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Plot Log - Unknown Persons

Posted on 241807.25 @ 8:56pm by Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus

"Sir, we have word..."

A man in a high back chair shifts his weight slightly. "The Enterprise?"

"Just left Starbase One. Should arrive at Keldor 3 20 hours before the summit begins."

"Excellent. Are our spies in place?"

The younger man began typing on his panel and waited a few seconds before responding. "The two on the Enterprise report ready...our spy in the summit hasn't responded, but our diversionary team is ready. They should encounter the Enterprise in 10 hours at the Enterprise's standard cruise warp."

"Get a handle on our operative on Keldor. Everything must be ready...I will not tolerate failure. Have our secondary protocol on standby at Keldor. Just in case..."

"But sir...that seems a bit..."

"Hasty?" The man in charge said, "I will not have things unprepared for our rise. That starts with the failure of the summit...and the destruction of the Enterprise..."

End Log


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