Welcome to the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Greetings, and welcome to the Enterprise, under the present command of Captain Cooper Williams and Commander Jesse Shantel.

The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, is an Odyssey-class starship, and the ninth ship to bear the name in Starfleet, carrying with her over three hundred years of tradition and reputation. Following the path laid down by Jonathan Archer, James Kirk, John Harriman, Rachel Garrett, Jean-Luc Picard , Eric Carpenter, and Mark Rhodes, the Enterprise-F follows the ship's famous charter:

Space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Feel free to browse through our website. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to the command staff via our command list. We respond to all emails as quickly as we can. You can also find us on Discord, via a link above.

Whether you're already a crew member, considering joining, or just passing through, I would like to thank you for visiting the USS Enterprise!

The USS Enterprise is a Play By E-Mail (PBeM) SIMulation in UCIP.

Latest Mission Posts

» JP | CSci & CMO & CEO & OpsO | Lt Lionza & Lt Vaughn & Lt Mallow & Ens Olphes | Title Here

Mission: Trader Woes
Posted on 241807.15 @ 5:50pm by Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Jysyal Olphes

Maria walked into the infirmary with a case containing several phials. The phials were hopefully the solution to their problem. "Get lieutenant Vaughn." Maria said to one of the nurses.

"Doctor Vaughn?" Nurse O'Reilly said from the door.

Andra looked up and smiled politely.

"Lieutenant Lionza is here and would…

» Joint Duty/Plot Log || Senior Staff Briefing

Mission: Trader Woes
Posted on 241807.11 @ 2:07pm by Commander Jesse Shantel & Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn & Captain Cooper Williams & Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara & Lieutenant Hober Mallow & Lieutenant Maria Lionza

Coop made his way to the observation lounge with the information in hand. After bringing himself up to speed on the summit, it made sense why the Enterprise was asked to be there. As the Flagship of the Federation, it sent a message that the Federation was indeed serious about…

» Joint Log || COps & CMO || "Dragging Heels"

Mission: Trader Woes
Posted on 241807.11 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Andraste Vaughn & Lieutenant Commander Terrik A’nahara

Lt. Commander Terrik A'nahara exited the turbolift and headed down the corridor, nodding to a few crewmen she passed. The Enterprise was a bigger ship than the Artemis, with a much bigger crew. Her own department was twice the size of the Artemis, and it would take time for her…

» JP | 2XO & OpsO & Various NPCs | Lt Lionza & Ens Olphes & Bridge NPCs | All Quiet on Delta Shift

Mission: Trader Woes
Posted on 241807.04 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Maria Lionza & Ensign Jysyal Olphes

Her black thigh-high boots clanked as she stepped off the lift and onto the bridge, "lieutenant on deck!" The chief duty officer (CDO) called out. Everything stopped for a few seconds no salutes or anything like the just simple acknowledgement of a superior officer arriving on the bridge.

"Back to…

» DP | MAA | SCPO Thamme | "A Thing of Beauty"

Mission: Trader Woes
Posted on 241807.04 @ 7:02pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Vital Thamme

For whatever reason Starfleet decided to go with a longer barrel rifle which didn't make a lot sense at least in Vital's eyes and in fact it put Starfleet at a major disadvantage with the rest of galactic powers. Then again with Starfleet being in this bizarre place of not…