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Joint Duty Log - CO & ACEO - aCapt Rhodes & Lt th'Zarath

Posted on 241406.23 @ 4:31pm by Acting Captain Mark Rhodes & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

=*= Sickbay =*=

Acting Captain Mark Rhodes had spoke with most of the senior staff and was starting to settle in. He decided now that things were becoming more official it was time to talk to the ships former Executive Officer and figure out what was next for him. Mark made his way though sickbay finding the room where Thelin was being kept. He knocked on the door and poked his head in. "I was wondering if you were accepting visitors. The nurse said that it was up to you," said Mark taking a small step into the room.

Thelin pushed himself up in bed and glanced at the collar of the engineer as he poked his head in, noticing the change in rank he gave the man a curt nod, "Please Acting Captain, come in," the Andorian replied as he sat up fully, "I'm not terribly injured, just a glancing hit to my thigh and some direct hits to my prosthesis."

"Are the repairs to the prosthesis going to be extensive?" asked Mark taking a full step into the patient room.

"Nothing I can't handle in the cybernetics lab once my leg is healed," Thelin replied, moving his damaged arm slightly so the new CO could see the extent of the damage.

"Ah," said Mark looking down. "Well there are a few things I want to talk to you about," said Mark in a serious tone. "First of all I know you know Admiral Malone made me Commanding officer for the time being and he told me to find a new Executive Officer. I would however like to keep you in an active role, best I could do is give you Assistant Chief Engineer, I know your background is in engineering," said Mark laying it out on the table.

"Understandable, all things considered I'm surprised to be away from the brig," the Andorian replied with a light chuckle, "Given that only myself and Captain Carpenter were supposed to know which side of the fence we were on... its no surprise that some level of suspicion has been leveled against me."

"Indeed," admitted Mark. "The topic was brought up, but I do not think you are a traitor, but I have to agree with Malone to a point, with the removal of command. Something else that I have thought on, with your removal from command and being moved to a lesser role, and the fact that I am working to have kept you out of the brig, we are going to remove a gold pip and take you down to Lieutenant. Since the ship is in command under an Acting Captain and my Executive officer is a Lt Cmdr, it would be tricky to have a Cmdr aboard. I am sorry to do this to you but you understand the position I am in," said Mark sincerely.

"I do, however I would caution you," Thelin replied with a knowing nod, "The only people who knew our course of action were me, Captain Carpenter and Admiral Malone, so how did the UFP find us? And why were they prepared for us? Be careful who you trust, even people currently on the ship."

"I will keep that in mind, thank you," said Mark. "We jumped about 1700 ly outside of Federation space. Hopefully we can keep a low enough profile," said Mark.

"I felt the jump," the Andorian replied with a slight smile, "Certainly wasn't controlled though, it felt too short on the warm-up time."

"Yes," admitted Mark. "We didn't have the time to properly start up the navigation drive, I had Ops run the numbers by hand the best they could. A few more seconds at the hand of the Interceptor we would have been torn into tissue paper. A jump to anywhere was an improved situation, and here we are."

"How bad is the damage?" the engineer in Thelin began to emerge as he rubbed the patched wound on his leg with his good arm.

"We knocked the warp core out, Slip Stream nearly burned itself out. We very well may only get one more jump out of it without needing it replaced. Since yesterday we have been working hard to get everything back to working order. Best I figure 7 days of being a sitting duck, then we move on and explore brave new worlds," said Mark.

"Impulse?" the Andorian asked as he slid a padd out of his shredded uniform jacket that hung next to the bed, it took a moment to retask it to view the MSD but he soon had it displayed.

"We do have impulse," said Mark. "But we are not moving. I don't want to move unless we have to. Figured we would give engineering and medical time to do their work without being on the run."

"Having made a blind jump will give us a bit of a head start, but they will find us if we stay here for too long," Thelin responded with a sigh as he scrolled through the repair schedule and highlighted a few things, handing it over to the former Chief when he was done, "We can shave a bit of time by doing these on the go, they're non-critical and need no exterior work."

"Indeed," said Mark watching his new Assistant Chief Engineer get to work already looking at the PaDD. "I am going to leave you be. But I would hide that PaDD when I am gone. Scarlet will have both of our heads if you are working," said Mark with a boyish smile.

"Possibly," Thelin replied with a light chuckle, "It seems the rumors about Human redheads are quite true, she is a fiery young woman."

"Isn't that the truth," mused Mark. "Get well soon. Sooner you are well, sooner we can get to work." Mark turned and left the room and exited the Ward. he headed back to the Captain's Ready Room to get some paperwork done.


Acting Captain Mark Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F

Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F


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