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JP | XO & CSci/2XO | Cmdr Shantel & Lt Lionza | Inside Information

Posted on 241807.25 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Commander Jesse Shantel

Mission: Trader Woes
Location: Science Labs

Maria was sitting in her office looking over the list of delegates mostly her mother and her detail. {What are you playing at mother?} Maria thought looking at the others on the list, "......what are you doing with a Tal'Diann legate?" She muttered knowing the family name and also the first name. When they first met they were roughly the same age.

Kat had been spending some time in her office reviewing information about the summit, the delegates, the location, and the Enterprise's recent history. Frankly, she felt like her head was about to explode, but there was no avoiding it. After a little while, though, she decided that she wanted to talk to someone. After all, she was a social creature. Actual interaction was her best way of taking in information.

She knew that the second officer, also the chief of science, had been on the ship for a while, so she left her office, asked the computer where Lieutenant Lionza was, and went to that office, pressing the chime on arrival.

Maria was deep in thought trying to figure why the Aurinian's where even attending this summit. The deal that has been with the Romulan's had been suiting them just fine. Looking up finally hearing the chime closing her screen down she called out "enter".

"Hello, Lieutenant," Kat greeted as she walked in. "Do you have a little while to discuss the summit and delegates?" She held up the PADD in her hand.

Tapping her terminal and turning it so the commander could see it. "I do figure this was gonna happen sooner or later."

Kat smirked with one brow rising as she moved to take a seat where she could see the console. "That sounds like a rather ominous take on it," she commented lightly.

Maria smirked watching the commander, "my mother is not to be underestimated. This man is legate within the Tal'Diann. The Romulan military intelligence. It's my guess is that they are using this Summit to gather intelligence."

Of course, Kat had meant that it sounded like Maria saw meeting with Kat as the ominous thing, but she chose not to pursue that point. It was more amusement than necessity. Instead, she focused on the business of the matter. "As you said, your people and the Romulans have had some sort of agreement?"

"Research agreements, trade pacts and open borders." Maria said looking at the commander. "My people are not apart of the Federation and the planet is close enough to the Romulan border that the open border agreement was and still is workable for the Shiar and my people."

"I can see that," Kat said thoughtfully.

"As for the research agreements. We traded mining and crop growth and agriculture techniques and in return we were given new technique for producing medication and research for producing more efficient power." Maria said, "as for trade mostly food and minerals from us and we got materials we needed for production of certain products."

Kat listened, taking it all in and nodding. "And you believe that they are, what, working jointly to go to this summit to gather information or that they just both happen to be attending to do so?"

"I think the Romulan's are using the Aurinian delegation as their cover. Chances are this Tal'Diann legate is the leader. Now what I don't know is if my mother is actually gonna try and create a trade agreement with the Federation and the others that'll be at the summit."

"If you had to make an educated guess?" Kat asked, tilting her head slightly. "About your mother's motives, that is. Do you think she knows she's being used as cover, if that's what it is?"

"My mother knows she's being used as cover. My people know they are being used but what we get out this deal is just too good." Maria said simply.

Kat nodded thoughtfully. Knowing motives could be as important as knowing actions. "Do you have any recommendations in relation to both parties, your mother's delegation and the Romulans?"

"Just keep in mind everything I have said and don't trust a word out of my mother's mouth." Maria said simply watching the commander.

"I will keep that in mind, Lieutenant," Kat said easily, feeling the scrutiny but not letting that show. "Is there anything else you think I should know? I have to prepare the ship for departure shortly."

"My people don't like conflict. Even though they enjoy playing multiple sides for them it's about getting an advantage." Maria added feeling like she was betraying her own people then again it was her own people that turned their back on her.

Kat nodded again. "That's good to know. Thank you, Lieutenant." She got to her feet. "I'll let you get back to work."

Commander Jess Shantel
Executive Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant Maria Lionza
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
USS Enterprise


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