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Posted on 241807.15 @ 5:50pm by Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Jysyal Olphes

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Infirmary

Maria walked into the infirmary with a case containing several phials. The phials were hopefully the solution to their problem. "Get lieutenant Vaughn." Maria said to one of the nurses.

"Doctor Vaughn?" Nurse O'Reilly said from the door.

Andra looked up and smiled politely.

"Lieutenant Lionza is here and would like to see you," O'Reilly said, before turning and departing. Andraste had been expecting the chief of science, so she set aside what she'd been reading and then rose. She entered the main bay and found the other woman. "Yes, Lieutenant," she greeted.

"I need these phials scanned. This is my solution to fix the bacteria in the bio-neural gel packs. I just need to make sure it'll work." Maria said setting the case down on the desk.

Andra nodded and pulled out her tricorder and the scanning device. "The information on the bacteria is in the computers so I can make comparison, yes? We'll want to run a test on one of the gel-packs as well before trying it on the whole system. A scan can only go so far."

"Yes. And agree." Maria said walking over to the console and pulling up the information on the bacteria. "Ensign Olphes should be arriving soon with a infected gel pack." And if on cue Jysyal walked in. "There it is right on time. Ensign where is the chief engineer?"

"He is on his way ma'am." Jysyal said setting the infected gel pack next to the case with the potential cure for this bacteria.

Hober came through the door at speed, slowing his pace as he approached the crowd. Pointing at the equipment on the table, "Is this the end you promised to the constant re-routing my entire department is working on?"

"Yes," Maria said looking at the chief, "......and I was told I would have 12 hours to come up with something. Apparently that order was not taken seriously." Maria said sounding annoyed looking at the operations officer.

"I'm checking on it now, Lieutenant," Andra said to Mallow. She glanced at the exchange between Lionza and Olphes, although didn't comment. "I've scanned it thoroughly and now the computer is running a projection. If this is successful, then we'll try it in a real test on that gelpack."

Mallow picked at his blue face paint with one hand shifting uncomfortably. He remembered no one won when provoking Maria.

Maira nodded as she closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. "Thank you doctor, ensign may I have a word?" Maria asked watching the women before walking to a quiet corner. "I wanted to let you know that finding this is not an easy thing and I wanted to thank you realizing what you had found."

Jysyal was taken back by the women's words and tone. "Th thank you ma'am. Was just doing my job." Maria allowed a small smirk as she nodded before heading back to the group.

Once the chief of science had returned, Andra looked up at the others. "It looks like the computer-generated tests are positive, so now we'll test it on the gelpack." She fetched a hypospray and filled it with the serum that Lionza had brought, injecting the gelpack and then pulling out her tricorder again, scanning and waiting.

After a short time, she nodded. "Looks like practical application test is also a success."

"Are there any knock-on effects of this treatment?" Hober asked, wondering if a fix with no risks was too good to be true.

"In the immediate?" Andra said, not looking up from her tricorder readings. "No." She then turned to the computer, looking at the screen there. "Nor in the very short-term afterwards. I can't guarantee there won't be some later on, however. In the most optimal of circumstances, we would wait for a few hours and see what was what...but I don't know if we have that time."

"No we don't have the time. If we don't start now this we'll need to start this whole process over again. Doctor can you send me that data to my office. This stop gap has given us time but not a lot but enough to get ahead of it."

"In places where the load isn't too heavy, we routed around unaffected gelpacks with isolinear adjuncts and are replacing affected ones with those, we are not in the frying pan yet." Hober added.

Andra typed something into her console. "The information has been sent to your office, Lieutenant," she said to Lionza, then to everyone. "So far as I can tell for now, this is a functional cure for the bacteria in the gelpacks. We'll have to continue monitoring it after it is administered, though."

Maria nodded in agreement. "Ensign get some teams together we need to start getting this stop-gap working. Lieutenant Mallow I would like you to add some engineers to those teams."

"I'd appreciate if any information you obtain on the gelpacks were sent back to me so I can monitor that alongside my own data," Andra added in.

"I suggest we start with the infected gel packs we have already pulled out, so we turn around and replace infected ones." Hober suggested.

"Yes and yes oh and lieutenant I want hourly updates. Now go." Maria said turning and walking out of sickbay and heading for the bridge she needed to fill in the command team.

*** End Log ***

Lieutenant Marian Lionza
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn (NPC apb Jesse Shantrel)
Chief Medical Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Hober Mallow
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Jysyal Olphes (NPC apb Maria Lionza)
Operations Officer
USS Enterprise


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