Welcome to the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Greetings, and welcome to the Enterprise.

Under the command of Captain Rozen Coo, the Commanding Officer and Commander Cooper Williams , the Executive Officer.

The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, an Ascension class starship, is the ninth ship to bear the name in Starfleet, carrying with her over three hundred years of tradition and reputation. Following the path laid down by Jonathan Archer, James Kirk, John Harriman, Rachel Garrett, Jean-Luc Picard , Eric Carpenter & Mark Rhodes, the Enterprise-F follows the ship's famous charter:

Space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Feel free to browse through our website. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. The Commanding officer can be reached via the CO's Email; we respond to all emails as quickly as we can.

Whether you're already a crew member, considering joining, or just passing through, I would like to thank you for visiting the USS Enterprise!

The USS Enterprise is a Play By E-Mail (PBeM) SIMulation in UCIP.

Latest Mission Posts

» JP | CSci & SciO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & Ens Kharg | "The Cave"

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Posted on 241803.17 @ 3:44pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Cresting a ridge of jagged, unsteady rock face, Ayissa paused to wait for the rest of her small party to join her. Gulping for breath, she hoped the device she wore could keep up with the demand she was placing on it. If it could not, it should be evident…

» XO's Log Commander Williams

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Posted on 241803.07 @ 3:49pm by Commander Cooper Williams


Coop was stuck in multitask mode, he had two away missions plus the Captain's sudden illness. He sat in the Command Chair looking over system reports. One thing that stuck out in his mind was the number of crew that had reported to sickbay or not at all in…

» JP | CSci & SciO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & Ens Kharg | "A Bitch of a Hike"

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Posted on 241802.28 @ 11:14pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Ayissa Kharg

Maria was the first one back to the runabout seeing both their pilot; ensign M'wivr and junior lieutenant Tiva zh'Neilvvh, the alien archeologist/anthropologist. "Has anyone else returned?" Maira asked.

"No not yet lieutenant." M'wivr said looking around and then back at the timer. "But they should be returning any time…

» XO/CSec/CEng Log "Well that's just great..."

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Posted on 241802.27 @ 11:54am by Commander Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Alex Rymer

~~Ready Room~~

Coop walked into the ready room and sighed...this was not a good situation they were in. Unknown space and the Captain was incapacitated. It meant he would not be leading any away teams. He had to hope that Rymer was ready to do so himself. '

With all…

» XO's Log Cmdr Williams "Slight Change in Plans"

Mission: Reconstruction and Refocus
Posted on 241802.14 @ 2:28pm by Commander Cooper Williams

~~Briefing Room~~

Coop was briefing his team on procedures they'd be using during the away mission

"Sickbay to Commander Williams."

Coop looked up from his notes and tapped his badge "Go ahead."

"Sir, this is Doctor Harlow. You're needed in sickbay immediately."

"On my way Doctor" It concerned him that…