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241407.xx ¦¦ JL Doctor Scarlet Rogers, Lieutenant Commander Tierney Rinehart, Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath, Lieutenant Nanee Quoicho & Lieutenant Nanee Quoicho ¦¦ Battling Consciousness

Posted on 241408.01 @ 6:01pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers MD & Commander Tierney Rinehart & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath & Lieutenant Alyssa Lucas

Mission: Suicidal Running Title

Unconsciousness held a tight hand on the young doctor. Her visions in her sleep like state kept her puzzled and she was unsure which was better, reality or her state of serenity. Her eyes flickered open to reality, stinging like a new born's eyes to their first encounter of light. She saw the unfamiliar ceiling of her own medical bay back on the Enterprise. They were only unfamiliar because she was never the patient, only the doctor. It seemed like an odd sensation having the tables turned. The IV's trailing from her veins and small pads attached to heart monitors to monitor vitals seemed new and yet old at the same time. Numb was the only way to describe how Rogers felt that that specific moment; she was emotionally drained, psychologically drained and weak in general, probably from the drugs. The doctor was not aware of her injuries, she barely felt her own breathing let alone anything else. Scarlet's senses came back slowly and she felt a hand in hers and she squeezed it weakly, attempting to look at the person who held it.

Having been found by the security officer, Thelin had blocked out everything, the requests for space, the requests for him to calm down, he had rushed his way up to Sickbay and implanted himself next to her bed, next to Scarlet's bed, his hand had not left hers since he had arrived, the blue of his flesh in striking contrast to the white of hers.

Scarlet groaned a little as the rest of her body began to feel it's agony.

Reaching over with his free hand, Thelin placed the palm against her forehead, she had a temperature and was starting to burn up, he collected the damp cloth that had been provided and wiped her brow gently.

"Thelin?" she blinked a little looking him over.

"I'm here," the Andorian replied simply, a slight smile crossing his face as he stopped wiping her brow and gave her hand a little squeeze.

"I told you," she breathed deeply, "Away missions never go right."

"I wish you were wrong," Thelin replied as he leant down and kissed her forehead gently, "How do you feel?"

"Like death," she smiled weakly, "I'm glad you're here. How long have I been out?"

"Honestly, I have no idea," the Andorian replied with a slight sigh, "I've lost track of the length of time I've been here, but the nurse says you have been in and out of consciousness."

"I gather I'm going to make it," she smiled sweetly, but weakly, "you know, my dreams in my unconscious state are all of you."

"I've not been told otherwise, it seemed they managed to get to you in time," the Andorian responded with a genuine smile at her words, "When you get out of here, we have a lot to catch up on."

Scarlet smiled, fading back into a coma.


Battling to wake up once more Scarlet's eyes flickered open, her eyes on a now empty chair. The young woman felt immediately lonely, her loved one was not here. Though part of her questioned how long she had been out to begin with and now in between her bursts of consciousness.

Nanee was standing on the other side of the bed keeping an eye on her vitals. Noticing Scarlet stirring Nanee checked her vitals again there were spikes but Nanee contributed them to Scarlet slipping in and out of consciousness. "Commander can you hear me?" Nanee asked softly but loud enough to hopefully cut through all the fogginess of slipping in and out of consciousness.

Scarlet groaned in response as a yes. She looked to where the voice was coming from.

"Good good......" Nanee said softly as she updated the vitals as she also checked when she received the last painkiller. Looking at the chronometer the painkiller was most likely wearing off, "do you remember where you're?" Nanee asked knowing she had to be sick of this question by now. But it was the quickest and easiest way to make sure there had been no long lasting damage to the brain.

"I'm a patient in my own medical bay," Scarlet huskily and sleepily managed to say, breathing heavily. Scarlet shifted a little before yelping in pain.

"Good good." Nanee said again walking over to the crash cart and pulling a phial out and inserting into the IV, "alright this'll help with the pain but you might feel sleepy again." Nanee said pressing the button and watching the medicine enter the IV. "How is that?" Nanee asked after a few seconds knowing that this particular kind of pain killer was fast acting.

"I need Rineha-," Scarlet's voice faded as she slipped back into her sleeping state.


Doctor Rogers could hear a voice. It disturbed her dream. She looked for the origin but it brought her to a light and dragged her back to reality where she blinked regaining focus. She stared at the origin on the voice, "Tierney?"

"She's is right outside. I can go grab her for you." Nanee said wanting to make sure Scarlet was up for it.

Scarlet's eyes followed the woman and she looked for Tierney. Scarlet needed to know what happened and if her friend was okay.

"Tierney is fine." Nanee said walking over to the bay door and waiting for it to slide open. "Commander Rinehart commander Rogers is wanting to speak with you." Nanee said spotting the strawberry blond. "She's still very weak so please keep it short."

The demure little Commander nodded and stepped into the room. "Yes, Doctor." She nodded her commitment to the woman's requests as she gingerly made it to the bed side and sat down on the edge. "Hey..." Tierney all but whispered the word of greeting, offering a small smile to her friend, "I heard you're going to make it."

