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SD241406.27 || Joint Personal Log || Dr Rogers & Lt th'Zarath

Posted on 241406.27 @ 4:00pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

Doctor Scarlet Rogers seemed to walk a little taller and a little brighter in days of late. Her mind was a lot happier now that her friend was becoming so much more. She didn't like the whispers from her staff. Scarlet knew her relationship was a tad controversial, even though as far as everyone knew, Scarlet and Thelin were just friends, and had remained friends through the incidents in days of late.

With that being said, she strolled into the medical bay from leaving Thelin in her quarters with a smile on her face. The medical bay was a lot less busy now, and most people had been discharged. A few patients remained, but they'd be discharged soon. The doctor's priority was to get all of the 'paperwork' done. It was a matter of necessity now, especially now it was quieter and people had more time to file the reports.

After a slight detour to his quarters to shower and change, Thelin strode into sickbay again with a padd in hand, it had been left behind in the Doctor's wake as she left in a good mood, simply forgotten but no less important than any other item on her desk.

Scarlet was talking to a few members of her staff and making sure they had all done their reports.

Spotting the young redhead across the room, the Andorian made his way over, the padd in hand and a slight smile on his face as he attempted to remain professional in front of her staff, "I believe you forgot this earlier Doctor."

"Oh," she smiled, "Thank you." Scarlet noted her staff getting uncomfortable, "If he was guilty, do you honestly think he'd be outside of the brig," she hissed to them.

"No its fine, I'd rather people were suspicious," Thelin replied with a raised hand, "At the end of the day, any of us could be considered a traitor,"

Scarlet smirked a little, as she inspected the PADD he had given her, turning a little pale.

"What's wrong?" the Andorian asked as he noticed the Doctor become a little shocked at what she was reading.

"Where will the captain be at this time?" she looked to Thelin with a deer in headlights look, "We have an inventory issue."

"Ready room I would think, Alpha shift," Thelin replied as he stepped to one side, expecting the young redhead to speed out of sickbay.

"Thank you," she smiled and hastened to see the captain, trying not to worry the rest of her staff.

(End Log.)

Doctor Scarlet Rogers
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath
Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Enterprise.


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