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JP | 2XO & OpsO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & Ens Olphes & Bridge NPCs | All Quiet on Delta Shift

Posted on 241807.04 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Jysyal Olphes

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Bridge, Delta Shift
Timeline: Takes place before "What did we pick Up"

Her black thigh-high boots clanked as she stepped off the lift and onto the bridge, "lieutenant on deck!" The chief duty officer (CDO) called out. Everything stopped for a few seconds no salutes or anything like the just simple acknowledgement of a superior officer arriving on the bridge.

"Back to work," Maria growled hating this whole fanfare waste of time crap. Taking a seat and crossing her legs her boots clanking against the chair as her black leather skirt rode up a little. The CDO nodded getting everyone back to work before walking up to the chair.

"Ma'am," The CDO said heading her a advanced looking tablet. "Reports from the Alpha and Beta shifts." The CDO officer said noticing her slightly out of regulation skirt. "Nothing out of ordinary. All systems are functioning with some slight irregularities but operations is on it."

With a flick of her wrist she skimmed through the reports not actually reading any of it seeing as the CDO officer was doing such a good job at summarizing it for her. Nodding the CDO headed back to his station allowing Maria to look over reports from her department.

Jysyal was at the auxiliary station keeping an eye on all incoming and outgoing data packets. It was a tedious task but with all the issues that have been going on someone needed to keep an eye on it. "Status report ensign?" Maria asked looking up from her PDD.

Jysyal tapped a few buttons, "everything is working. But looking at about 80% efficiency I am working on locating the issues." It wasn't perfect but it also wasn't something to really worry about especially with the operations department keeping an eye on it.

"If it dips below 80% we need to alert the CO and XO right away." Maria said as she looked back down at her PDD as she went over her mother's profile as the ensign went back to work.

~~~~~ End Log ~~~~~

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer & Second Officer
USS Enterprise

Ensign Jysyal Olphes (NPC apb Maria Lionza)
Operations Officer
USS Enterprise

Various Bridge NPCs (apb Maria Lionza)
USS Enterprise


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