"Yeah," Scarlet smiled weakly, "It takes a lot to kill me off apparently. I just need to ask something."

"Anything." Tierney replied, taking her friend's hand.

"I can remember talking to you, but I don't know why I'm here," Scarlet winced, "Obviously I'm hurt, severely. I mean the defib is there on stand by and clearly used by the pains on my chest, but why?" Scarlet caught her breath once she'd huskily finished what she wanted to say.

Swallowing hard, the Starling looked down at the sheets, studying their cross hatch pattern with a sigh, "Because a bounty hunter was a bad shot and you took a bullet meant for me. It's my fault."

"Nothing's your fault," Scarlet stretch out her hand weakly, " I know that times are hard right now, we were in a dangerous place anyway. Consider it a friendly gesture and buy me a bottle of wine on the next port we stop at."

Looking up, Tierney caught the other woman's eyes and, again, managed a small smile. "I'll get you a bottle of wine and more." Her fingers closed around Scarlet's hand, patting her wrist gently. "They have him in custody. I don't think he'll be alive much longer, Scar. He'll get his."

"As long as you're ok," Scarlet began, "I'll be fine, so in the long run, no harm no foul." Scarlet's eyes shut softly and her hand became weak, sliding back into a state of unconsciousness again.

"Alright commander let's let her rest." Nanee said stepping forwarded to take another set of vitals keeping track closely whenever she had visitors.


Once more Scarlet woke, cursing at the once again fading of the effectiveness of painkillers. In the corner of her blurry visioned eyes she saw a figure, "Ah another visitor," she groaned quietly.

"Yes but I can ask her to leave if you like." Nanee said pushing a slightly less powerful pain killer. Allowing her to stay awake but not have a constant pain.

Finally managing to unblur her eyes Scarlet looked to see who the visitor was, "Give me two minutes alone with the Lieutenant please."

"Of course. Here's the call button if you need anything." Nanee said raising the bed so Scarlet could see her visitor better. Nanee than looked at Aly, "you've two minuets."

Scarlet waited for the doctor to leave before looking at Alyssa waiting for her to say something.

Alyssa had been standing quietly against the wall by the door as she looked at the scene before her. Anger and concern showed within the depths of her eyes, a slight nod was given to the passing doctor before her focus once more rested on Scarlet.

"You know, Commander. You may have rank over me. But I have a job to do and that job was to protect your ass. I can't do that when you sneak off like you did. You want to accuse me of being trigger happy, fine. But I can bank that had I been with you, it would have been your shooter laid out instead of you." Oh yeah, Aly was going to make the most of those two minutes.

"No, it would have been Rineheart in a body bag," Scarlet corrected her, "We may not have the greatest working, or otherwise, relationship. I am fully away that I should not have done what I did but awkward silences and insults are painful. I wanted to escape. Granted, I didn't at first purposely escape, I just wanted some personal space and then you were gone. Ta da happy miracle." Scarlet's breathing got more difficult as she spoke. Each word made her a little tired. These two minutes were either going to feel really long or maybe her unconscious state may save her from this confrontation.

"Your so sure I can't do my job well enough to have protected you both? You're the one that started the insults, I'm just not one that's going to take them from you or anyone. You want space... well it looks like you are going to get plenty of it now. Especially if I get transferred off this ship because of this stunt of yours. And no, don't bother talking to the Captain, I can fight my own battles, you've done enough damage."

"Stop being such a drama queen," Scarlet groaned, "The captain will inevitably blame it on me and bam, you're off scott free."

"Oh, this coming from Ms Queen Commander herself. Come on now, we both know the lower rank one always gets the blame. Especially when according to him and... Thelin, I'm sure I will have failed in my job to babysit you." Aly's fingers curled tightly at her side. Dammit, she'd lost a captain, lost a commander, and pissed off a friend. Wasn't she just doing a bang up job on this dang ship.

"Enough!" Nanee said angrily, "it's time for you to leave lieutenant." Nanee said after getting a report of the spike in the commander's vitals. "Commander I need some deep slow breathing from you." Nanee said glaring at the lieutenant.

Scarlet ignored Nanee for a moment, "Listen to me and listen to me carefully, you may think that you're going to get the blame, but I can assure you that I am the one at fault and I would gladly do it again in the knowledge that I practically saved a dear friend out there. You need to realise that stuff happens, like it or not, and once I am well, God help me, I will make all this up to you." Running quickly out of breath Scarlet breathed heavily and yet weakly, "Leave Lieutenant, or I'll have you removed."

Aly shook her head. "Good luck on that one Commander." Aly said before turning and stalking out. She needed to work off some steam now and knew the best place to do it.

Scarlet looked to Nanee, "Not a word to the captain till I'm well and have spoken to him, submitting my report and account of things." She sighed as tiredness grappled her and once again she was plunged into her sleep state.


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