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Joint Log || COps & CMO || "Dragging Heels"

Posted on 241807.11 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara

Mission: Trader Woes

Lt. Commander Terrik A'nahara exited the turbolift and headed down the corridor, nodding to a few crewmen she passed. The Enterprise was a bigger ship than the Artemis, with a much bigger crew. Her own department was twice the size of the Artemis, and it would take time for her to get to know all of her personnel. She doubted she'd get to know the entire crew, given how many people manned the ship.

Today, the Bajoran would meet one of the other department heads, and if it wasn't the CMO, she might be looking forward to the meeting a bit more. That she was reporting in for her physical, though, put a bit of a damper on the meeting.

The COps officer finally made it to Sickbay and stepped in, finding it busier than she expected given they were simply in transit. A nurse stepped over to her, "Can I help you, Commander?"

Offering a small smile, A'na replied, "I'm here to see the Chief Medical Officer?"

"Ma'am?" a nurse said from the doorway to Andra's office. The doctor looked up and smiled politely, raising her dark brows in question. "Commander Terrik is here to see you."

"Thank you," Andra said with a small nod, setting aside the PADD she'd been reading and getting up from here seat. Walking into the front bay, she smiled politely at the Bajoran officer. "Hello, Commander," she greeted. "It's good to meet you."

A'na offered Andraste a warm smile, "Doctor. It's good to meet you as well." She offered the doc a PADD she'd carried with her, "You probably have access to my personnel files, but just in case. . .here they are. I was told I needed to report in to you to get a physical done to make my arrival here all official and such."

With a quiet laugh, she took the PADD and glanced at it to make sure there wasn't anything besides the personnel profile, which she had received ahead of Commander Terrik coming on board. She then nodded and waved for the ops chief to go to a biobed. "Ah, that's my lot in life. People only come to visit me because they're ordered to." She smiled with amusement.

The Bajoran laughed softly, "Well, to be fair, I've only just met you, though I've met more than one person who hates meeting with the medical department for their physicals." She moved to the nearest empty biobed and hopped up to sit on it, "But since we'll be serving with each other, perhaps I can make a point of visiting you for things other than medical visits."

Andraste pulled her medical scanner from the top of the tricorder and began working as she laughed lightly. "That would be lovely. A girl gets lonely down here in sickbay. People dragging their feet when they come to visit."

A'na arched a brow and tilted her head slightly, "Can't have a girl getting lonely. I can't promise I won't drag my heals for check ups and official sickbay visits, but for social visits? There will be no heel dragging."

"I appreciate that," the doctor chuckled as she ran the scanner device around Terrik's head. "Any concerns or issues you'd like to discuss?"

The lieutenant commander shook her head, "Nothing that I can think of. I was declared 'fit as a fiddle' during my last physical. I'd like to think I'm still. . . fit as a fiddle, though the phrase is an odd one, if I may say so."

Andra couldn't help but agree. "I've never really understood it either, but the phrase persists. However, I'm happy to say that you can continue to think that. Everything looks good, Commander." She smiled and snapped the scanner back into her tricorder. "I look forward to your visit in the future when you're not so unhappy to be here!"

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Terrik A'nahara & Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn


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