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CO and XO log Capt Williams and Cmdr Shantel

Posted on 241807.22 @ 10:09pm by Commander Jesse Shantel & Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Trader Woes

~~Obeservation Lounge~~

After room cleared, Coop extended a hand, "Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Commander. My apologies for not meeting you at the airlock. I had only gotten word of the change minutes before the Briefing. I'm glad you were able to depart with us instead of catching up."

Kat smiled in that bright, friendly way she always had as she took his hand. "Thank you, Captain. Don't worry about it. These things can often happen in the fleet. I had just enough time to get myself and my son to our rooms before I had to come up for the briefing, so I didn't have a chance to check in with you either."

Coop smiled back, "I have to say though, to go from flight to command. That's a pretty bold decision for a fighter jock...what brought it about, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Well, it was a straight shot," Kat said with a chuckle. "Some years ago, I was injured and unable to fly, so was placed in administration before the injury was repaired. I spent some time as the adviser for flight operations in Gamma Fleet, before retiring for a time. When I re-upped my commission, they felt that fleet-level work was enough to move me to command. And here I am."

Coop nodded "Sounds alot like me. I was a marine on Trillista. Ended up getting command of the unit and then kinda kept going. With the reduction in marines, I was offered a Fleet Position. Went red and haven't looked back."

Kat smiled. "I was never posted to Trilista, given that they didn't have fighters, but as Gamma's flight ops adviser, I actually lived on Starbase Raven for a time. I still got to wear grey back then, but I don't think the red is so bad. I could get used to it."

Coop chuckled, "Yeah but unfortunately there are a lot more rules in the Command Red. Speaking're not going to stop me from away missions...I'm used to leading from the front."

"So am I," Kat said easily, offering a smile although she was already contemplating. "I flew the lead bird of the lead squadron in every wing I could. However, you have to acknowledge that not every away mission will be best suited for you to lead. Sometimes, I'll be the best choice. I'll respect your desire to lead from the front, but I hope that we can agree on practicalities."

"Practicalities yes..." Coop conceded. He knew full well that there were points she would have that would merit strong consideration. "Hard for a War Dog like me to take a backseat to anything..."

Kat chuckled. "I understand entirely, Captain," she said sincerely. "I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out as we go along."

Coop nodded and cleared his throat, "Well, Let's get going...can't be the face of Starfleet from Earth."

"Not unless you want to preach to the converted," she returned with amusement. "I think it's best to go show our Sunday best to the new folks."

Capt. Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise-F

& Commander Jesse 'Katana' Shantel, Executive Officer


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