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Reporting for Duty

Posted on 241910.19 @ 5:00pm by Commander Zachary DeVries & Captain Cooper Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Timeline: SD241909.15

Zach walked through the docking ring of the starbase he had called home for the last 6 months.

He had never wanted the station assignment but there had been no XO spots available and Command had posted him to the station until something suitable came up.

But that had all changed 2 days ago when he had received new orders. He was finally getting an XO assignment but not anyone possibly the most highly sought after an assignment in the fleet.

He'd receive orders to report to the Enterprise, there wasn't a single officer in the fleet who didn't know the name Enterprise.

He walked through the docking port where a Lieutenant from operations was checking people aboard.

He approached the officer "Commander DeVries Executive Officer" He announced placing his hand on the portable reader the officer held out. With his identity confirmed the Officer stiffened slightly "Welcome aboard Commander, the Captain has requested your report to his office as soon as you arrive"

Zach nodded and passed through the port into the ship, He walked down the corridor towards the closest turbo lift nodding to the crew who passed him, he pressed the button on the wall and a moment later a lift arrived, he stepped in "Deck 1 bridge" He instructed and the lift began the journey.

A few moments later the lift opened on the bridge and he stepped out walking directly to the ready room door he pressed the chime announcing his arrival.

Coop continued to review the department reports upon hearing the chime he called out, "Enter." His eyes did not stray from his report as the doors opened.

Zach stepped into the ready room and looked around for a moment before approaching the desk. "Commander DeVries reporting for duty Captain" He announced as he came to attention in front of the desk.

Coop looked up, "Relax Commander. Have a seat and tell me a little about yourself?" Coop was at a loss as they had just assigned him a few hours ago and he was still reviewing his new XO's records.

Zach nodded and moved to take a seat "Not sure what to say really sir, I was marine corps most of my career until i was injured I had the choice a desk job or switch to fleet duty and here I am" He paused for a moment "I assure you sir I have taken the relevant academy courses and qualified for Command duty on a starship"

Coop couldn't help but chuckle, "I switched over a bunch of years ago and have held a few commands. I'm more curious about you...not your career. I like to know my XO. Helps me to understand you as a person"

Zach nodded "Well I'm pretty much what you see sir, I'm loyal to my unit and in the interests of honesty not afraid to bend the rules a little if it gets the job done and keeps everyone safe" He leaned back in his chair slightly.

Coop nodded, "We're both Marines Zach. That being said, I don't want you to feel you can't speak your mind. Just know that if I disagree with your opinion i won't hold back in saying so. We both know where the line is. Your record speaks volumes about your experience. I hope that i can help to bolster your knowledge as a command officer. Any questions of me?"

Zach nodded in understanding "No sir" He replied "I've read your file to sir I'm well aware of our shared background and I look forward to working with you"

If Coop was surprised, he didn't show it, "I look forward to working with you, as well Commander. Familiarize yourself with the ship and settle in. We'll be here for a bit."

Zach nodded and stood up "Thank you sir I'll start by meeting the senior staff and catching up on recent status reports" He smiled and turned heading out of the door.

Captain Cooper Williams
USS Enterprise-F

Commander Zachary DeVries
USS Enterprise F


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