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PLOT LOG || XO || "Getting Started"

Posted on 241807.25 @ 12:35am by Commander Jesse Shantel

Mission: Trader Woes

The staff briefing was done, and Kat had met with both the captain and Lieutenant Lionza. She had spent time in between reading and catching up on the summit at Keldor 3, the various delegations, the Enterprise's recent missions, and the goings-on with the biogel pack. There was very little from that list that didn't raise some concern, but the only way over it was through it. It was one of many lessons she had taken away from her days of active fighter pilot duty.

She strode onto the bridge with a sort of confidence that made it look like she had been here forever. Kat had never been a woman lacking in self-assurance and though she had been humbled several times in her life, her innate sense of self and her confidence in that had never been taken from her.

Kat nodded respectfully to the captain, seated in the big chair, as she moved to the second seat and folded herself into it, crossing her long legs in front of her. "All departments report ready. The gelpack situation is in the process of being repaired, but fixes have been put into place to allow us to depart. We are ready to go when you give the order, Captain," she reported, evenly and formally. The red collar seemed to clutch a little more tightly to her neck than the grey ever did, making her a little more official than she had been back in the day.

"See to it, Commander," the captain replied with a return nod.

"Open a channel to Starbase One and request permission to disembark. Helm, prepare to set course for Keldor 3 at best possible speed, keeping in mind the repairs still going on."

"Yes, Commander," came the response, and then she listened as the operations officer communicated with the starbase and sorted out their disembarking procedures. Kat reflected on just how different it was for a big ship to leave a station rather than a fighter jet to launch. Such as, they wouldn't have to put the Enterprise on a catapult system and send her flying ahead at breakneck speed right into the face of an oncoming battle...

A voice pulled her from her reverie. "We are cleared to disembark," the ops officer announced.

"Bring us away from the station," Kat ordered, watching the helm officer as she worked the controls and steered them slowly away. The ship turned until it was facing out there. "Set course for Keldor 3, best possible speed," she ordered next, waiting for confirmation. "Engage."

The Enterprise leaped forward gracefully, racing onward toward their destination. Kat blew out a breath, as quietly as she could so no one would see the expulsion of nerves she had hidden so well. The ship was on its way, so her first official duty as executive officer had gone off without a hitch.

She just hoped it would stay that way, although knowing her luck? Well, she wouldn't put a lot of confidence in it. Kat would just have to ride it out like everything else.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Jesse "Katana" Shantel
Executive Officer, USS Enterprise


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