met briefly, and moved to her seat.

"Welcome aboard,Commander. I recieved your message shortly after your assignment."

A'na looked at the XO and offered a small smile. Everyone in the room was new to the Bajoran given she'd only just joined the crew. She'd barely gotten to know anyone on the Artemis, and now had to adjust to a new roll and get familiar with an entirely different senior staff.

"Commander," Maria said standing up and giving her a nod. "Welcome to the Enterprise."

"Thank you," Kat said with a nod to both women. "I hope I didn't miss much. I've read a brief summary about the summit since coming on board. We will be covering general security to the event, as well as being statement pieces, as I understand it."

"Appears to be that way. I do have some insights on some of the delegates from my home planet." Maria said deciding to hold back that one of them might be her mother.

"As Captain and First Officer, we will be on hand planetside. It will show that the Federation is 100% behind the summit. Having the Enterprise in orbit shows security. Gotta love being used for PR"

Kat flashed a smile. "Don't worry, Captain. It won't be my first time at this particular sort of rodeo," she said. "But best to know as much as possible going in. Having our faces on it helps if those faces can speak knowledgeably as well." She looked at the science chief and nodded for her to continue.

Maria took her seat again and picking up her PDD (personal digital device) and looking over something as she considered who would be at this summit. And if her people were actually gonna be there what would happen with the trade deals they have had with the RSE for the past century.

"The Aurinian's are gonna be tricky." Maria said looking at the group of senior staff. "For the past couple of centuries their main trading partner as been the Romulan Star Empire. We also stayed neutral," Maria said using air quotes around the word "neutral" "with the Dominion durning the war but in reality we had a trade agreement with them." Maria finished absolutely sounding proud of her people.

"And how do you think that will translate into their attitude and behaviors at the summit, Lieutenant?" Kat asked, one brow faintly raised but that being the only outward sign of her inward reaction.

"Possible disruption." Maria said simply, "hell pitting people against people. Or if we are lucky they are just here to get apart of this trade deal."

Well, that was something to look forward to, Kat thought drolly. "Is there anything we can do or at least be aware of, keep an eye out for, to try to avoid such disruption?"

"We can tip their hand...Maria, see if you can get in contact with your mother. If you can figure out an angle that might give us an edge then do it...we need to know what if anything they are planning."

Hober tapped lightly at his padd, taking some rough notes. At the first mentions of the words trade, and delegation, the engineer's attention faded slightly.

"Hober, I need you to connect with Maria and Commander A'nahara...Ensign Olphes is going to need help from engineering to deal with a biogel issue. please reroute system functions away from the areas they've indicated and inform Operations when it's done...We don't need the flagship limping into Keldor 3. "He turned to Andra "Dr Vaughn, how's sickbay?"

Hober woke up and nodded. Biogel issue? Why can't the people running the ship keep those that have to fix it in the loop..

"Yes, Captain," Andraste acknowledged with a polite smile. "Sickbay is in full working order. New personnel have all reported in for their required physicals, if reluctantly in some cases." Her dark eyes glinted with humor. "I've had the chance to catch up on personnel files and follow-ups on various matters."

The Bajoran COps officer cleared her throat, "Commander Terrik, sir. Terrik is my surname, and A'nahara is my given name. I've already asked Ensign Olphes to coordinate with Engineering in isolating systems, and stand ready to help Lieutenant Mallow."

He looked to his XO, "Commander, I need you to oversee final preparations for departure. If we're to arrive at Keldor 3 on time we need to leave within the next 2 hours."

"I'll get it taken care of, Captain," Kat said with a nod. "Assuming the bioneural gelpacks don't give us further trouble."

Maria just listened curious if her contacts within the RSE were still there or even willing to talk. Snapping her attention back to the present. "I have developed essentially a antibiotic for the bio-neural gel packs. I just need medical to look it over." Maria said casually, "if it does what I think it'll do we won't need to shut things down."

Andra looked up from the PADD she'd been reviewing and nodded at the chief of science. "I'll take a look at it as soon as the briefing is over," she assured them.

Coop looked around "For those of you new to the Enterprise, welcome. I'm humbled to be in command of this honored ship. I've got 300+ years of big shoes to fill. For the crew, it's maintaining a reputation. For centuries this ship, in various forms and under various commands, has explored and averted conflict. Treaties have been signed here, civilizations have been welcomed into the Federation here. This crew is the embodiment of Starfleet...and we shall continue the tradition. Any questions?"

"None here, sir," Kat said.

Andra nodded. "I'm good for the time being. I'll have some reading up to do."

Coop nodded and stood. "Very good. We've all got things to do. We leave for Keldor 3 as soon as preparations are ready." He looked to Kat "I'd like to speak with you in my ready room, Commander."

=/\= End Log =/\=


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