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Joint BackLog | XO, CHELM | Cmdr th'Zarath & Ens Kieran | "Meeting"

Posted on 241403.19 @ 12:46pm by Ensign Aquila Kieran & Lieutenant Thelin th'Zarath

Mission: Where no man has gone before.

=/\= First Officer's Office =/\=

After stopping to find his quarters with the quartermaster, Aquila stepped into the turbolift. "Deck two." He said, noticing his voice catch a little in his throat.

It was a good enough show to say he wasn't nervous, but the sweat on his palms would have proven otherwise. He cleared his throat and wiped them on the edges of his pants to try and clear up the mounting sense of dread working its way through his guts. There was no real reason to be nervous, of course, but meeting the command team for the first time was getting the better of him. Would they be surprised he was so green? Surely not, the Captain approved his application to join the crew. The thought still danced in the back of his mind, among the others like, 'what if I say the wrong thing?', 'what if he asks a question I can't answer?'

What-Ifs... The young Bajoran shook his head.

After what felt like an endless ride through the turbolift system, he stepped off the lift and made his way over to the reception desk for the Commander's office.

He opened his mouth to speak, looking calm and collected, but his first attempt made a gulping motion with his mouth. "Ensign Kieran," was all he said to the young lady.

"Ah yes, the Helmsman, correct?" Katzi replied, her bright eyes looking the Ensign up and down a couple of times, a smile forming across her face.

Kieran nodded once, his eyes trained on the seam of the doors.

"Commander th'Zarath is available, just go in and introduce yourself." the young Trill replied with another bright smile and a gesture towards the clear window.

The vain hope that the XO was in a meeting, busy with someone else, using the toilet or otherwise indisposed was now lost. Aquila smiled and nodded again to the assistant. "Yeah, thanks."

The doors to the office slid open and Kieran put on foot in front of the other. Sights and smells of the room washed over him as he entered a little-wide eyed. He was now standing in the First Officer's office. Hopefully this would be one of the only times, given that any other event would likely never be as casual in the future. It was much bigger than he'd imagined. Since the ship was bigger than most, it seemed to refine comfort into a sense of awe as well. A high sculpted ceiling cascaded up the room's height, meeting a few gracefully placed lights as it went.

A dull shock bolted through his body as he realized he'd been drifting, the Commander looking at him expectantly.

Kieran tensed up and stood at attention, "Ensign Kieran Aquila, Chief Flight Control Officer reporting to you for duty, sir." His voice drowning out the unnerving sense of dread he was feeling. Everything felt bigger and more alive, like when he was little. Everything he did felt like it would forever change his position on the ship. Rationale told him otherwise, but he still couldn't shake the feeling.

"Ah, Ensign, welcome to the Enterprise," Thelin replied with a slight smile and a nod, standing and offering his blue-skinned hand across the desk, his antennae narrowing towards the newcomer.

"Thank you, sir." Kieran nodded slightly.

"At ease," the Andorian replied with a gesture towards the seat across the desk from him, "Please, sit," he added before retaking his seat, "So Ensign, how are you finding the ship so far?"

To say Kieran was at ease would have been a gross exaggeration. He took the seat though, "Yes sir, she's much larger than the other ships I've, well... seen. Very good."

"Looking forward to getting behind the controls? It must be quite the thrill to know that you're the first person to pilot this ship out of spacedock," Thelin replied with a slight nod, his antennae focusing towards the young officer.

The young Bajoran could feel himself rapidly shifting his hands in an effort to find a comfortable position, "I think the simulators were pretty helpful with that. I also piloted some of the ships and tow-vessels during the cleanup effort post-attack. The Enterprise shouldn't give me too much trouble." Keiran's head swam. His thoughts went back the the weeks prior and he quickly tried to regain focus on the Commander. Earth's critical moment in the war was not something he wanted to try and remember.

"I'm just glad to be here," Aquila said, a cool somber tone ringing in his voice. "I've prepared some pre-flight reports if you want to see them." He eagerly reached for the PaDDs in his pocket.

"Just leave them with me and I'll get to them as soon as I've finished reviewing the personnel files," Thelin replied with a slight smile and a nod towards the young Bajoran, his antennae widened slightly and perked straight upwards, "I'm glad that you've decided to get stuck right in, you'll need to go and see our Chief Engineer and double check the status of the various drive systems, I believe he has some concerns about the Slipstream drive."

Kieran nodded and stood, "Thank you, sir. I'll do that right away."


Commander Theln th'Zarath
Executive Officer

Ensign Aquila Kieran
Chief Helm Officer


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